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Two-Thirds of Americans believe that in 50 years robots and computers will do much of the work humans do today. Already, many jobs that once seemed safe bets are at risk: office workers, administrative staff, manufacturing workers and even lawyers.


Some studies predict that 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020.


So what skills can you acquire to protect your employability in the future?


Surprisingly, they're not related to a specific position or industry but are grounded in emotional intelligence. Here are some of the top skills that can never be automated or outsourced:


1. Knowing yourself. If you're aware of yourself and how you function in the world, you're in touch with how you feel, and you know your strengths and weaknesses. You also know how your emotions and actions can affect the people around you. These attributes--and especially the ability to help others develop them--are important to anyone working with a successful (human) team.

1. 了解你自己。如果你能意识到自己的存在并且知道如何在这个世界上发挥作用,那你就会和自身的感受紧密相连,此外了解你的长处和弱点。你也需要知道你的情绪和行为是如何影响你周围的人的。 这些属性 - 特别是帮助挖掘他人的能力 - 对于与一个成功的(人类)团队合作的任何人来说都是重要的。

2. Building relationships. The more things become automated, the more we need connection and relationship. It's the positive, caring voice you sometimes find at the end of a long phone routing menu, or the email from someone who's gone out of their way to help you solve a problem. Human beings are naturally social creatures--we crave friendship and positive interactions just as we do food and water. So it makes sense that the skills involved in building and maintaining relationships are never going out of style.

2. 建立关系。随着越多的事情变得自动化,我们就越需要与他人更多的联系和建立必要的关系。在你打一个关于菜单长途电话的结尾时,或许有时会发现积极的、充满爱心的声音,或者一封来自于某人发送的邮件的帮助,这些人在用他们的方式帮助你解决问题。人类是自然界的社会生物——我们渴望友谊和积极的互动,就像我们需要食物和水那样。因此,建立和维持关系的技能永远不会过时,这句话是有道理的。

3. Active Listening. We tend to pay a great deal of attention to our ability to speak, but successful communication requires a speaker and a listener. When someone is speaking it is vitally important to be fully present and in the moment with them. Whether you agree with the speaker--whether you're even remotely interested in what they're saying--focus on their words, tone and body language and they'll feel heard in a way no machine can duplicate.

3. 积极倾听。我们往往会注意到我们说话的能力,但成功的沟通需要演讲者和听众。当一个人在讲话时,展现出全神贯注和跟随他们的讲话是非常重要的。不管你是否同意演讲者的观点——无论你对他们所说的是否感兴趣——如果你专注于他们的讲话、语调和肢体语言,在某种程度上,他们会觉得没有机器可以复制完成他演讲这件事。

4. Expressing empathy. Empathy--the ability to understand and share the feelings of another--is a key element in building trust, which, in turn, is a key element of leadership. Having empathy will give you the ability to put yourself in someone else's situation. It's a trait that no automated feedback can generate.

4. 表达同情心。同情心——理解和分享他人感受的能力——是建立信任的关键因素,而信任是领导力的关键因素。同情心能够让你有把自己置于别人的处境中的能力。这是一个没有任何自动化的反馈机械可以拥有的技能。

5. Giving feedback. Providing effective feedback in a useful format and context benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Leveraged properly, feedback can lead to real growth and development. And effective feedback will always require a person-to-person connection.

5. 给予反馈。为提供者和接受者提供有用的格式和情境优点的有效反馈。恰当地运用杠杆,因为反馈能带来真正的成长和发展。有效的反馈需要人与人之间的联系。

6. Managing stress. The skill of being able to manage stress--our own and that of others--will never be obsolete. Stress impacts a team's ability to do their jobs effectively, and it affects how we work with other people. We experience stress when we feel threatened or believe we lack the resources to deal with a challenging situation. Create a line of defenses against stressful situations that you cannot control--use your network, be sure to get enough exercise and sleep, and learn to relax.

6. 调整压力。能够管理压力的技能——我们自己和他人的压力——永远不会过时。压力会影响团队有效地完成工作的能力,也会影响到我们如何与他人进行合作。当我们感觉受到威胁或认为我们缺乏应对挑战的资源的情境时,我们会感受到压力的存在。在你无法控制的压力环境下建立一道防线——利用你的网络,确保充足的运动和睡眠,学会放松。

If you can manage these emotional intelligence skills you'll be prepared for the future, no matter what position or title or job you have.



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