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高中英语语法填空:动词的时态 强化练习





动词的时态 强化练习


Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. For forty years Jane Goodall _______ (help) the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.

2. — What's the matter, Sara? You wear a sad look on your face.

— Oh, nothing much. As a matter of fact, I just _______ (think) of my friends back home.

3. Because of climate change, the ice that polar bears depend on for survival _______ (disappear) slowly.

4. I called Alice many times yesterday evening, but I couldn't get through. Her brother _______ (talk) on the phone all the time!

5. The day we had been looking forward to _______ (come) at last.

6. The manager as well as the staff _______ (chat) cheerfully during the tea break when the boss came in.

7. Many college students register at driving schools during the summer vacation, saying that getting a license _______ (give) them an advantage in the job market.

8. — You haven't said a word about my new car, Michelle. Do you like it?

— I'm sorry I _______ (say) anything about it sooner. I certainly think it's comfortable sitting in it.

9. The efforts made by the researchers _______ (make) possible the appearance of a new life-saving medicine.

10. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao _______ (arrive) at Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, on Dec.16, 2009 Wednesday evening, for the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference.

11. The workers were so tired that they felt asleep where they _______ (lie) without undressing.

12. I'm sure that your letter _______ (get) immediate attention. They know you're waiting for the reply.

13. Unfortunately, when I got there she just _______ (leave), so we only had time for a few words.

14. The world gold price _______ (rise) for the last five years, which is now over 1000 dollars per ounce.

15. “I'm more nervous right now than when I _______ (compete),” Jane said, as she saw the group of reporters waiting anxiously at the exit of the gymnasium.

16. Everyone who saw Star Wars said that it _______ (be) one of the best science fiction movies that had ever been released.

17. During the 60 years since the founding of the New China, we _______ (go) through millions of ups and downs.

18. Earlier fears about the weather disappeared when the rain which had been forecast _______ (fail) to appear.

19. Wife hardly _______ (prepare) a big dinner when Husband was aware of their eighth wedding anniversary that day.

20. To help today's customers make a choice, a company in New York _______ (invent) a video trolley—a supermarket trolley with a video screen to display advertisement and price information.

21. The prices of houses _______ (rise) because the demand of them become more and more great.

22. The cause he had devoted himself to _______ (prove) a perfect success.

23. We will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of yours _______ (work) miracle.

24. Our monitor, who by then _______ (gain) admission to Fudan University, decided to do some part-time jobs to gain more practical experience.

25. It _______ (turn) out that making a plan is easier than carrying it out.

26. Because of the sharp drop of birth rate, the number of students sitting the college entrance exams _______ (decline) all the time.

27. When Bill Gates decided to stop schooling and created Microsoft in 1975, he _______ (study) law at Harvard University.

28. — I'm told that you are leaving for Beijing.

— Who _______ (say) so?

29. If a computer crashes, you will lose the file you _______ (work) unless you save it regularly.

30. The guard neglected his duty, and thus _______ (cost) himself the job.

31. His funny joke in the speech _______ (amuse) all of us present and we couldn't help laughing yesterday.

32. — Why did you put the wood near the fire? It's dangerous.

— Don't worry. Wet wood_______ (burn).

33. The growth of part-time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, _______ (allow) more women to take advantage of employment opportunities.

34. Your spoken English _______ (improve) in a way, but it still needs a great deal of practice and hard work.

35. A British research study shows that, globally, people's walking speeds _______ (increase) by 10 percent over the last decade.

36. So far, the Shanghai World Expo _______ (prove) to be a great success as people expected.

37. At the age when many people _______ (look) for their first job, the youngsters of The Sunday Times Rich List are buying country estates or jetting off to their homes overseas.

38. Oetzi, the 5,000 year old “Iceman”, _______ (discover) on the alpine border between Italy and Austria in 1991.

39. — How did Tom feel after the accident?

— He _______ (stand) there shaking for several minutes because he was frightened.

40. Elsa _______ (contact) several companies to ask if they could offer her part-time work.

41. I've lived a much healthier life since I _______ (give) up smoking.

42. I wonder why Jenny _______ (write) to us recently. We should have heard from her by now.

43. “A man who always _______ (find) fault with others is not perfect himself, for he has no time to make a self-criticism.” said Buddha.

44. The newly-married couple often complain that their new apartment really _______ (drain) their bank account. They are now almost penniless.

45. — This is the first time that I have seen you in this neighborhood!

— I _______ (move) here only last week.

46. Standing on the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower, you _______ (have) a good bird's-eye view of Shanghai city.

47. According to a housing research organization, the house price in China _______ (rise) to its high point by the end of last year.

48. It is the first time that the Spanish player Rafael Nadal _______ (win) the U.S. Open Tennis Championship.

49. Women prefer to think and then speak, while men like to speak as they _______ (think).

50. Nana _______ (serve) as a photographer for five years in the club, and now she is the CEO.

51. Up to now, the Hope Project _______ (save) thousands of children who would otherwise have died.

52. My friend has returned from the UK. She _______ (study) at Oxford for four years, during which we communicated with each other on the Internet.

