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高中英语语法填空:介词 巩固练习





介词 巩固练习

Directions: Read the following sentences, use one word that best fits each blank.

1. Looking around, we are despaired at the singular lack _______ imagination about girls' lives and interests.

2. Girls' attraction _______ pink may seem unavoidable, somehow encoded in their DNA.

3. _______ the era before domestic washing machines all babies wore white as a practical matter.

4. When nursery colors were introduced, pink was actually considered the more masculine color, a pastel version _______ red.

5. When the color pink began to seem innately attractive to girls, part of what defined them _______ female, at least for the first few critical years.

6. A rectal study, published _______ last week's Journal of the American Medical Association, offers a picture of how risky it is to get a lift from a teenage drive.

7. A recent survey shows that companies the graduates in such field as business and health care that can go to work immediately _______ very little on-the-job training.

8. About six years ago I was eating lunch _______ a restaurant in New York City when a woman and a young boy sat down at the next table, I couldn't help overhearing parts of their conversation.

9. A 16-year-old driver _______ three or more passengers is three times as likely to have a fatal accident as a teenager driving alone.

10. About half _______ the states now have some sort of graduated licensing system in place.

11. A graduated license requires that a teenager first prove himself capable _______ driving in the presence of an adult.

12. Communication through print, as a matter of fact, allows _______ a great deal of control over the social information to which children have access.

13. Graduated licensing systems have reduced teenage driver crashes, according _______ recent studies.

14. It depends _______ what definition of opinion you have in mind.

15. People found that the death rates _______ teenage drivers increased dramatically after 10 p.m.

16. Color and sex are not relevant _______ whether a person is suitable for the job.

17. In India more than one hundred languages are spoken, _______ which only fourteen are recognized as official.

18. Sports is one _______ the world's largest industries, and most athletes are professionals who are paid for their efforts.

19. _______ fact, the analysis showed, normal children ages 9 to 17 exhibit a higher level of anxiety today than children who were treated for mental illness 50 years ago.

20. When families gather _______ Christmas dinner, some will stick to formal traditions dating back to Grandma's generation.

21. A spokesman for Royal Doulton admitted that the company “has been somewhat slow in catching up _______ the trend” toward casual dining.

22. The new beach house _______ Sullivan's Island should be able to withstand a Category 3 hurricane with peak winds of 179 to 209 kilometers per hour.

23. Only in the past 20 years have specialists _______ language study realized that signed languages are unique —a speech of the hand.

24. Within hours of arriving _______ Angola, television screens around the world were filled with images of her comforting victims injured in explosions caused by landmines.

25. To try and limit the damage, the Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkidnd, claimed that the Princess views _______ landmines were not very different from government policy.

26. We're worried _______ our teachers and principals, and we really don't want to lose them because of this.

27. The executives acknowledge that they try to swing national eating habits to a food created _______ America, but they deny that amounts to economic imperialism.

28. Students' parents are buying classroom supplies and offering to pay _______ groceries and utilities to keep first-year teachers and principals in their jobs.

29. _______ the long run these hormones can have a harmful effect on the body and brain.

30. A three-year-old might need help in understanding that other children feel pain just as he does, and that hitting a playmate over the head _______ a heavy toy requires an apology.

31. A 12-year-old might need to be shown that raiding the biscuit tin without asking permission is acceptable, but that borrowing a parent's clothes _______ permission is not.

32. It has been shown on TV and _______ the radio that every year thousands and thousands of middle school students visit Tsing Hua University and Peking University.

33. The oil industry goes with the high end of the range, which could equal as much as 10% of U.S. consumption _______ as long as six years.

34. As for ANWR's impact _______ the California power crisis, environmentalists point out that oil is responsible for only 1% of the Golden State's electricity output.

35. We learn _______ the second paragraph that the American oil industry tends to exaggerate America's reliance on foreign oil.

36. The dictionary meaning _______the term “opponent” is “adversary”; “enemy”; “one who opposes your interests”.

37. According to the passage, players, in a game, may keep _______ screaming and shouting throughout the game.

38. The report focused _______ claims made by specific products, such as detergent (洗涤剂) insect sprays and by some garden products.

39. The high numbers show how very confusing it must be for consumers to sort the true _______ the misleading.

40. They are in northern Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, a home they share _______ an abundance of other wildlife.

41. Open spaces are threatened by plans for housing estates and important habitats (栖息地) are endangered _______ highway construction.

42. The key _______ protecting these remarkable lands is connecting with the local community.

43. For more information _______ how you can help the Nature Conservancy protect the Poconos and the world's other “Last Great Places”, please call 1-888-564 6864.

44. I know you've got a smooth tongue, so don't talk me _______ buying it.

45. I was impressed _______ the efficiency of the work done in the company.

46. We commonly think of sportsmanship in connection _______ athletic contests, but it also applies to individual outdoor sports.

