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[00:33.99]Unit 1 Personal Identification and People


[00:45.09]Daisy is introducing Sally to Smith.

[00:52.35]Good morning,Smith.Could I take a few minutes of your time?

[00:58.31]Oh,it's you,Daisy!What can I do for you?

[01:03.58]May I introduce my friend Sally to you,Smith?

[01:08.62]She's an outstanding student in our college.She speaks good English.

[01:15.10]And also she is good at operating computer.

[01:20.07]How do you do,Smith?

[01:23.83]Pleased to meet you,Sally.I have heard a little about you from Daisy.

[01:29.89]Would you like to work for two months in my company?

[01:35.16]Of course I'd love to.

[01:39.00]I really want to get some real experience through my work here.

[01:45.27]Ok,please come to work at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

[01:50.92]See you tomorrow.Goodbye!

[01:54.99]Alice receives Jack in a morning.

[02:00.63]Good morning.

[02:03.69]Good morning.Is this Mr.Brown's office?

[02:08.97]Yes,that's right.Can I help you?

[02:13.83]I have an appointment with Mr.Brown at 10 o'clock.

[02:18.97]Your name,please,sir?

[02:22.63]Jack Clark.

[02:26.49]Just a moment.Oh,yes,Mr.Clark from Universal Trade Corporation.

[02:34.36]Would you please take a seat,Mr.Clark?I'll tell Mr.Brown you are here.

[02:41.02]Thank you.

[02:44.26]Hello,Mr.Brown,Mr.Clark is here for his appointment..

[02:50.42]OK.(To Mr.Clark)Mr.Brown will come down to see you in minute.

[02:56.67]Thank you very much.

[03:00.30]You're welcome.

[03:03.22]A couple talking about their neighbour,Mr.Wang.

[03:09.99]Darling,do you know anything about our new neighbour,Mr.Wang?

[03:16.65]Nothing except that he goes to work at 7:30 every morning.

[03:22.58]He is quite special.

[03:26.21]Special?What's special about him?

[03:31.04]Well,for one thing,he is Wang Li's boyfriend.Mrs.Li has told me that.

[03:39.59]What else?

[03:42.51]He's from a distant village three years ago

[03:47.55]with only 20 yuan in his pocket but now..

[03:52.52]What has happened?

[03:55.99]He has set up his company with about 200 employees.

[04:01.84]It's reported that he has built a new school for his poor hometown.

[04:08.32]A rags-riches story!


[04:15.95]Ambulance Girl

[04:19.71]When I became a volunteer EMT,my friends were puzzled.

[04:26.97]They know me tol be deeply terified of sick and dying people.

[04:32.82]If there was an accident on the road,

[04:37.26]I tucked my head in my hands to avoid seeing blood or broken glass.

[04:44.21]My husband and I had been married 30 years.

[04:49.38]We loved to travel,read amd write.

[04:53.93]But at age 52,I felt stuck in a midlife funk,cut off from others.

[05:02.18]Passing the local firehouse one day,I saw a sign:

[05:07.93]"Volunteers wanted:Fine/EMT."

[05:14.10]The EMT part pointed to everything cowardly in me-my fear of death and disease.

[05:22.74]Maybe I could help others if I did this

[05:28.02]and could also save myself by facing what scared me most.

[05:34.26]As time goes by,I was able to work through my fears.

[05:40.43]Now I understand that the closest I have ever felt to God

[05:46.20]is in the back of an ambulance.

[05:50.46]When I rush out to help sick strangers,

[05:55.42]I am part of something larger than myslef.

[06:00.88]Sometimes I truly connect with someone

[06:06.34]who I would never have met otherwise-as I did with Nellie.

[06:12.72]One midngiht,the AIDS hospice needed help.

[06:18.64]A colleague and I were shown to a bedroom.

[06:23.22]Lying there was a thin black woman with wild hair.

[06:28.86]When I was given a printout of her medical history,I thought,

[06:35.02]this lady should be dead over ten times.She had AIDS,hepatitis and TB.

[06:43.36]She ahd had brain surgery.Tonight she had a seizure.

[06:49.52]"Hello,I'm Clarissa,are you in pain?"I asked.

[06:55.87]she replied by cursing ar me.I didn't take offense.

