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高中英语语法填空:动词的语态 强化练习





动词的语态 强化练习


Directions: Read the following sentences, for the blanks, there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of these blanks with the proper form of the given word.

1. Facing the economic depression, every possible means _______ (try) this year to save the company from going bankrupt.

2. After a careful discussion, the two parties have made a rough plan but the details _______ (work) out later.

3. Because the farmland _______ (lose) quickly, the government is considering starting a program to solve the problem.

4. Before the hurricane approached the town, the residents _______ (warn) to stay at home or reduce outdoor activities.

5. The Ministry of Health issued a notice in September that the fees for tests and treatment in H1N1 flu cases _______ (cover) by medical insurance.

6. Customers are asked to make sure that they _______ (give) the right change before leaving the checkout counter.

7. You can't move in right now. The library _______ (paint).

8. — Would you please keep quiet, Sally? The weather forecast _______ (broadcast).

— Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize it.

9. A lot of cars and buses _______ (block) from passing through the highways because of the heavy snow.

10. The Dubai financial crisis _______ (report) to have added more pressure to the already-serious world economy.

11. — Did you enjoy last night's performance?

— Yes, although Beethoven's Fifth Symphony _______ (play) rather poorly.

12. In a certain store where they sell puddings, the customers _______ (allow) to sample them before coming to a decision.

13. Since the beginning, the television industry in the US _______ (control) by three companies, the ABC, the CBS, and the NBC.

14. To our great joy, Professor Liu _______ (award) the special prize for his devotion to helping students from less developed areas.

15. In the rainforest of the Amazon, 50 to 150 plant species _______ (destroy) every day.

16. — Do you have any problems if you _______ (offer) this job?

— Well, I'm thinking about the salary.

17. — Why did you leave that company?

— I _______ (offer) a better position at IBM.

18. The reporters exposed the corruption of several senior officers in the government; consequently, these officers _______ (ask) to resign from office.

19. Once harm _______ (do) to the environment, it takes years to have the system recovered.

20. The wet weather will continue tomorrow when a cold front _______ (expect) to arrive.

21. — How long _______ (employ)in the job?

— Since 1990.

22. The driver _______ (say), according to the newspaper, to have been killed in the traffic accident.

23. The tennis final between Li Na and Kim Clijsters which _______ (televise) live to the world once again sparked the patriotic passion of Chinese sports lovers.

24. How to protect children web fans from unsuitable material on-line while encouraging them to use the Internet long _______ (discuss) in many parts of the world.

25. — Do you have any problems when you _______ (offer) this job?

— Well, I'm considering the salary and working conditions.

26. The way the guests _______ (treat) in the hotel influenced their evaluation of the service.

27. The alarm becomes active when the switch _______ (turn) on.

28. The Saraha Festival _______ (fix) to the same dates each year, but generally takes place in November or December.

29. As more and more sports _______ (add), the Olympic Games are growing so big that most cities may not be able to host them in the future.

30. Efforts to stop smoking in public areas _______ (make) in Hangzhou in recent weeks.

31. It was reported that Lin Dan _______ (award) gold medals in a variety of badminton competitions in the world.

32. The last part of the interview is to do a survey in a group, which _______ (design) to test the applicants' team work.

33. No conclusion _______ (reach) about whether to tear down the old buildings for a theme park until several discussions have been made.

34. Once the balance of nature _______ (disturb), it is barely possible for human being to restore it.

35. He damaged his leg so badly in the accident that the bone _______ (expose).

36. Although most dreams apparently happen unconsciously, dream activities may_______ (provide) by outside influence.

37. They were ahead during the first half of the match, but they _______ (beat) in the last five minutes.

38. Over the Huangpu River _______ (build) four grand bridges in Shanghai so far.

39. — John, I hear you don't work for IBM any more.

— Yes, I _______ (offer) a better job in Microsoft.

40. Each means _______ (try) out to solve the problem, but none is effective.

41. In recent years much more emphasis _______ (put) on developing the students productive skills.

42. Tower Bridge, one of Britain's most famous landmarks, _______ (build) at the end of the 19th Century.

43. I suppose by the time I come back in ten years' time all these old houses _______ (pull) down.

44. The construction of the new art museum started two years ago, but it _______ (complete) so far due to various reasons.

45. At the current rate, four-fifths of the tremendous project _______ (expect) to be finished by the end of this year.

46. Cole Bettles _______ (reject) by a number of universities when he received an e-mail from the University of California last month.

47. Up till now, the passengers who had close contact with the three sick people _______ (put) in hospital under medical observation.

48. After the meeting, we went to the supermarket to do some shopping, only to be told that it _______ (decorate).

49. Most parents believe that the hard work for their school kids _______ (repay) later in their lives.

50. — Mike, did you see Mr. Chapman in the office just now?

— Yes, he _______ (interview), and he looked a little bit nervous.

51. Since the 14th and 15th centuries, the Diaoyu Islands _______ (include) in Chinese maps.

52. More than 20 cars of the new type _______ (sell) in the first three days after its launch last Saturday.

53. All the residents in the area _______ (advise) that they move into new flats within three months.

54. In the old days, students were expected to memorize information and then feed back what _______ (provide) to them.

55. — It is said that another high-speed railway _______ (build).

— Yes. It has been being built for about two years already.

56. Rain and high winds today _______ (expect) to take the place of yesterday's mild conditions.

57. Experiments on animals _______ (conduct) long before the medicine was applied to patients.

58. — How come the lake smells so terrible?

— Because large quantities of water _______ (pollute).

59. — When shall we start the restoration of the historic buildings?

— Not until the plan _______ (approve) by the committee.

60. Though he _______ (tell) many times, he still had no idea of this complicated concept.

61. The Chinese first lady's dressing during her state visit to Russia _______ (report) much in newspapers and on TV, which sparked heated discussion at home and abroad.

62. The last of four unmanned experimental US military aircraft designed to fly at six times the speed of sound _______ (expect) to be tested next year.

63. Some celebrities are eager to make their private lives known to the public for fear that no notice _______ (pay) to them.

64. Rainforests _______ (cut) and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future.

65. Many students apply for a position at that company, but only a few _______ (accept).


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