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高中英语语法填空:情态动词 巩固练习





情态动词 巩固练习

Directions: Read the following sentences, use one word that best fits each blank.

1. The MBA _______ open doors and command a higher salary initially, but the impact of a degree washes out after five years.

2. The woman asked: “So, how have you been?” And the boy who _______ not have been more than seven or eight years old replied. “Frankly, I've been feeling a little depressed lately.”

3. As far as I _______ remember, my friends and I didn't find out we were “depressed” until we were in high school.

4. Reading and writing involve a complex code of symbols that _______ be memorized and practices.

5. Children must read simple books before they _______ read complex materials.

6. For example, you may ask a friend, “What do you think of the new Ford cars?” And he _______ reply, “In my opinion, they're ugly.”

7. In this case, it _______ not only be intolerant to challenge his statement, but foolish.

8. The policeman declared that the blow on the victim's head _______ have been made from behind.

9. Athlete succeeds by achievement only — not by economic background or family connections — sports _______ be a fast route to wealth and many athletes play only for money than for love.

10. When the Olympic Games were revived in 1896, athletes who had received special training in camps _______ be barred.

11. While any of these statements _______ be true, they are practically impossible to prove scientifically.

12. To help kids build stronger connections with others, you _______ pull the plug on TVs and computers.

13. It _______ help you cope with your own anxieties and provide a good model for your kids.

14. It _______ be nice if we all received automatic pay increases equal to our merit, but “nice” isn't a quality attributed to most organizations.

15. Performance is your best bargaining chip (筹码) when you are seeking a raise. You _______ be able to demonstrate that you deserve a raise.

16. The fine points of etiquette (礼节) that children _______ once have learned at the table by observation or instruction from parents and grandparents must be picked up elsewhere.

17. Amin believes there is no corner of the world that _______ resist the charms of a Frito-Lay potato chip.

18. The logo, along with the company's long-held marketing image of the “irresistibility” of its chips _______ help facilitate the company's global expansion.

19. Humans _______ not try to avoid stress any more than they would shun food, love or exercise.

20. Several studies suggest that challenging situations in which you're able to rise to the occasion _______ be good for you.

21. If you want to teach your children how to say sorry, you _______ be good at saying it yourself.

22. A six-year-old _______ need reminding that spoiling other children's expectations can require an apology.

23. President Bush has argued that tapping ANWR's oil _______ help ease California's electricity crisis and provide a major boost to the country's energy independence.

24. It has been shown that words having certain connotations (含义) _______ cause us to react in ways quite foreign to what we consider to be our usual humanistic behavior.

25. An oil boom _______ also mean a multibillion-dollar windfall (意外之财) in tax revenues, royalties (开采权使用费) and leasing fees for Alaska and the Federal Government.

26. It _______ be learned from the passage that oil exploitation beneath ANWR's frozen earth involves a lot of technological problems.

27. In the heat of battle, players have been observed to throw themselves across the court without considering the consequences that such a move _______ have on anyone in their way.

28. The ISO labeling standards ban vague or misleading claims on product packaging, because terms such as “environmentally friendly” and “non-polluting” _______ be verified.

29. At such times, winning _______ dominate one's intellect, and every action, no matter how gross, may be considered justifiable.

30. Amin believes there is no corner of the world that _______ resist the charms of a Frito-Lay potato chip.

31. They may feel the need to recharge their batteries with a new challenge. They _______ want a position with more responsibility that encourages creativity and initiative.

32. The education of her daughters then makes it much more likely that the next generation of girls, as well as of boys, _______ be educated and healthy.

33. He says it _______ only take him a few minutes to teach a person how to steal a car, using a bare minimum of tools.

34. Psychiatrists (精神病专家) who work with older parents say that maturity _______ be an asset in child rearing-older.

35. CareerBuilder.com, for example, offers three levels of privacy from which job seekers _______ choose.

36. While you need to employ both to get to a finished result, they cannot work in parallel no matter how much we _______ like to think so.

37. Most likely, you will believe that this _______ take more time than you actually have and you end up staring blankly at the pages as the deadline draws near.

38. Why _______ curing sexism be yet another terrible burden on every female scientist.

39. I thought things _______ get better, but as it is they are getting worse.

40. The attempt to make up lost ground is welcome, but the nation _______ be better served by steady.

41. American politicians have great difficult recognizing that admitting more foreign students _______ greatly promote the national interest by increasing international understanding.

42. Advertisers are likely to use radio because it is a less expensive medium than television, which means advertisers _______ afford to repeal their ads often.

43. Both of these radio forms allow listeners to tune in stations that are more distant than the local stations they _______ receive in the past.

44. As consumers get more of their news and information from the Internet, the ability of television and radio to get the word out to consumers _______ decrease.

