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双语漫威故事《惊奇队长》 第九章






Chapter 9



Deep in the New Jersey marshlands, the Secaucus Amalgamated Macaroni Company's pasta manufacturing plant had stood empty for decades before the Inventor moved his latest sinister operation into it. But now it was full of activity. Empty birdcages hung from the rafters, and the Inventor's henchmen—both bird-people and robots—patrolled the corridors. And in the tower, a giant contraption stood, crackling with electrical sparks.



Thor and Ms. Marvel had just enough time to take in the scene below them before they crashed through the skylight in the tower and landed amid a small army of birdlike teenage Inhumans.



A siren blared. Ms. Marvel and Thor stood up, brushing broken glass off themselves.



“Get'em!” squawked one of the Inventor's Inhuman henchmen. And with a flurry of feathers and a chorus of cheeps, they attacked.



Ms. Marvel embiggened her fists, lengthened her arms, and threw herself into the fight. The first Inhuman to attack her clawed at Ms. Marvel's face, but Ms. Marvel grabbed her by the tail and tossed her into a pile of old boxes.



Nearby, Thor was fighting off seven fluffy Inhumans covered in downy yellow feathers. They were all making high-pitched peeps. “I do not wish to harm you!” Thor yelled at the duckling-like villains. “For you are extremely adorable! Ouch!” he added as one of them bit him.



Ms. Marvel started in Thor's direction to help him, but she was suddenly knocked sideways by a robot hurtling out of a dark corner. The Inventor's robots were dangerous—Ms. Marvel had fought them before. She picked herself up and jumped sideways, dodging a laser blast.



“Yaaah!” Ms. Marvel yelled, using her embiggened fist to smash the robot to pieces.



Ms. Marvel took a deep breath, hoping for a little break so she could help out Thor. But just then, three more bird-people and another laser-armed robot all charged her at once. In a blur of fists and feet, Ms. Marvel kicked and punched—swung and spun—until she was surrounded by the scraps of the robot, and all her attackers were tied up. Her lungs were heaving and her fists were aching.



“I don't know how many more of them I can handle,” Ms. Marvel said to Thor.



“How about one more?” said a sneering, shrill voice.



Ms. Marvel looked up. Standing in front of the giant machine was the Inventor. He was dramatically silhouetted against the sparking waves of electricity.



“I bid you welcome,” he said, “to your doom.”



“At least he is polite,” Thor remarked, smashing the robot onto the cement floor.



The Inventor snapped his fingers, and the rest of the robots and Inhumans backed away from Ms. Marvel and Thor.



“Perhaps you're wondering what I am doing here,” the Inventor said, strolling slowly toward them. “Well, make yourselves comfortable, and I shall tell you a tale the likes of which—”



“You're stealing pet birds and putting their DNA into Inhuman teenagers you recruited for your villainous army of superpowered bird- people,” Ms. Marvel said.



“Oh,” the Inventor said, annoyed. “Yes, well. Got it in one.”



“Cool,” Ms. Marvel said. She embiggened until she was nearly as high as the ceiling. “How about we move straight to the final-showdown part of the evening?”



“You don't want to hear more about my revolutionary new nuclease enzyme? It's perfect for gene-splicing!”



“I'd really rather fight,” Ms. Marvel admitted. “And besides, Biology is sort of a sore subject for me right now.”



“If you insist,” the Inventor said and snapped his fingers. Suddenly a huge robot loomed up behind him—it was easily as big as all of the other robots put together.



Ms. Marvel's heart sank. She'd never taken on a robot this big.



I don't think I can do this, she thought.



But then she remembered what Thor had told her. You cannot do everything by yourself.



With help, though, she could do pretty much anything.



“Let's go!” Ms. Marvel yelled, and she and Thor leaped into action. Thor drew the laser fire away from Ms. Marvel by flying up to the ceiling and zigzagging across the room. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel smashed at the robot's legs with her embiggened fists. Now the robot had noticed her. It stopped shooting lasers at Thor and started shooting them at Ms. Marvel instead!



Ms. Marvel leaped out of the way just a little too slowly. One of the lasers hit her on the arm.



“Augh!” she screamed, rolling behind a big cement column. She looked at her arm. It was bleeding a little, and it hurt terribly.



Taking a deep breath, Ms. Marvel dived out from behind the column. She had to help!



Frantically looking around the old factory, Ms. Marvel spotted a huge, dusty old piece of equipment. It said MACARONI MASTER 3000 on the side, and it looked like it weighed about a ton. Ms. Marvel embiggened herself until she was big enough to pick up the macaroni press. Then she heaved it up into the air and bashed it hard against the robot.



There was a terrible grinding noise, as the robot shuddered and ground to a halt. The lights along its body dimmed down and finally winked out.



“We did it!” Ms. Marvel cried. She turned to Thor. “High five!” she said, holding up her hand.



“Ah!” Thor said. “I know this one. Hawkeye taught me.” He high-fived her back. “Did I do it right?” he asked.



“Yep!” Ms. Marvel said. She looked around. All the fight seemed to have gone out of the Inventor's birdlike henchmen. The few that Ms. Marvel and Thor hadn't already defeated were sitting down, muttering unhappily. “We give up!” one said. “Please don't tell our parents! We just signed on because we were bored!”



“I wasn't bored,” another Inhuman teen said. “I just did it so I'd have something to write my college application essays about.”



“I did it on a dare,” said another birdlike henchman.



“I did it because all my friends were doing it,” said a girl with purple feathers.



Ms. Marvel rolled her eyes. She was about to launch into an angry lecture about how dumb it was to sign on with a villain like the Inventor for any reason, when she realized...



“Where is the Inventor?”



Ms. Marvel looked around the factory, and a sudden motion caught her eye. It was the Inventor, running for the door!



Quick as lightning, Ms. Marvel stretched her arms out and caught the Inventor.



“Not so fast!” she said. “You've got to pay for your crimes. Also, you have to help untangle this mess.” She pointed at the sullen teenagers sitting around the factory. “What happened to all the birds you used, anyway?”



“I'll never tell!” the Inventor shrieked. “My twisted creations will be stuck like that forever! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”



“It's this button, isn't it?” Thor said, pointing at a big red button on the mysterious machine.






“No?” the Inventor said unconvincingly.



“That's a yes,” Ms. Marvel said. Thor pushed the button, and there was a huge crackle as electricity coursed through the machine.



After a few seconds, Ms. Marvel blinked stars out of her eyes and looked around.



All the birdlike teenagers were now just normal teenagers. And the factory was full of exotic birds flying in confused circles.




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