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高中英语语法填空:副词 巩固练习





副词 巩固练习

Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. I was afraid I'd never run _______ (quick) again. So, every night for the rest of the week, I ran up and down my street, building myself up in preparation for the test in the following.

2. Miss Bean was angry at how _______ (bad) I was being treated, but she didn't say this to me.

3. On foggy days, you have to drive very _______ (caution) on the expressway to avoid traffic accidents.

4. As I was looking at them I came across the organ donor card that I had signed nine years ago. _______ (thank), it hadn't yet been called into use.

5. Students who study _______ (flex) can have more satisfaction, be healthier and more effective.

6. Now you would think that weighing several tons, the elephants could _______ (ease) break the little chains that once held them as guards.

7. — Do you enjoy the moves of Gangnam Style?

— Not _______ (real). I just do it to keep fit.

8. For years, many colleges have offered classes that are taught _______ (part) or mostly online.

9. With small hope of gaining employment, each day she would just ride to the city, walk _______ (aim) about and at dusk return home.

10. But when we went to take the cat home, the vet told us we should put him to sleep immediately because the cat was so fierce and mean that he would _______ (hard) become tame, let alone a pet.

11. Tallamy points out that _______ (most) all migrating birds depend on insets to feed their young.

12. I don't think this film is by far the most boring. I have seen _______ (bad).

13. We don't care if a hunting dog smells _______ (bad), but we really don't want him to smell bad.

14. I used to earn _______ (little) than a pound a week when I first started work.

15. These days strange things happened _______ (frequent) in the small village, which caused a panic among the villagers.

16. People are encouraged to speak _______ (open), but careless words are likely to hurt others' feelings.

17. In business, it _______ (usual) means to develop a calm and orderly plan of action.

18. China needs to strike a balance between maintaining a _______ (relative) fast and stable development and economic structural adjustment.

19. Your life is entering a different stage but you should understand that this is _______ (perfect) normal, and something that will pass quickly.

20. He asked to speak to me _______ (privacy), so we stood a bit away from my table.

21. It had contained half of the money she'd brought with her. The other half was hidden under her blouse, so she _______ (fortune) still had some money left.

22. He drank it _______ (hurry), and then hesitatingly asked, “How much do I owe you?”

23. I discovered a new page _______ (previous) unknown to me in this private chapter of my parents' lives.

24. When I was _______ (final) able to speak, we examined the amazing evidence. The dates and the locations and the pictures of the bird all matched up.

25. _______ (quick) I turned and called out, “Please don't feel sorry for me, I'm having lots of fun.”  But the fun was not to last.

26. Jacks room always has the dusty smell of an apartment whose windows are _______ (rare) opened.

27. Fish need water to survive; _______ (similar), we humans need air to live.

28. It is easy for people to be _______ (serious) addicted to drugs.

29. It was a difficult time for our family, but _______ (eventual) things turned out all right.

30. Although I have been worked for 4 years, _______ (economy) I still can't afford such expensive clothes.

31. — Guess what? One bullet _______ (near) struck my car, missing me yesterday!

— Lucky you! Come back to our motherland as soon as possible!

32. Our English teacher devoted herself _______ (entire) to her teaching, which earned her a good reputation in our school.

33. Several weeks passing by, Lucy _______ (gradual) accepted the idea of her husband's leaving.

34. Children's ability to adapt to a new environment doesn't come _______ (nature). It is a result of many experiences.

35. The officials said the downward trend of A/H1N1 flu activity did not _______ (necessary) mean the worst was over. Flu activity might pick up next year.

36. The lights in the front of the car will come on _______ (automatic) when the light falls below a certain level.

37. History is the best teacher. It _______ (faith) records the development of each country and foretells the future to us.

38. It's great to try hard, but if you're not getting the job done well, all your efforts _______ (ultimate) won't count.

39. Yin used her interest in the teenage wizard to set up a “Harry Potter Club” at her university, _______ (eventual) attracting over 400 members and introducing her to a whole new circle of friends.

40. Compared with male graduates, a(n) _______ (relative) small number of female graduates can get employed when they go job-hunting.

41. However weak we are, we can still do something against the powerful nature so long as we are _______ (adequate) prepared.

42. With time and patience, you'll _______ (gradual) come to realize that the Southern American football is different from the European football in many ways.

43. Today they usually publish the results of their research only if they are positive, but if there is more data about negative results, scientists are less likely to repeat experiments _______ (need).

44. — Do you mean to play the hero in the play?

— Not _______ (necessary). But it should be a character I like.

