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LECTURE 86 基本动词 HAVE 7






LECTURE 86 基本动词 HAVE 7


1. have a thing 〔sth. 〕 going with sb. / have a thing 〔sth. 〕 going **谈恋爱;有暧昧关系

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:有[事情(thing)或某种事情(something)]和某人一起发生

例 Listen, I'm not supposed to tell you, but Chris and the secretary who works for his dad have had a thing going for about three months. They've both gone bananas over each other. Don't tell anyone else. Okay?

2. have a voice 〔say〕 in sth. / have a voice 〔say〕 **参与做决定;得到发言权

解 习语;词义溯源:拥有对某事的[选择权、投票权、发言权(voice, say)]

例 Iguess we should have thought about that when we decided to exclude the union leaders from the input sessions on the new products. They got angry because they did not have a voice in the matter and decided to give the game away just to avenge us.

3. have a way with sb. or sth. **善于与某人或某物打交道;善于处理某事

解 习语;词义溯源:拥有对付某人或某物的[方法、手段、特定的方式(way)]

例 HELP WANTED: The Cincinnati Zoo is looking for three animal care assistants. No experience is necessary as we will train successful applicants. However, we prefer the kind of person who has a way with animals. Apply by June 25 to: Mr. Fest Cincinnati Zoo P. O. Box 1113 Cincinnati, OH 42515.

4. have a weakness for sb. or sth. **酷爱

解 习语;词义溯源:对于某人或某物有[偏爱、嗜好(weakness)];参照have a soft spot in one's heart for sb. or sth.

例 If you have a weakness for cigarettes that prevents you from breaking your nasty smoking habit, Cigarest Program can help you overcome it. Our unique treatment involves medications, exercise and Zen Buddhist meditation.

5. have a word with sb. ** 和某人进行短暂谈话

解 习语;词义溯源:和某人一起进行[短暂对话(talk)]

例 I'll be going down to Dallas next Tuesday. So if you want me to, I'll have a word with the manager of the branch office there about those irregularities we found in his sales report. It'll save us the cost of lengthy telephone calls to him.


(A) had a thing going with

(B) have a say in

(C) has a way with

(D) has a weakness for

(E) have a word with

1. A: For the speech writer, we need somebody who's good at using words. You know, somebody who's eloquent. B: Heller ______ words. I've read some of the things he's written for Professor Lee. He's very proficient.

2. A: Kevin's grades in school have been going downhill for the past few months. I think it's time we had a serious discussion with him to let him know we're not satisfied with his performance. B: Okay, I'll ______ him tonight when he gets back from the theater.

3. A: I know I really shouldn't, but I think I'm going to have the cheesecake for dessert. I can never resist cheesecake, no matter how much I try. B: You're not the only one who ______ cheesecake. I wish somebody would make a no-fat variety of it so I could eat it without feeling guilty about breaking my diet!

4. A: How did he ever keep his wife from finding out? I mean, he's a celebrity. If he ______ another woman, surely the newspaper reporters would have found out. B: Famous people like him pay the reporters to keep quiet when they discover they're involved in a romantic relationship outside their marriage.

5. A: Do you plan to let the residents ______ the matter? B: Yes, we do. We'll have a meeting and every resident will be invited to be involved in the decision-making process on the new construction.


1. (C)

2. (E)

3. (D)

4. (A)

5. (B)


I. 1. 听着,我本不该告诉你的,克里斯和他爸爸的秘书好上了,已经三个月了。他们彼此对对方着迷。别告诉别人,好吗?

2. 我觉得我们在决定不让工会领导参与新产品的投入时就应该想到这件事。他们之所以生气,是因为他们在这件事情上没有发言权,为了报复我们,于是决定泄露这个计划。

3. 招聘:辛辛那提动物园现招聘三名助理动物护工。无需工作经验,我们将对成功入选的求职者进行培训。但是,我们更希望善于与动物打交道的人士加盟。请于6月25日之前提交申请,申请可发送至:俄亥俄州,辛辛那提市1113号信箱(邮政编码:42515),辛辛那提动物园,费斯特先生收。

4. 如果您因酷爱香烟而无法改掉吸烟的恶习,戒烟计划可以帮您。我们独特的疗法包括药物、锻炼和坐禅。

5. 我下周二去达拉斯。所以,如果需要的话,我可以跟那里分公司的经理简短地谈一谈我们在他的销售报告中发现的异常。这倒可以节省我们打长途电话的费用。

II. 1. A:我们需要的演讲稿作者是擅长使用文字的人。你知道,就是能言善辩的人。B:赫勒非常善于言辞。我读过他为李教授写的许多演讲稿。他很精通此事。

2. A:过去几个月凯文在学校的成绩一直在下滑。我觉得是时候跟他严肃地讨论一下了,让他知道我们对他的表现不满意。B:好的,等他今晚从剧院回来我就跟他谈。

3. A:我知道不能这样,但是我还是想把奶酪蛋糕当甜点吃。不论怎么努力,我永远无法抗拒奶酪蛋糕。B:不是只有你一个人酷爱奶酪蛋糕。真希望能有脱脂的,这样我既可以吃,又不用因为打破饮食计划而感到内疚了!

4. A:他怎么做到不让他老婆发现的?我的意思是,他是个名人。如果他与另外一个女人有染,记者肯定会发现的。B:像他这样的名人一旦发现自己被卷入婚外恋的桃色事件时,就会给记者钱,让他们保持沉默。

5. A:你们计划让居民在这件事上有发言权吗?B:是的。我们会召开会议,邀请所有居民参与新建筑项目开工的决议。


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