47. Frito-Lay is the biggest snack maker in America, owned _______ PepsiCo.

48. Interest in pursuing international careers has soared _______ recent years, enhanced by chronic personnel shortages that are causing companies to search beyond their home borders for talent.

49. Pay attention _______ the resume format you use-chronological or reverse-chronological order.

50. A reader who is unfamiliar _______ these variations may assume that your resume contains errors.

51. Most obviously, there is the direct effect of education _______ the wages of female workers.

52. In the UK, a set of technical fixes is already making life harder _______ car thieves.

53. In the UK, technologies like this have helped achieve a 31% drop _______ vehicle-related crime since 1997.

54. If the car travels 100 meters _______ he driver confirming their ID, the system will send a signal to an operations centre that it has been stolen.

55. Educating women also has a significant impact _______ health practices, including family planning.

56. Parents are more thoughtful, use less physical discipline and spend more time _______ their children.

57. Therapists who work _______ middle-aged and older parents say fears about aging are nothing to laugh at.

58. Kids of older dads are often smarter, happier and more sociable because their fathers are more involved _______ their lives.

59. Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically _______ economic gain.

60. The numbers associated _______ identity theft are beginning to add up fast these days.

61. The key _______ a successful online job search is learning to manager the risks.

62. Remember, the longer your resume remains posted _______ a job board, the more exposure, both positive and not-so-positive, it will receive.

63. Private posting allows job seekers to quickly and easily apply _______ jobs that appear on CareerBuilder.com without retyping their information.

64. If you capture the fleeting thought and simply share it with the world _______ raw form, no one is likely to understand.

65. Now you have raw materials that you can begin to work _______ using the critical mind that you've persuaded to sit on the side and watch quietly.

66. I don't ever want to talk _______ being a woman scientist again.

67. There was a time in my life when people asked constantly _______ stories about what it's like to work in a field dominated by men.

68. I was never very good _______ telling those stories because truthfully I never found them interesting.

69. Then one day a few years ago, out of my mouth came a sentence that would eventually become my reply _______ any and all provocations.

70. It took me 10 years to get back the confidence I had at 19 and to realize that I didn't want to deal _______ gender issues.

71. In Europe, more than 140,000 students participate _______ the Erasmus program each year, taking courses for credit in one of 2,200 participating institutions across the continent.

72. And in the United States, institutions are helping place students in the summer internships (实习) abroad to prepare them _______ global careers.

73. For miles around me there was nothing but a desert, _______ a single plant or tree in sight.

74. — Is your grandpa still with you?

— No. He still prefers to live in the small mountain village _______ all its disadvantages.

75. Most politicians recognize the link between investment in science and national economic strength, but support _______ research funding has been unsteady.

76. _______ so much electrical equipment, wood and paper in one place, there is a danger of fire.

77. I haven't seen you for a couple of days. What have you been up _______?

78. — Do you like coffee or milk?

— Both. But I prefer coffee _______ milk.

79. What do you mean _______ saying “The boy is overgrowing”?

80. They were hunting _______ a person like him as a stepping stone.

81. The wine industry in the area has developed in a special way, _______ little foreign ownership.

82. I also know the pressure of trying to live up to a reputation created _______ previous victories.

83. I know very little _______ farm animals who use tools or angels who go to first grade, I had to accept the fact that I was co-opting (借用) my daughter's experience.

84. In just a few years, 34 percent _______ American universities have begun offering some form of distance learning.

85. Television is attractive medium _______ advertising because it delivers mass audiences to advertisers.

86. When advertisers create a brand, _______ example, they want to impress consumers with the brand and its image.

87. Radio is often used in conjunction _______ outdoor bill-boards (广告牌) and the Internet to reach even more customers than television.

88. Newspapers are a less expensive advertising medium than television and provide a way _______ advertisers to communicate a longer.

89. Radio provides a way for advertisers to communicate with audience members _______ all times of the day.

90. Consumers listen to radio _______ their way to school or work, at work, on the way home, and in the evening hours.

91. Many consumers today do not sit _______ home and watch television.

92. As consumers become more comfortable _______ online shopping, advertisers will seek to reach this market.

93. Some years ago I was offered a writing assignment that would require three months _______ travel through Europe.

94. From 2003 to 2050, the world's population is projected to grow _______ 6.4 billion to 9.1 billion, a 42% increase.

95. A survey found an overwhelming pessimism _______ privacy, with 60 percent of respondents saying they feel their privacy is “slipping away, and that bothers me.”

96. It was a lovely day _______ the park and Stella Bianchi was enjoying the sunshine with her two children when a young boy, aged about four, approached her.

97. I thought she was coming over to apologize, but instead she started shouting _______ me for disciplining her child.

98. Raise your concerns with the parents if they're there and ask them to deal _______ it.

99. A code of conduct is hard to create when you're living in a world in which everyone is exhausted from overwork and lack _______ sleep.

100. We treat them as objects whose appearance and achievements are something we can be proud _______ rather than serve the best interests of the children.


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