45. I am trying to do what is best, but _______ (equal) I've got to consider the cost, which is of great importance.

46. I can meet you at 8 o'clock; _______ (alternate) you can call for me at my office. Either suits me fine.

47. We are collecting money for the victims of the earthquake-stricken area; please give _______ (generous).

48. The defining issue of our time is how to keep that promise alive. No challenge is _______ (pretty) urgent.

49. It's always difficult being in a foreign country, _______ (especial) if you don't speak the language.

50. The man should be excused because he caused the damage _______ (deliberate).

51. I hear the alarm ringing all the morning. _______ (obvious) something very urgent happened.

52. As soon as his teacher begins lecturing, he begins to doze off, not intentionally but _______ (habit).

53. “Mary, don't take it _______ (person) when your teacher makes some general and unpopular remarks in class. Just try your best. ” said her mother.

54. I have _______ (gradual) got used to the routine at school now that I am in the advanced class and can make my own study plan.

55. _______ (immediate) the fire broke out, three fire-engines were rushed to the spot.

56. There were so many difficulties in speaking English that _______ (eventual) he gave up.

57. — Could we put off the party?

— Not _______ (real), I'm afraid, this is the only day everyone is available.

58. — Shall I turn the heating on?

— Sure, it's so cold in here. I'm _______ (absolute) freezing.

59. We don't know if it was done _______ (deliberate) or by accident.

60. The rain was heavy and _______ (consequence) the land was flooded.

61. Drunk driving used to occur _______ (frequency), but now it is under control.

62. Lifelong musicians are _______ (like) to experience age-related hearing problems than non-musicians, according to a new Canadian study.

63. — What does he want?

— I don't know _______ (exact), but he said it's really urgent.

64. Most of the school buses are _______ (frequent) overloaded in that town, which is always a danger to the students.

65. Fred is second to none in math in our class, but believe it or not, he _______ (scarce) passed the last exam.

66. Mr. Smith used to smoke _______ (heavy) but he has given it up.

67. The more carefully you listen to the tape, the _______ (easy) you will find it to understand.

68. — Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

—Yes. Few could perform _______ (well), I think.

69. The number of people present at the concert was _______ (many) smaller than expected. There were many tickets left.

70. As a father of three girls, I need a job _______ (bad) so we can survive.

71. Strong typhoons hit this area very _______ (regular). Normally, they form and come here between July and August every year.

72. Zhengnengliang, or positive energy, _______ (original) a term used in the book Positive Energy by Richard Wiseman, has developed into a popular phrase in Chinese society where people approach life with optimism and confidence.

73. As a typist, the most important aspect of the job is to be able to type quickly and _______ (accuracy).

74. I sat there_______ (nerve), taking notes and asking questions that all began with, Can you tell me.

75. Mr. Brown lay _______ (wide) awake all night wondering whether to leave or stay.

76. Inside me is a wheel, _______ (constant) turning from sadness to joy, from exultation (狂喜) to depression, from happiness to sorrow.

77. Millions of people were extremely sad with the death of Steven Jobs who is _______ (wide) recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer era.

78. — Was the test hard?

— The test was so hard that he _______ (most) failed.

79. In order to support the big family, he worked so hard that he _______ (eventual) made himself ill.

80. — How do you like the essays written by the students?

— _______ (amaze) satisfactory.

81. I'm terribly sorry to have caused you pain. But it was _______ (conscious) done. Will you be so generous as to forgive me?

82. — Do you mean to play the hero in the play?

— Not _______ (necessary). But it should be a character I like.

83. — Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

— Yes. Few could perform _______ (well), I think.

84. The officials said the downward trend of A/H1N1 flu activity did not _______ (necessary) mean the worst was over. Flu activity might pick up next year.

85. The young pigeons which I bought _______ (cheap) yesterday are able to fly _______ (high) in the sky.

86. I can't say I'm the best. I have only _______ (relative) made more efforts than others.

87. Although we haven't got accurate statistics, it is estimated that _______ (approximate) 300 factories in this province closed down during the economic crisis.

88. Lots of sunshine, wonderful food, and friendly people— _______ (together) it is a great vacation!

89. — You all like your English teacher?

— Yeah, she devotes herself _______ (entire) to teaching and it earns her a good reputation.

90. The committee is discussing the problem right now. It will _______ (hope) have been solved by the end of next week.

91. It is _______ (bare) any wonder that his friend doesn't like watching television much.

92. In a sense, no country, big or small, should object to the trend of peace and development, _______ (constant) creating trouble to others.

93. — You don't go to that supermarket quite often, do you?

— No, I only go there _______ (occasion) because it's too far away from my house.

94. Much to my surprise, the eight-year-old boy _______ (skill) fixed my computer within ten minutes.

95. Food safety is _______ (high) important, so the government spares no efforts to prevent food pollution.

96. — What's your plan for the future?

— I hope to get a job in the local newspaper at first and _______ (eventual) work for China Daily.

97. The great success of this program has been _______ (large) due to the support given by the local businessmen.

98. I must be getting fat. I can _______ (hard) do my trousers up.

99. He was so _______ (deep) moved by his words that he couldn't fall asleep deep into the night.

100. — How was the party?

— Fine, except that we arrived _______ (terrible) late.


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