[07:01.83]When I rode alone with her in the back of the ambulance as EMT drove,

[07:09.19]I reread the printout.Nellie was 33 years old.

[07:15.85]No previous address.No family members.No next of kin.

[07:22.83]Her whole life as presented here was jsut a list of medicines,

[07:29.96]symptoms and illnesses.

[07:33.80]One line catched my attention:hobbies.

[07:39.44]Nellie's hobbies were sewing and gospel singing.

[07:45.21]I could not sew,but I loved gospel music.

[07:51.07]"Nellie,it says here that you like gospel music,"I said.

[07:56.94]I expected another curse,but it didn't come.

[08:03.11]"I really like Shirley Caesar,"I continued,

[08:08.57]thinking of the singer's heartbreaking song

[08:13.24]about a mother's love for her ungrateful son,

[08:18.10]pouring her soul into every word.

[08:22.47]Suddenly Nellie's eyes moved back and forth.

[08:27.93]"I like her too,"Nellie said weakly.I was stunned she could speak.

[08:35.37]I started naming other gospel singers.

[08:40.02]With each one,Nellie nodded back,and I saw her try to smile.

[08:46.99]I was not a singer,but I decided to pretend that I was.

[08:53.94]It was not unthinkable that Nellie might die during this ride to the hospital,

[09:00.60]that I would be the last face she ever saw,the last voice she ever heard.

[09:07.97]I wanted to say something meaningful to her,

[09:12.93]something other than"Where does it hurt?"So I started singing,

[09:19.99]and I held Nellie's hand has I sang.

[09:24.66]We reached the hospital,and she was whelled to one of the ER rooms.

[09:31.51]I touched her thin shoulder.

[09:35.87]"Nellie,"I said.She fixed her eyes on me.

[09:41.43]"Take care fo yourself."She gave me one long last look,

[09:47.60]and then turned her face to the wall.

[09:51.75]When I climbed back into the ambulance,there was no more trace of Nellie.

[09:58.88]The driver had cleaned adn sanitized everything.

[10:03.85]"Let's go,"I told him.As the ambulance pulled out,I felt like crying.

[10:11.89]But my eyes remained dry,like Nellie's.

[10:16.93]Hobbies:sewing and gospel music,

[10:22.52]I though as we glided in the darkness of the night toward home.

[10:28.38]Words and Expressions

[10:32.24]ambulance volunteer puzzle terrified

[10:36.26]n.救护车 adj.志愿的,义务的 v.(使)迷惑,(使)为难 adj.恐惧的,受惊吓的

[10:40.29]tuck avoid midlife funk

[10:43.83]vt.挤进;塞 vt.避开,避免 n.中年 n.怯懦,恐惧

[10:47.37]local firehouse cowardly scare

[10:51.44]adj.地方的,当地的 n.消防队;消防站 adj.胆怯的,胆小的 v.惊吓,受惊

[10:55.52]hospice colleague printout seizure

[10:59.34]n.收容所,济贫院 n.同事,同僚 n.打印件 n.突然发作

[11:03.17]curse offense previous kin

[11:07.10]vi.诅咒,咒骂 n.触怒,冒犯 adj.以前的,事前的 n.家属;亲戚

[11:11.03]symptom gospel performance stun

[11:15.11]n.症状,征兆 n.福音 n.表演,演出 vt.使晕倒;使惊吓

[11:19.18]unthinkable wheel trace

[11:22.37]adj.不能想像的,想象不到的 vt.推动 n.痕迹,踪迹

[11:25.56]sanitize feel like

[11:28.20]vt.消毒,进行卫生处理 想做..,具有的倾向或欲望




[11:37.94]Section I Listening Comprehension

[11:43.11]Listen to the record.Answer each question by choosing

[11:49.88]A,B,C or D from the four possible choices.


[12:00.09]1.It seems to be a little long now,but if it's curled,it will just fine.

[12:08.45]I will give it a little trim if you want.

[12:12.81]What do you think?

[12:16.47]All right,go ahead.

[12:20.52]2.Do you know the old man there?

[12:25.56]Yes,he is often fond of pulling your leg.

[12:31.44]3.It seems that Jim never cleans his small room.

[12:37.79]Really?I think he has a bit of load in his mind after her got a new job now.

[12:45.83]4.Who's the man you were at the theatre last night?

