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高中英语语法填空:非谓语动词之不定式 强化练习





非谓语动词之不定式 强化练习

Exercise 1

Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. _______ (stay) warm at night, I would fill the wood stove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it.

2. I stopped the car _______ (take) a short break as I was feeling tired.

3. Let those in need _______ (understand) that we will go all out to help them.

4. The airport _______ (complete) next year will help promote tourism in this area.

5. They might just have a place _______ (leave) on the writing course—why don't you give it a try?

6. The engine just won't start. Something seems _______ (go) wrong with it.

7. The old man sat in front of the television every evening, happy _______ (watch) anything that happened to be on.

8. I remembered _______ (lock) the door before I left the office, but forgot to turn off the lights.

9. We're having a meeting in half an hour. The decision _______ (make) at the meeting will influence the future of our company.

10. If he takes on this work, he will have no choice but _______ (meet) an even greater challenge.

11. George returned after the war, only _______ (tell) that his wife had left him.

12. We've had a good start, but next, more work needs _______ (do) to achieve the final success.

13. Having finished her project, she was invited by the school _______ (speak) to the new students.

14. This machine is very easy _______ (operate). Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.

15. Tom took a taxi to the airport, only _______ (find) his plane high up in the sky.

16. No matter how bright a talker you are, there are times when It's better _______ (remain) silent.

17. I think Tom, as the head of a big department, should either study regularly or _______ (quit) his job.

18. Passengers are permitted _______ (carry) only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane.

19. It's important for the figures _______ (update) regularly.

20. Simon made a big bamboo box _______ (keep) the little sick bird till it could fly.

21. More TV programs, according to government to officials, will be produced _______ (raise) people's concern over food safety.

22. If they win the final tonight, the team are going to tour around the city _______ (cheer) by their enthusiastic supporters.

23. The ability _______ (express) an idea is as important as the idea itself.

24. Tom asked the candy makers if they could make the chocolate easier _______ (break) into small pieces.

25. The difference in thickness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2 more comfortable _______ (hold).

26. With Father's Day around the corner, I have taken some money out of the bank _______ (buy) presents for my dad.

27. There were many talented actors out there just waiting _______ (discover).

28. We were astonished _______ (find) the temple still in its original condition.

29. I have a lot of readings _______ (complete) before the end of this term.

30. His first book _______ (publish) next month is based on a true story.

31. In many people's opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant _______ (deal) with.

32. Many buildings in the city need repairing, but the one _______ (repair) first is the library.

33. The play _______ (produce) next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture.

34. All of them try to use the power of the workstation _______ (present) information in a more effective way.

35. Nowadays people sometimes separate their waste to make it easier for it _______ (reuse).

36. The children all turned _______ (look) at the famous actress as she entered the classroom.

37. We are invited to a party _______ (hold) in our club next Friday.

38. David threatened _______ (report) his neighbour to the police if the damages were not paid.

39. _______ (compete) the project in time, the staff were working at weekends.

40. With the world changing fast, we have something new _______ (deal) with all by ourselves every day.

41. Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, _______ (help) reduce unemployment pressures.

42. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good _______ (breathe).

43. — Did the book give the information you needed?

— Yes. But _______ (find) it, I had to read the entire book.

44. I feel greatly honored _______ (welcome) into their society.

45. If there's a lot of work _______ (do), I'm happy to just keep on until it is finished.

46. _______ (complete) the project as planned, we'll have to work two more hours a day.

47. My English teacher's humor was such as _______ (make) every student burst into laughter.

48. I hear they've promoted Tom, but he didn't mention _______ (promote) when we talked on the phone.

49. I got to the office early that day _______ (catch) the 7: 30 train from Paddington.

50. The message is very important, so it is supposed _______ (send) as soon as possible.

51. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good _______ (breathe).

52. — It's a long time since I saw my sister.

— Why _______ (visit) her this weekend?

53. — The last one _______ (arrive) pays the meal.

— Agreed!

54. — Excuse me sir, where is Room 301?

— Just a minute. I'll have Bob _______ (show) you to your room.

55. My parents have always made me _______ (feel) well about myself, even when I was twelve.

56. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there _______ (train) for a space flight.