45. Global warming _______ or may not be the great environmental crisis of the 21st century.

46. Who would watch you without your permission? It _______ be a spouse, a girl friend, a marketing company, a boss, a cop or a criminal.

47. In some cases, a simple Google search _______ reveal what you think.

48. He points out bringing it up with the parent first _______ make them feel neglectful, which could cause problems.

49. On average, every unhappy customer will complain to at least four other, and _______ no longer visit the specific store.

50. Internet advertising _______ play a more prominent role in organizations' advertising in the near future.

51. Most importantly, salespeople _______ be diplomatic and polite with angry customers.

52. Customers _______ also improve future shopping experiences by filing complaints to the retailer, instead of complaining to the rest of the world.

53. Had I not attended this workshop, I _______ have automatically assumed the man was the best candidate because the position required quite a bit of extensive travel.

54. Most designers with existing labels are finding there aren't comparable fabrics that _______ just replace what you're doing.

55. Scientists have devised a way to determine roughly where a person has lived using a strand (缕) of hair, a technique that _______ help track the movements of criminal suspects.

56. She stayed in the Northwest, although the test _______ not be more specific than somewhere between eastern Oregon and western Wyoming.

57. George Washington University in Washington, D.C., for example, said last week that it _______ cut the value of its average merit scholarships by about one-third.

58. For small regional colleges that struggle just to fill seats, merit aid _______ be an important revenue-builder.

59. David Laird, president of the Minnesota Private College Council, says many of his schools _______ like to reduce their merit aid.

60. Before she ever gets the chance to commit to a cause, charity or foundation as First Lady, her most urgent and perhaps most complicated duty _______ be simple to be herself.

61. Just as she will have her critics, she _______ also have millions of fans who usually have little interest in the First Lady.

62. In 1958, Australian scientist David Warren developed a flight-memory recorder that _______ track basic information like altitude and direction.

63. The $11 billion self-help industry is built on the idea that you _______ turn negative thoughts like “I never do anything right” into positive ones like “I can succeed.”

64. Researchers in Canada just published a study in the journal Psychological Science that says trying to get people to think more positively _______ actually have the opposite effect.

65. When you go abroad for further education, you _______ find your accent might be different from everybody else's there.

66. A natural environment _______ reduce violent behavior because its restorative process helps reduce anger and impulsive behavior.

67. Pay has always been the biggest deterrent, as people with families often feel they _______ afford the drop in salary when moving to a university job.

68. Waite of the University of Chicago has found that a married older man with heart disease _______ expect to live nearly four years longer than an unmarried man with a healthy heart.

69. There was plenty of room for improvement. The problems with the nation's cuisine _______ be traced back to the Second World War.

70. Recent reports found that lodging with a student of a different race _______ decrease prejudice and compel students to engage in more ethnically diverse friendships.

71. Social contact _______ boost development of the brain and immune system, leading to better health and less chance of depression later in life.

72. Johnny, you _______ play with the knife, you may hurt yourself.

73. My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he _______ have attended your party.

74. I was really anxious about you. You _______ have left home without a word.

75. Bring the fruit up to the dining room, _______ you?

76. If you _______ stand by me I should have another try.

77. You _______ brush your teeth before you go to bed.

78. We _______ work too much for the people.

79. It _______ be very interesting to watch an Arab and an Englishman talking together.

80. Professor Martin's report suggests that it _______ not be good for children to change schools often.

81. What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There _______ be twelve.

82. It _______ have been Tom that parked the car here, as he is the only one with a car.

83. — Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is? She _______ be in the classroom.

— I saw her just now.

84. Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don't think we _______ have managed it without you.

85. — May I take this book out of the reading room?

— No, you _______. You read it in here.

86. — Sorry, Professor Smith. I didn't finish the assignment yesterday.

— Oh, you _______ have done it as yesterday was the deadline.

87. In crowded places like airports and railway stations, you _______ take care of your luggage.

88. Kim Stephenson, an occupational psychologist, believes money is such a big deal because of what it symbolizes, which _______ be different things to men and women.

89. I have told you the truth. _______ I keep repeating it?

90. The doctor recommended that you _______ swim after eating a large meal.

91. I _______ have watched that movie — it'll give me horrible dreams.

92. — Guess what! I have got A for my team paper.

— Great! You_______ have read widely and put a lot of work into it.

93. You don't have to know the name of the author to find a book. You _______ find the book by the title.

94. Although this _______ sound like a simple task, great care is need.

95. According to the air traffic rules, you _______ switch off your mobile phone before boarding.

96. John promised his doctor he _______ not smoke, and he has never smoked ever since.

97. The traffic is heavy these days. I _______ arrive a bit late, so could you save me a place?

98. Some people who don't like to talk much are not necessarily shy; they _______ just be quiet people.

99. He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he _______ have expressed it differently.

100. I can't leave. She told me that I _______ stay here until she comes back.


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