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2022年11月02日米戈斯说唱歌手起飞于 28 岁死亡:警方提供最新调查





Migos Rapper Takeoff Dead at 28: Police Give Update on Investigation
米戈斯说唱歌手起飞于 28 岁死亡:警方提供最新调查
Hours after Migos rapper Takeoff was fatally shot following a private party in Houston, police say the shooter or shooters remain at large as they continue the investigation.
After Migos member Takeoff was fatally shot in the early hours of Nov. 1, Houston police have released new details into the investigation.
在 11 月 1 日凌晨Migos 成员 Takeoff被枪杀后,休斯顿警方公布了调查的新细节。
In a press conference held Nov. 1, authorities confirmed the shooting occurred around 2:30 a.m. local time at the end of a private party that was being held at 810 Billiards and Bowling Houston. Police said that shortly after the party ended, an argument broke out that led to the shooting.
在 11 月 1 日举行的新闻发布会上,当局证实枪击事件发生在当地时间凌晨 2:30 左右,当时正在 810 Billiards 和 Bowling Houston 举行的私人聚会结束。警方表示,派对结束后不久,发生了一场争吵,导致枪击事件发生。
When officers arrived, they found the 28-year-old rapper, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball, dead, just outside the entrance to the bowling alley, which is located on the third floor of a larger complex, police said. Two other victims—a 23-year-old male and a 24-year-old female—were wounded; however, they were able to transport themselves to the hospital where they both remain with non-life-threatening injuries and are now cooperating with the investigation.
警方说,当警察赶到时,他们发现 28 岁的说唱歌手(真名Kirshnik Khari Ball)已经死了,就在保龄球馆的入口外,保龄球馆位于一个更大的建筑群的三楼。另外两名受害者——一名 23 岁的男性和一名 24 岁的女性——受伤;然而,他们能够将自己运送到医院,他们都没有生命危险,现在正在配合调查。
According to police, at least two firearms were used in the shooting, though they couldn't say how many times Takeoff was struck.
While the shooter or shooters remain at large, authorities believe they attended the private party and urged any witnesses to come forward with information about what happened.
"There were 40 people, at least, at this event. And people left, possibly out of fear," Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said. "I ask you one thing... What if it was your brother? What if it was your son? You would want somebody to step up. So please step up. Get the information to us so we can give some closure to this family who is hurting right now."
“至少有 40 人参加了这次活动。人们离开了,可能是出于恐惧,”休斯顿警察局局长特洛伊·芬纳 ( Troy Finner ) 说。“我问你一件事......如果是你的兄弟怎么办?如果是你的儿子怎么办?你会希望有人站出来。所以请站出来。把信息告诉我们,这样我们就可以结束这个家庭现在谁在受伤。”
Detectives are also reviewing surveillance footage from the venue, along with video and photos from social media and party attendees.
Finner also said that, while he did not want to speculate, there was no indication that Takeoff had been involved in "anything criminal" at the time of the shooting, saying "everyone spoke of what a great young man this is, how peaceful he is, what a great artist."
芬纳还表示,虽然他不想推测,但没有迹象表明在枪击事件发生时,Takeoff 参与了“任何犯罪行为”,并说“每个人都在谈论这是一个多么伟大的年轻人,他多么平静是,多么伟大的艺术家。”

His record label Quality Control Music issued a statement on Nov. 1, reading in part, "Senseless violence and a stray bullet has taken another life from this world and we are devastated."
他的唱片公司 Quality Control Music 于 11 月 1 日发表了一份声明,部分内容是:“毫无意义的暴力和一颗流弹夺走了这个世界的另一个生命,我们被摧毁了。”
Takeoff began performing alongside fellow rappers Quavo and Offset as the hip-hop trio Migos in 2008. Over the course of their career, the group garnered four Top 10 Billboard hits, including "Motorsport" which features Nicki Minaj and Offset's wife, Cardi B, "Stir Fry," "Walk It Talk It," featuring Drake, and their No. 1 single "Bad and Boujee."
Takeoff 于 2008 年开始与其他说唱歌手 Quavo 和 Offset一起作为嘻哈三重奏 Migos 表演。在他们的职业生涯中,该组合获得了四首前 10 名的广告牌,其中包括由Nicki Minaj 和 Offset 的妻子Cardi B 主演的“Motorsport” ,以Drake为主角的“Stir Fry”、“Walk It Talk It”以及他们的第一首单曲“Bad and Boujee”。
(Quavo—who is Takeoff's uncle—attended the private party in Houston, but he was not injured in the shooting, according to police. It is unclear at this time whether Offset was in attendance as he shared footage of his family celebrating Halloween together hours before the incident).
(据警方称,Quavo 是 Takeoff 的叔叔,他参加了休斯顿的私人聚会,但他没有在枪击事件中受伤。目前尚不清楚 Offset 是否在场,因为他分享了他的家人 一起庆祝万圣节 的镜头。事发前)。
Following Takeoff's death, a number of stars, including members of the hip-hop community, took to social media to express their grief. "Please tell me this is just a bad dream pleaseeeeeeee I don't want to believe this lil bro please," Teyana Taylor tweeted, while Ja Rule shared, "Rip Takeoff… this s--t has to STOP… sending love to friends and family."
在起飞后,包括嘻哈社区成员在内的多位明星纷纷在社交媒体上表达了他们的悲痛。“请告诉我,这只是一个噩梦,拜托,我不想相信这个小兄弟,” Teyana Taylor 发推文,而Ja Rule 分享道,“Rip Takeoff ......这必须停止......向朋友发送爱和家人。”
Keke Palmer also shared a photo of the late rapper on Instagram with the caption, "This is horrible. From the tragedy of the death to the tragedy of there being a video of it online. It's all just tragic and I am so sorry to his whole family and all he touched. Really terrible."
Keke Palmer还在Instagram 上分享了已故说唱歌手的照片,并配文:“这太可怕了。从死亡的悲剧到网上有视频的悲剧。这一切都是悲剧,我对他的全家人和他接触过的所有东西。真的很可怕。”


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