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LECTURE 149 基本动词 STAND 1






LECTURE 149 基本动词 STAND 1


1. stand a chance / stand a chance of 〔doing sth. 〕 **有可能,有希望

解 习语;词义溯源:有做某事的[可能性、胜算、期望(chance)]

例 I'm afraid that without Planned Parenthood's backing, your campaign doesn't stand a chance. School boards may like it but unless they have some recognized and respected organization like Planned Parenthood behind them, they're not going to be willing to risk making such a controversial decision.

2. stand behind sb. or sth. / stand back of sb. or sth. ***站在后面;支持

解 短语动词;词义溯源:站在某人或某物[后面(behind)]

例 In short, get Planned Parenthood to stand behind you or you haven't got a snowball's chance in hell . Now that's where I can be of help. It just so happens that my brother's wife works as an advisor to the organization and has a hand in such matters. I'll talk to her about your campaign.

3. stand by ***准备;待命

解 短语动词;词义溯源:站在[旁边(by)];通常用于广播或电视等媒体领域

例 So the best thing you can do right now is stand by until I can get with her and see what she can do for you. I know you've got ants in your pants and really want to get started, but just hold off a week or two. It could mean the difference between your success or failure. Okay?

4. stand by sb. ***支持某人,站在某人的一边

解 短语动词;词义溯源:站在某个人旁边或在旁边支持;参照stick by sb. or sth.

例 They say good music stands the test of time. King's Stand by Me gives testimony to this. Popular over thirty years ago among the baby-boom generation, the song made a comeback in late 1980's with post-baby-boomers when it was featured in a Hollywood movie with the same title.

5. stand for sth. ***忍耐;代表,象征;支持,拥护

解 短语动词;词义溯源:[为(for)]某事而站立

例 Most visitors to these ancient caves are confused by the myriad of symbols on the walls left by those who made their living here over 40,000 years ago. In order to help them make sense of what they see, I've put together this chart which shows what each of the symbols stands for.


(A) stand a chance of

(B) stand behind

(C) stand by

(D) standing by

(E) stand for

1. A: Sir, our unit is ready to attack. We're waiting for your command. B: Good. Wait and remain ready to act. A: Yes, sir. I'll tell the captain you said to ______.

2. A: Come what may , you should know that your family will always ______ you. Keep that in mind and you'll never be afraid to risk failure. B: I know I'll always have the support of the family, Mom. It's my wife I'm worried about. She's very cautious. I'm afraid she won't go for this.

3. A: Well, it's understandable. I mean, it is possible that you could lose everything you own. It could happen. B: But I also ______ gaining quite a bit if this business grows into a national chain of stores like my partner and I expect.

4. A: Besides, she's part of this family too. The whole family is ______ me, but not her. She has to support me even in the bad times. B: Oh, I'm sure she would. She's just being prudent, that's all. You ought to be glad she cares enough to worry. If times get bad, she'll be there too.

5. A: I want to make it clear to both of you that I will not ______ any further trouble between you in the workplace. Either you find a way to get along or I'll fire both of you. I hold no brief for troublemakers. B: It's Harrison's fault. He gets on my nerves by playing with...A: I said I will not tolerate any further trouble, Reed. I don't want to hear it.


1. (C)

2. (B)

3. (A)

4. (D)

5. (E)


I. 1. 要不是有计划生育的支持,恐怕你的活动没有什么希望。学校理事会或许会同意,但是如果没有像计划生育这种公认且有极高声誉的组织支持,他们是不会愿意冒险做这种有争议的决定的。

2. 总之,如果不获得计划生育的支持,你将一点机会都没有。这一点我可以帮你。我弟妹刚好在这家组织担任顾问,在这种事上可以帮忙。我会跟她谈谈你的活动。

3. 因此你现在能做的就是先等待,直到我跟她取得联系,看看她能帮你做什么。我知道你现在坐立不安,想马上开始做,但是还得等一到两个星期。这事关你成功与否,知道吗?

4. 人们说好的音乐经得起时间的考验,金的《站在我身边》充分证明了这一点。三十几年前,这首歌在婴儿潮一代中非常流行,而在20世纪80年代末,它被作为一部好莱坞同名电影的主题歌而在后婴儿潮一代中再度走红。

5. 去古洞参观的大部分游客都对4万多年前生活在这里的人们留在墙上的大量符号感到迷惑。为了帮助他们理解他们的所见,我综合了这个图表,可以显示每个符号所代表的意义。

II. 1. A:长官,我们部队已经准备就绪,随时可以发起攻击。正在等候您的命令。B:很好。先等等,做好行动的准备。A:是,长官。我会告诉上尉,您要求大家待命。

2. A:无论发生什么事,你都应该知道,你的家人将永远支持你。牢记这一点,你将永远不会害怕失败。B:我知道家人会一直支持我,妈妈。我担心的是我的妻子。她非常谨慎,我担心她不会支持这件事。

3. A:嗯,这是可以理解的。我的意思是说,你可能会失去一切。这是有可能的。B:但是如果公司像我和我的合作伙伴预期的那样,发展成一个全国连锁商店的话,我们也有希望赚到不少。

4. A:而且,她也是这个家的一分子。除了她,全家人都支持我。就算是在困难时期,她也必须支持我。B:哦,我相信她一定会的。她只是非常谨慎而已。你应该为她的这种担心感到高兴。如果情况变坏,她也会支持你的。

5. A:我想跟你们两个说清楚,我绝不会容忍你们两个在工作场所再制造麻烦。要么你们想办法相处,要么我把你们两个都解雇掉。我不支持制造麻烦的人。B:都是哈里森的错。他惹我生气,总是玩弄……A:我说过我再也不会容忍任何麻烦,里德。我不想听了。


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