53. — Will you attend the ceremony tomorrow?

— What ceremony? I _______ (be) informed of anything about it.

54. At present, a few American companies even _______ (make) deals with Chinese companies to license Chinese technology.

55. Isn't this the third time that you _______ (be) late for school this month?

56. The course “World Literature” examines the common people found in quality literature worldwide and _______ (introduce) a variety of cultural background.

57. The family moved to Miami three years ago, and this house _______ (be) vacant eversince.

58. — Excuse me, would you lower your voice or use your mobile phone outside?

— Oh, sorry... I _______ (realize).

59. It is the third time that the president _______ (come) to China for a visit.

60. The first civil service exam was held in 1995 and since then more and more people _______ (sign) up for it, with applications reaching a peak over the last two years.

61. US secretary Hilary Clinton said recently that she _______ (retire) soon to enjoy private life.

62. American Idol, which came into existence in 2002, _______ (become) one of the most popular shows in the country and millions of audience watch the program every week.

63. Sometimes giving a gift is better than spoken communications, since the message it _______ (offer) can break through barriers of language.

64. You _______ (read) the novel for almost five hours. Why not join us and have a cup of tea?

65. A study of ancient writings and evidence _______ (show) that for the past 5000 years, cats have been kept as pets.

66. He _______ (work) as a mechanic for 10 years but now he turns businessman investing in the stock market.

67. If your typical text costs $100 for a new edition, used _______ (cost) $75, an e-book $55, and a rental $45.

68. China, together with some other ASEAN(东盟) countries, _______ (be) against the over politicizing of the differences over the South China Sea.

69. How nice it _______ (feel) to be back home again after such a long absence!

70. According to some scientists, global warming _______ (threaten) the survival of the whole human race.

71. The number of children who contracted colds and visited the hospital _______ (increase) in the county since last fall.

72. — Is there anything wrong, Bob? You look sad.

— Oh, nothing much. In fact, I _______ (just think) of my friends back home.

73. — Has Tim finished writing his annual budget report?

— I have no idea. He _______ (do) it this morning.

74. I can tell you were in such a hurry. You _______ (wear) your costly dinner jacket inside out.

75. Thailand's worst flooding in nearly 60 years _______ (claim) more than 600 lives and affected about 10 million people since mid July.

76. The closeness of Standford to San Francisco, a city two miles to the north, _______ (give) the university a decidedly worldly attraction.

77. It is useless to try to talk to him, as he _______ (just faint). Please wait patiently till he completely comes to.

78. A woman came into a clinic with a baby who she said _______ (swallow) a sleeping pill.

79. — Look! Someone _______ (repair) the laptop.

— Well, it wasn't me. I didn't do it.

80. I had wanted to help you last night but I couldn't spare any time, for I _______ (write) a composition which I have to hand in this morning.

81. — Do you bring the picture?

— Yes, I _______ (look) for it for a whole morning.

82. Boys and girls, make sure you _______ (write) your names on the test paper before handing them in.

83. You may be able to prevent problems if you _______ (prepare).

84. China _______ (develop) at a tremendous rate, an outstanding achievement never seen before, during the past two decades.

85. — Could you tell me where you're working now, Tony?

— In the new development zone. But I _______ (work) in a computer company for five years.

86. According to a recent survey, 95 percent of women aged between 15 and early 40s _______ (see) a doctor once a year, compared to 70 percent of men in the same age group.

87. Did you foresee that so many investors _______ (lose) all their money in the stock market?

88. Dr. Margaret Chan was eventually selected as the world's top health official and it is the first time that a Chinese _______ (hold) such a high-ranking U.N.post.

89. People are looking forward to the new, smaller iPad mini that _______ (go) on sale in the coming season.

90. Mr. Wang's phone hasn't stopped ringing since he won the lottery. People _______ (phone) to ask how he is going to spend the money.

91. — Excuse me. I wonder where I can get help. I _______ (lose) my passport.

— But where did you lose it?

92. A latest report by Taobao said that visitors through wireless devices _______ (grow) from 10 million in 2010 to 300 million by the end of last year.

93. I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I _______ (fly) to Hainan for holiday.

94. At the moment of the car accident, Jason's life _______ (change) in the blink of an eye.

95. A ticket agent _______ (be) at all necessary for passengers who could have bought the air tickets on line last week.

96. This species _______ (be) on the Earth for over 160 million years. Then 65 million years ago it suddenly disappeared.

97. He said that he would pay a visit to us the next day, but he _______ (do).

98. — Have you finished reading Jane Eyre?

— No, I _______ (do) my homework all day yesterday.

99. — Bob has gone to California.

— Oh, can you tell me when he _______ (leave)?

100. Our friendship _______ (develop) quickly over the weeks that followed.


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