57. _______ (ensure) the safety of gas, the government has checked the city's gas supply system thoroughly.

58. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle _______ (hear).

59. The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang, who was reported _______ (break) the world record in the 110-meter hurdle race.

60. _______ (improve) the employees' working efficiency, the supervisor will allow them to have a coffee break.

61. The Chinese are proud of the 29th Olympic Games _______ (hold) in Beijing in 2008.

62. It took a long time for the connection between body temperature and illness _______ (make).

63. _______(blame) for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits.

64. AIDS is said _______ (be) the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past few years.

65. As the twentieth century came to a close, the raw materials for a great national literature were at hand, waiting _______ (use).

66. _______ (make) this cake, you'll need 2 eggs, 175 g sugar and 175 g flour.

67. It remains _______ (see) whether Jim'll be fit enough to play in the finals.

68. Mr. Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one _______ (blame).

69. He hurried to the station only _______ (find) that the train had left.

70. I send you 100 dollars today, the rest _______ (follow) in a year.

71. — Is Bob still performing?

— I'm afraid not. He is said _______ (leave) the stage already as he has become an official.

72. I think you'll grow _______ (like) him when you know him better.

73. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains _______ (see) whether they will enjoy it.

74. It was unbelievable that the fans waited outside the gym for three hours just _______ (have) a look at the sports stars.

75. _______ (find) out more about university courses, call (920) 746-3789.

76. I don't want _______ (sound) like I'm speaking of anybody, but the manager's plan is unfair.

77. All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as _______ (receive) in time for Christmas.

78. Helen had to shout _______ (make) herself heard above the sound of the music.

79. You were silly not _______ (lock) your car.

80. I don't know whether you happen _______ (hear), but I'm going to study in the USA this September.

81. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only _______ (tell) the film stars had left.

82. I'm hungry. Get me something _______ (eat).

83. There isn't any difference between the two. I really don't know which _______ (choose).

84. The teacher told them _______ (make) so much noise.

85. The workers want us _______ (work) together with them.

86. Our headmaster often told us _______ (take) things for granted.

87. — “Have you decided when _______ (leave)?”

— “Yes, tomorrow morning.”

88. Tell him not _______ (shut) the window.

89. Though he had often made his little sister cry, today he was made _______ (cry) by his little sister.

90. They knew her very well. They had seen her _______ (grow) up from childhood.

91. Go on _______ (do) the other exercise after you have finished this one.

92. She pretended _______ (see) me when I passed by.

93. She reached the top of the hill and stopped _______ (rest) on a big rock by the side of the path.

94. John was made _______ (wash) the truck for a week as a punishment.

95. Little Jim should love _______ (take) to the theatre this evening.

96. Charles Babbage is generally considered _______ (invent) the first computer.

97. Paul doesn't have to be made_______ (learn). He always works hard.

98. We agreed _______ (meet) here but so far she hasn't turned up yet.

99. The patient was warned _______ (eat) oily food after the operation.

100. I would love _______ (go) to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report.

Exercise 2

Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. Some organizations work with government agencies to save and _______ (decrease) the numbers of threatened or endangered species.

2. After a careful discussion, the two parties have made a rough plan but the details are _______ (work) out later.

3. In his attempt _______ (climb) the mountain, John fell and injured his backbone, which cost him the use of his legs.

4. Independent learning give you the freedom _______ (tailor) your learning to your demanding lifestyle.

5. At an Expo-themed forum in Shanghai's Yangpu District, Governments were also urged _______ (do) a good job in protecting local old buildings and culture while pursuing social and economic development.

6. It is generally accepted that Chinese were the earliest _______ (play) football while the Europeans established the modern rules for football.

7. If water becomes increasingly scarce in decades _______ (come), water shortage will become a hot issue all over the world.

8. I will be surprised if you can get Calvin, who is a close-fisted man, _______ (buy) these donation draw tickets from you.

9. _______ (calm) customers, the Hong Kong company said the amount of the chemical in the shampoo products wouldn't harm people's health.

10. You will know what it is like _______ (spend) most of your time listening to dull reports in a meeting room.

11. The children in Sichuan look forward with hope _______ (get) a chance to receive further education in their rebuilt hometown.

