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高中英语语法填空:非谓语动词之动名词 强化练习





非谓语动词之动名词 强化练习


Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. I certainly appreciate his _______ (tell) us about the delay in delivering the materials because we had planned to begin work tomorrow.

2. These three college students are real heroes because they risked his _______ (lose) their own lives in order to save the drowning boys in the water.

3. I really appreciate your _______ (lend) me the money to help me out.

4. The married couple regularly discussed the life habits they find _______ (annoy) in each other.

5. — What is it that made Peter so happy and excited?

— _______ (choose) as a volunteer for Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

6. It is a common sense that _______ (expose) for a long time in the sun might seriously damage you skin.

7. Considering his poor health condition, the doctor insisted on _______ (he take) a good rest before going back to work.

8. _______ (expose) to radiation in the laboratory too often caused Marie Curie's death.

9. The children in Sichuan look forward with hope to _______ (get) a chance to receive further education in their rebuilt hometown.

10. I hear they've promoted Tom, but he didn't mention _______ (promote) when we talked on the phone.

11. Doctors warn people that _______ (control) anger through unnatural methods is much more harmful to a person's health than the anger itself.

12. — What is it that made Obama happy?

— _______ (elect) the US President.

13. Nowadays some parents regret not _______ (spend) more time with their kids when they were young.

14. The patient who had suffered from H1N1 insisted on _______ (isolate) from others immediately, holding the belief that the disease would infect others.

15. Those business persons are getting well-prepared for the coming season, for they can't risk _______ (lose) the good opportunity.

16. The boy's _______(do)the assignment made his father lose his temper.

17. _______ (finish) your homework by yourself is one of the effective ways to improve your grades.

18. I can't stand _______ (work) with Jane in the same office, as she is always talking, which distracts my attention.

19. Keep in mind that forgiveness does not necessarily mean _______ (accept) the action of the person who has offended you.

20. It cost me a fortune, but I don't regret _______ (spend) a year traveling around the world.

21. After the doctors' discussion about the mistakes they were making, new life-saving systems were designed to prevent those errors from _______ (repeat).

22. When _______ (compare) different cultures, we often focus our attention on the differences without noticing the many similarities.

23. John couldn't resist _______ (take) another look at the diamond necklace through the shop window.

24. He was just about to sit down when he felt something _______ (move) near his feet.

25. The patient, Mr. Berkey, agreed to an operation without _______ (inform) of its seriousness or the risks involved.

26. After her success as a child actor, Taylor had no trouble _______ (move) into adult roles and won twice for Best Actress.

27. _______ (raise) crabs on the floor of small ponds is a new farming industry.

28. For me, living a low-carbon life means _______ (take) public transportation to school.

29. I really regret _______ (tell) you the fact that your school team lost the game just this morning as you feel so upset.

30. The customers objected _______ (treat) unfairly in the course of shopping.

31. More and more people are looking forward to _______ (visit) the Expo in Shanghai.

32. They are considering _______ (purchase) the house before the prices go up.

33. Devoted to _______ (bring) up the secret of nature, the young scientist has little time for entertainment.

34. Taking physical exercise regularly is an effective way to avoid _______ (infect) with the flu.

35. According to a recent report, India is considering it _______ (produce) the cheapest laptop computer which can be afforded by most of the people.

36. I regret _______ (spend) more time with my grandma before she passed away.

37. Joe's _______ (join) in the get-together surely brought us a lot of pleasure as he is a man with a strong sense of humour.

38. _______ (need) and popular gives one a sort of feeling that nothing can replace.

39. I can hardly imagine so pretty girl like you _______ (like) boxing.

40. As a young student, he recognized that _______ (donate) blood required very little work and virtually no pain while helping to save a life.

41. To avoid _______ (punish), John preferred not to tell the truth that he broke the vase.

42. American people appreciate your _______ (call) beforehand when you wish to pay a visit to them.

43. There was a very interesting remark in a book by an Englishman that I read recently _______ (give) what he thought was a reason for this American characteristic.

44. Our civilization cannot be thought of as _______ (create) in a short period of time.

45. Fiona was growing tired of _______ (treat) in this way.

46. You are never going to get rid of your double chin if you can't resist _______ (tempt) by sweets.

47. Williams says that _______ (become) friends with your roommate is a good place to start in terms of making friends in a new place.

48. I'm only brave when I have to be. _______ (brave) doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.

49. As _______ (burn) petrol pollutes the environment, many scientists are trying to find a kind of clean energy.

50. _______ (educate) in a well-known university is what everybody wishes for.

