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LECTURE 78 基本动词 GO 14






LECTURE 78 基本动词 GO 14


1. go to the wall ** 被打败;失败

解 习语;词义溯源:走向[墙壁(wall)]

例 Proper planning and market research are key ingredients to the successful launch of a new business. Many an entrepreneur has gone to the wall unnecessarily because he failed to do these.

2. go to town ** 以极大的精力或热情做

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:去[城镇(town)]

例 Our new Cody Blocks line of toys is designed to develop your children's eye-hand coordination. Now that may sound very technical, but like all of the toys MACO makes, they're nothing but fun. Give a child a Cody Block toy and he'll go to town for hours.

3. go together *** 相配,和谐;交往,约会

解 短语动词;词义溯源:[一起(together)]去

例 One of the first lessons Russian businessmen learned after the opening of their markets to foreign investors was a basic fashion one: white socks and black shoes don't go together!

4. go too far ** 做得过分

解 习语;词义溯源:去得[太远(too far)]

例 Sometimes what's perfectly normal behavior in our society is viewed as offensive in another. For example, while we have no problems with somebody asking us about our family, in some countries that's considered going too far. The lesson: learn the culture you're dealing with.

5. go under *** 沉没海中;失败,破产

解 短语动词;词义溯源:走向[下方(under)]

例 When A & B Rail decided to buy it, Lakawana, the small one-engine rail service, was on the verge of going under because of poor management.


(A) go to the wall

(B) go to town

(C) go together

(D) going too far

(E) going under

1. A: Let's get out of this business. We're going to be financially devastated by this struggle for success against your brother. Let him have the market! B: No! This is more than business to me—it's personal war. I don't care if we ______!I'm not giving him anything!I'm going down fighting !

2. A: Do these shoes match my dress? Do they look good together? B: Sure, they ______ quite well. Where are you going by the way?

3. A: I teach art to elementary school children—six to eight years old. It's really quite easy: I give them some water color paints and paper and they ______! B: Really? Do kids still put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into art? I thought with computers and computer games, they'd not be interested any more.

4. A: You have stock in Brands Ltd. , don't you? B: Yeah, why? A: They're ______. I read about it on the Internet. They're expected to fail—someone predicts they'll go bankrupt by year's end.

5. A: Okay, I agree Tom deserved to be scolded for the offensive things he said about you, but giving him a black eye is ______! B: You're accusing me of going beyond the limits of good social behavior? That's outrageous! He's the one whose behavior was excessive!I was just giving tit for tat !


1. (A)

2. (C)

3. (B)

4. (E)

5. (D)


I. 1. 适当的计划和市场调查是新业务成功推出的关键。许多企业家正是由于未能做到这两点才遭遇不必要的失败的。

2. 新科迪滑轮玩具系列旨在开发您孩子的手眼协调能力。这听起来可能像高技术产品,但是它跟马科生产的其他所有玩具一样,只是为了给孩子带来乐趣。给孩子一个科迪滑轮玩具,他便能兴致勃勃地玩上好几个小时。

3. 俄罗斯向外国投资者开放市场后,俄罗斯商人得到的最初教训之一便是一项基本的时尚原理:白袜子和黑鞋子不相配!

4. 有时候,在我们国家属于完全正常的行为在其他国家被视为带有冒犯性。例如,别人问我们的家庭情况时,我们感觉没什么,但是在有些国家,这被认为是过分之举。所以,要入乡随俗。

5. A & B 铁路运输公司决定收购拉卡瓦纳这家小型单引擎铁路运输公司时,后者正因管理不善而面临破产。

II. 1. A:我们放弃这笔生意吧,跟你哥哥竞争会导致我们的经济瓦解。让他去占有整个市场吧!B:不!对于我来说,这不仅仅是生意上的竞争——这是我们两个人之间的战争。我不在乎失败!我不会让给他任何东西!我会坚持到底!

2. A:这双鞋和我的衣服配吗?这样搭配好看吗?B:当然,它们非常搭配。顺便问一下,你这是要去哪里啊?

3. A:我教小学生美术——教六到八岁大的孩子。非常简单:我给他们一些水彩画颜料和纸,他们就兴致勃勃地开始画了!B:真的吗?孩子们还是会花很多精力和热情在美术上吗?我原以为有了电脑和电脑游戏之后,他们就不再对美术感兴趣了呢。

4. A:你持有布兰兹有限公司的股份,对不对?B:是的,怎么了?A:他们要破产了。我从网上看到消息,他们很可能会倒闭——有人预测说他们会在年底破产。

5. A:好吧,我也觉得汤姆应该为他在言语上冒犯你而受到批评,但是揍他一顿还是太过分了!B:你是在谴责我没有遵守良好的社会行为规范吗?可恶!是他太过分了!我只是以牙还牙而已!


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