12. We need to find out all possible ways _______ (reduce) the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

13. _______ (continue) next time! In the meantime, e-mail your particular application questions to our college e-mail address.

14. I felt very happy _______ (admit) into the Bird's Nest to watch the performances that Jackie Chan hosted.

15. Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, _______ (help) reduce unemployment pressures.

16. _______ (extinguish) different kinds of fires, several types of fire extinguisher have been invented.

17. Around 15,000 officials gathered in Copenhagen, trying to map out an effective strategy _______ (win) the battle against climate change.

18. For the last two mornings, thousands of campaigners have queued for hours _______ (gain) access to the conference venue (地点)—many unsuccessfully.

19. Emily had the florist _______ (deliver) the bouquet directly to the church where the wedding would be held.

20. The witness claimed_______ (see) a man outside the house, but he was not sure whether this was the man.

21. Is this the best way you thought of _______ (stop) people getting into the dangerous areas?

22. Mr. Green is said _______ (do) the experiment which led to the new discovery in medicine.

23. I have heard both teachers and students _______ (speak) well of him.

24. Spread of 2009 H1N1 virus is thought _______ (occur) in the same way that seasonal flu spreads.

25. Hearing Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo eventually won a gold medal after over ten years' hard work, I cannot but _______ (admire) their courage and perseverance.

26. The customers objected _______ (treat) unfairly in the course of shopping.

27. At least 200,000 people were reported _______ (kill) in the ever recorded worst earthquake that struck Haiti last winter.

28. Her husband and she are now at work on a new dictionary _______ (publish) next year.

29. _______ (find) out more about Participant Service of Expo 2010, Shanghai China, call Hotline +86-21-962010.

30. _______ (accommodate) the growing number of patients, the clinic has had to extend its service from five days to seven days a week.

31. Ted and his friends established a website offering useful information about thunderstorms _______ (prevent) similar accidents happening.

32. _______ (improve) his ability of speech, he has made use of each chance.

33. Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker, was the first female _______ (win) the best director Oscar.

34. The 2010 World Expo _______ (hold) in Shanghai is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from home and abroad.

35. To our surprise, that top students in our class failed _______ (obtain) a scholarship.

36. The vocabulary and grammatical differences between British and American English are so trivial and few as hardly _______ (notice).

37. We cannot help but _______ (wonder) what unknown greatness human beings have has not yet been discovered.

38. On my way back to the hotel last night, I lost my way in the complete darkness and, _______ (make) things worse, it began to pour.

39. A high-tech park is announced _______ (build) in this area, but I don't know when the project will be put into practice.

40. After the Arab states won their independence, great emphasis was laid on expanding education, with girls as well as boys _______ (encourage).

41. Mr. Crossett was made _______ (give) up his experiment because of his poor health and old age.

42. The project _______ (accomplish) by the end of 2011, will expand the city's telephone network to cover 2,000,000 users.

43. Qatar will be the first country in the Middle East _______ (host) the World Cup.

44. _______ (become) a successful fish scientist, you need to have a curious mind and be able to work on your own.

45. To a high school student, going to university means a new leaf _______ (turn) before him and being independent is the starting point.

46. After a day's tiring work, the manager prefers taking a walk along the river bank _______ (refresh) himself.

47. Passengers on board aren't allowed _______ (make) or receive calls during take-off.

48. It took a long time for the human responsibility _______ (build) on environment issues.

49. If you “Look the other way” while something bad is happening, that means you choose _______ (ignore) that thing.

50. — Will the plan _______ (promote) the libraries nationally be carried out in the coming year?

— It all depends, I suppose.

51. About ten Chinese students were reported _______ (kill) in the earthquake in New Zealand.

52. — What's the assignment today, Professor Smith?

— You're supposed _______ (finish) Chapter Two and give your comment on it tomorrow.

53. The primary purpose of education is not to teach you to earn your bread, but _______ (make) every mouthful sweeter.

54. A number of art works are believed _______ (steal) during World War Ⅱ.

55. Believe it or not, crying is a way you can imagine _______ (relieve) pressure.

56. He was, after all, the General Manager and did not appreciate being made _______ (feel) like an ignorant schoolboy.

57. Bill Gates, together with many famous businessmen, decided to devote a great part of his time and energy to _______ (help) people in need.

