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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Shennongjia. I am pleased toserve as your guide today. Now we're going to pay a visit to Shennongjia. Shennongjia is located in the junction of Sichuan and Hubei. An administrative division was established here in 1970, covering a total area of over 3 ,253 square kilometers, two-thirds of which is covered by forests. About 79,000 people live here and the major ethnic groups living in the area are Han Chinese and the Tujia and Hui national minorities.

Do you know the origin about Shennongjia? What kind of stories are there? Now let me tell you.In ancient times, the Shennongjia region was covered by a vast ocean. Then the Orogeny Uplift of the Yan and Himalayan mountains occurred, and the Ba mountains extended eastward from the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. The Ba Mountains are highest in the north and lowest in the south. Their average elevation is 1,500 meters, and over 20 peaks are more.than 2,500 meters above sea level. The tallest peak is 3,105 meters high and is called the first peak in central China". At an elevation of 398 meters, the Southwest Pillar River is Shennongjia's lowest point, so elevation difference between the area's high and low points is 2,707 meters.

Shennongjia has a long history going to the Paleolithic period. When early man first settled this area. It is said Emperor Yan and shennong taught the first people living here how to build houses, find herbs, and farm the land, so the area called shennongjia. Jia means a peak of a mountain in Chinese. Shennongjia initially referred to a particular peak ,but now is the name for the entire shennongjia forest areas. Shennongjia is also one of the birthplace of Bachu culture, in the 1980s the folk songbook and mythic epic tale, Darkness, was discovered in shennongjia. This landmark archeological find helped explain ancient Chinese views on the universe, along with the origins of human society in china.

Do you know about any names regarding the Shennongjia area? It is a very prestigious Right ! That's it, the Central Roof. This is because at 3,105 meters above sea level, Shennongjia's highest peak is the tallest point in Central China. Hence it is called the Middle Kingdom's Central Roof.

We all know that Shennongjia is a primitive forest, which has variety of insects, fish, animals and birds, as well as lots of endangered flora and fauna. why? It is because Shennongjia has both geographical advantages and a fine natural environment. In particular, it has maintained its primitive and pristine state, enabling many very rare animals and plants to live here. In addition, shennongjia contains many plants and herbs used in producing many kinds of medicine. Finally,shennongjia has the world's only intact mid-latitude subtropical forest ecosystem, making a unique global tourist attraction. The area thus richly deserves to be named the“ Green Pearl" ,“ Natural Botanical and “Biological Haven", ‘Species Gene pool”, " Natural History Museum" , and cool kingdom. Shennongjia is currently seeking to fully exploit its rich tourist resources by building a sauna, constructing hiking and bike paths, encouraging rock climbing rafting, fishing and other popular tourist attractive。

shennong Altar

Well, my friends, we are now at the Shennong located in the southern ShennongLjia scenic tourism area. Although it occupies less than l square kilomenter, the Altar is an attractive structure and is, surrouned by beautiful natural scenery. And the Shennong Altar is at the core of the Shennongjia scenic area and is a place where the Chinese people commemorate ancestors and worship God.

Do you know why we commemorate Emperor? Because he was the first person who domesticated cattle and also found many herbs able are people of life-threatening diseases. The stage on both sides and the lawn we now are modeled on those at the royal palace. The path was reserved for the emperor, while the paths were used by his officials. The number 9 in ancient times was considered to be the largest number, so the number of the stages on both sides is multiple of that number. Below step is the sacrificial altar where Chinese people can worship their ancestors.

Shennong Peak

After leaving the Shennong Altar, we will go to Shennongjia peak. It is located in west a scenic area and is called the “central roof” ,as it is the highest point in central China,105 meters above sea level.


We have now arrived at the Fengjingya, which was originally named Badongya, and is known as “the Shennong's perfect scenic spot". Standing at an altitude of 2 ,800 meters, Fengjingya is full of special and beautiful scenery, and this visual feast is accentuated by the area's abrupt weather changes. You can look around now and see for yourself.

The Banbi Rock

Well, we have arrived at the Banbi Rock, which attract visitors with its primitive appeal and stone forests. Thick stands of arrow bamboo surround Banbi Rock and form a natural barrier.Legend has it that Shennongjia “wild men" often make fleeting appearances in these bamboo groves.Traces of these “wild men", such as hair,excrement, and bamboo nests, are often found there.

Study of their hair cell structure indicates that these creatures are an evolutionary step above advanced primates. In addition to being the home of the ¨wild man”, this area is notable for the picturesque boulder on Fengjingya's northern slope. This boulder hugs the slope, much like a mother hugging a child or lovers whispering to one another. Painters and photographers often spend a few hours to creating works around the boulder.

Now we are going to the Banbi Rock and stone forest and have a walk. If we have good luck we may even see one of its ¨ wild men".

Well, after touring the Banbi Rock and stone forest, our joujney is about to end today. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Welcome to the Shennongjia again. Good luck!



大家知道神农架的来历吗?又有些什么样的故事流传其中呢?现在就让我为大家介绍一下。远古时期,神农架地区还是一片汪洋大海,是燕山和喜马拉雅造山运动将其抬升为多级陆地,成为大巴东延的余脉。山脉呈东西走向,山体由南向北逐渐降低。山峰多在海拔1500米以上,其中海拔2500米以上的山峰有20多座。最高峰神农顶海拔3105.4 米,为“华中第一峰”。西南部石柱河海拔398米,是神农架的最低点,最高点与最低点的相对高差为2707.4米。

神农架的历史十分悠久,早在旧石器时代就开 始有原始人类在此活动,相传炎帝神农氏曾率众在此苔架采药,教人们耕种,故将这里称作神农架。神农架最初只是指一座山峰,到现在则指整个神农架景区。神农架也是巴楚文化的发祥地之一。20世纪80年代,在神农架发现了一部民间唱本《黑暗传》,以解释字宙和人类社会的起源、叙说中国古代史为主要内容,其特征近似神话史诗,受到学术的重视,也填补了华中地区没有发现过长篇神话史诗的空白。



因为神农架凭借其优越的地理位置以及自然环境 ,至今尚较好的保存着原始森林的特有风貌,所以有多种极为珍稀的动物在此繁衍。此外,神农架也是一座规模很大的天然药材库,有中草药两千多种。目前,神农架是我国内陆保存完好的唯一一片绿洲和世界中纬度地区唯一的一块绿色宝地。

它所拥有的在当今世界中纬度地区唯一保持完好 的亚热带森林生态系统,是最富特色的垄断性的世界及 旅游资源。因而神农架也享有了“绿色明珠”、 天然动植物园”、“生物避难所”“物种基因库”、 自然博物馆”和“清凉王国”等众多美誉。



好,各位游客朋友,现在我们已经进入了神农坛 景区,请大家稍做准备,我们马上就要下车去游览。






离开神农坛,我们就要去神农架的制高点,神农顶风景区,神农顶风景区位于神农架的西部,被称作 华中屋脊,是华中第一高峰,海拔达3105.4米。









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