51. After finishing a large project, we are all looking forward to _______ (go) on vacation next week.

52. The man denied _______ (steal) anything at the supermarket when he was questioned by the police.

53. _______ (involve) in extra-curricular activities gives students many priceless lifelong skills that will be valuable to them forever.

54. While all the leading schools say that they place great importance on children _______ (get) good study result, the fact seems to suggest this is not the case.

55. He was, after all, the General Manager and did not appreciate being made _______ (feel) like an ignorant schoolboy.

56. Bill Gates, together with many famous businessmen, decided to devote a great part of his time and energy to _______ (help) people in need.

57. _______ (involve) in financial scandals, according to a social research, was regarded as top 1 reason for officials to give up political career in Italy.

58. He suggested our _______ (see) the film Let the Bullets Fly , which was produced by the world-famous director.

59. What disappointed Mr. Smith most was his _______ (allow) to go to Canada with his parents to visit his grandpa.

60. Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______ (eat) hamburgers.

61. By _______ (avoid) classes, the college students are wasting their parents' money and failing to treasure the opportunity to acquire knowledge.

62. My son is very shy, but can you imagine him _______ (sing) at the English party in the presence of all his classmates and teachers?

63. It has been proved that _______ (eat) vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illness in later life.

64. Betty's _______ (work) all night in such cold weather caused her to suffer from a high fever and terrible cough.

65. Many factors contribute to animals _______ (die) out, but the most destructive is the role that humans have played.

66. You can never imagine what great trouble I have _______ (find) this marble in my house.

67. People are not allowed to enter the garden to prevent the flowers _______ (destroy).

68. It was fortunate that Jack narrowly escaped _______ (kill) in a traffic accident.

69. While staying home is a tradition at the Spring Festival, _______ (take) a trip with family members can also be a nice alternative.

70. With more and more tourists invading, lots of places of interest require _______ (repair).

71. Children with bad grades can always think of brilliant ways to escape _______ (punish).

72. Mr. Wang made up his mind to devote all he could _______ (improve) his oral English before going abroad.

73. Owing to the adequate preparations, the research team did not have much trouble _______ (locate) the wrecked ship.

74. I stayed up late doing my homework yesterday, so I had trouble _______ (get) up early this morning.

75. _______ (educate) in a top-level university abroad is what many students wish for.

76. The advertisement convinced Kelly to buy the makeup by _______ (appeal) to herself-admiration.

77. Tony is a quiet boy and he is accustomed to _______ (talk) at meals, which is always appreciated.

78. As we have mentioned previously, we will be dedicated to solving the problem within the current framework, rather than _______ (establish) a new one.

79. The man denied _______ (steal) anything at the supermarket when questioned by the police.

80. Something as simple as _______ (share) thoughts openly can make a powerful difference to one's health.

81. Tom admitted _______ (read) the document in the morning without getting his manager's permission.

82. An excellent source of advice about traveling with infants is Baby-center.com . It recommends _______ (wait) until the baby is 3 months before traveling.

83. One of the basic principles of wildlife protection involves _______ (provide) adequate natural food and shelter to maintain populations of each species in a given environment.

84. Always getting fully prepared might be the perfect solution to _______ (become) famous overnight.

85. _______ (set) our life goals will guide us to a bright future, without which we may waste our lifetime.

86. For many parents, _______ (keep) a balance of the Internet media and school work for their children has been a big issue.

87. To avoid _______ (lay) off, you should be prepared to state how your contributions will benefit the company.

88. _______ (examine) once every two years, whether it is a car, a bus or a lorry, is the rule that all drivers must obey in our country.

89. Activities on the farm range from milking cows to _______ (feed) the chickens to satisfy the needs of different people.

90. “My dear friends, let us build our class, a team ever looking forward to _______ (realize) the full potential of all its members,” said our monitor.

91. News of the World was gone, shut down after _______ (catch) in the biggest newspaper scandal ever to hit Britain.

92. I remember _______ (ask) Mike for advice since he is regarded by many as a good adviser.

93. Almost every one of the graduates wants to deliver the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony, because for the speaker, _______ (invite) is an honor.

94. _______ (do) well in an interview made him lose the position in that company.

95. It can never be denied that _______ (burden) with a big family results in his quitting school.

96. _______ (provide) shoppers with a huge variety of choices for every shopping experience distinguishes online shopping from other forms of purchase.

97. Tames is hardly willing to change any of his decisions, so it is no use _______ (argue) with him.

98. Although a young kid, Johnson could resist _______ (tell) what to do and what not to do.

99. As he didn't feel like _______ (disturb), he powered off his mobile phone and kept the computer disconnected to the internet.

100. Doctors warn people that _______ (control) anger through unnatural methods is much more harmful to a person's health than the anger itself.




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