58. Having mastered the technologies of manned spacecraft, China became the third country in the world _______ (develop) manned spaceflight independently.

59. In making a speech, the number of listeners is also an important factor _______ (consider).

60. Rather than _______ (allow) the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price.

61. With Father's Day around the corner, I have taken some money out of the bank _______ (buy) presents for my dad.

62. A red light is a warning to drivers and staff that another train is dangerously close and that adjustments need _______ (make).

63. Many farmers in the countryside have gone to cities to look for work and left their children behind _______ (raise) by their grandparents.

64. _______ (prevent) global temperature rising, the UN Climate Change Conference was held in Cancun, Mexico last year.

65. I have tried everything I can _______ (persuade) him to stay, but without success, so I wish him good luck.

66. Having lived all by herself for many years, the old lady is sometimes very difficult _______ (get) along with.

67. President Obama claimed that the rise of China could be a big threat and the world needs_______ (reshape).

68. The first black president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, won the election in the end, but it remains, of course, _______ (see) whether he can overcome the present difficulties.

69. You should allow two weeks for your visa application _______ (process).

70. Medical experts say the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease is for people _______ (wash) their hands with soap and water.

71. Standing on the top of the hill, I would not do anything but _______ (enjoy) the flowing of the clouds around me.

72. The little girl showed no anxiety before the competition. She seemed _______ (prepare) for it pretty well.

73. Studies show that daydreaming contributes significantly to concentration powers and the ability _______ (communicate) with others.

74. The plan _______ (accomplish) by 2015 will expand the city's telephone network to cover as many users as possible.

75. Who would you rather have_______ (write) the report instead of you?

76. Advertisements have become part of our everyday life and so it's important that everyone of us _______ (educate) ourselves about them to avoid being fooled by them.

77. Although parents seem _______ (give) good advice to their sons and daughters, their kids have marked them poorly on being good role models when it comes to dealing with life's difficulties.

78. Mr. Wang made up his mind to devote all he could to _______ (promote) his oral English before going abroad.

79. The flu is believed _______ (cause) by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat.

80. The “magical apple”, which we wish not to be the last one _______ (fascinate) us, has inspired the imagination and passion of millions of people.

81. The queen bee appears _______ (nurse) well in the comb built by the diligent worker bees.

82. After finishing the lecture, I started to listen to my student _______ (discuss) the social problems mentioned in my lecture.

83. The Community Representative is a position designed for people with a strong desire to do something rewarding and _______ (earn) some money.

84. _______ (eliminate) the burden of carrying heavy school bags, some schools introduced iBooks a few weeks ago.

85. It is the duty of a teacher _______ (stimulate) the interest of students and pass on knowledge to them.

86. People hope the new measures _______ (control) house prices, taken by the government, will succeed.

87. We had better not bother our professor these days, for he is awfully busy preparing a report _______ (deliver) at an international conference next month.

88. What people learned from China Got Talented was that there were so many talented people out there waiting _______ (discover).

89. A disabled boy begging on the street was reported _______ (hit) by a car, but the driver fled instead of sending him to hospital.

90. Police are urging anyone who saw the accident _______ (contact) them immediately.

91. This scientist is known _______ (work) on this problem for about ten years.

92. With recent permission from Chinese government, Japan has become the first country _______ (allow) to buy huge sums of Chinese government bond (债券).

93. Medical teams are reported _______ (send) to isolated villages to help people fight against the cold snap in Europe.

94. The government will come up with more volunteer projects just _______ (promote) the volunteer industry.

95. Chinese writer Mo Yan, whose real name is Guan Moye, is the first Chinese citizen _______ (win) the Nobel Prize for Literature.

96. Don't let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future _______ (ruin) the happiness of your present.

97. A reporter's task is to inform readers of the events that happened, _______ (draw) conclusions.

98. Sherry used a piece of bread _______ (tempt) the rat into her trap.

99. Who would you rather have _______ (deliver) the speech at the class meeting next week?

100. Volunteering gives you a chance _______ (change) lives, including your own.


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