[12:52.28]Oh,he's Mrtin,my English teacher.

[12:57.56]He's larning chinese from me now.The film was my lesson for him.

[13:04.40]5.Would you like to go with me to see my parents?

[13:10.47]They wish to get to know you.

[13:14.54]I'm afraid they will dislike me.


[13:22.14]Henry,how do you like our new CEO,Mr.Black?

[13:27.92]His coming is an auspicious omen.I think he is the very man to help our company.

[13:35.28]Do you agree?

[13:38.83]That's true.I think he will find his own style of management

[13:44.71]to be different from our former leader,David Smtih.

[13:49.86]Mr.Black is appointed by board.

[13:54.12]I guess they have their own good reasons.

[13:58.87]You are right.He has quite impressive credentals:

[14:04.83]he graduated from Yale University with an MBA degree.

[14:10.57]Moreover,he has rich experience with major international companies

[14:17.34]and peculiar style of management.

[14:21.99]Could you tell me in great detail?

[14:26.06]Mrs.Johnson says that he runs the company just like he runs his family,

[14:32.91]his interest lies in how much contribution he has made to the society

[14:39.07]and his employees.

[14:42.73]That's great!Mr.Smith only knows how to drive us to work as long as we can.

[14:50.57]I even had the whim to leave our company at that time.Now..

[14:57.10]Now,we have the leisure time to enjoy ourselves.

[15:02.87]Young as he is,he has strong drive and determination to change our positon.

[15:10.13]Could you remember what he has said at the first meeting?

[15:15.28]Sure.He said we would spare no effort to promote the interests of our customers,

[15:23.53]stockholders and employees and change our company into one of the 500

[15:30.38]top companies in the world.

[15:34.63]With his leadership,maybe our stock will increase in value rapidly.

[15:41.90]Could you guess how much he can earn each year?

[15:46.94]He must earn much more money than us!

[15:51.98]Yes.It's believed that he is given a million dollars as a bonus

[15:58.64]and an annual salary of 1 million dollars.

[16:04.41]My God!I will strive to be a CEO too.

[16:10.66]Supplementary Reading

[16:14.81]Mister imagination

[16:18.96]There were very few places in the world that Jules Verne,

[16:24.42]the writer,did not visit.

[16:28.68]He went round the world a hundred times or more.

[16:33.83]Once he did it in eighty days,unheard of in the nineteenth century.

[16:40.80]He voyaged sixty thousand miles under the sea,

[16:46.26]toured around the moon,explored the center of the earth,

[16:52.51]and chatted with natives in Australia.

[16:56.95]Jules Verne,the man,was a stay-at-home.

[17:02.69]He was more likely to be tired from writing than from traviling.

[17:08.75]He did make a few visits to Europe and North Africa.

[17:14.11]And he made one six-week tour of New York State.

[17:19.75]But that was all.

[17:23.12]He spent less than one of his seventy-seven years really traveling.

[17:29.36]Yet he was the world's most extraordinary tourist.

[17:34.82]His books are crowded with hunting and fishing expeditions.

[17:40.78]Jules actually went hunting only once.

[17:45.93]Then he raised his gun and shot off the guard's hat!

[17:51.80]He never held a test tube in his hand.

[17:56.38]But he was an inspiration to the scientist in the laboratory.

[18:02.44]Long before radio was invented,he had TV working in his books.

[18:09.28]His name for it was phono-telephoto.

[18:14.84]He had helicopters fifty years

[18:18.92]before the Wright brothers flew their first plane at Kitty Hawk.

[18:24.38]In fact,there were few wonders of the twentieth century

[18:30.23]that this man of the nuneteenth century did not foresee.

[18:35.87]In his stories you can read about neon lights,moving sidewalks,

[18:42.64]air conditioning,skyscrapers,guided missiles,tanks,

[18:49.40]electrically operated submarines,and airplanes.

[18:54.76]Many people took his ideas seriously.

[18:59.20]One reason was that he wrote about these wonderful things in such exact detail.

[19:06.75]Learned men would argue with him.

[19:10.90]Experts in mathematics would spend weeks checking his figures.

[19:16.96]When his book about going the moon was published,

[19:22.32]five hundred persons volunteered for the next expedition.

[19:28.17]perhaps the best known of all his books is Around the World in Eighty Days.

[19:35.25]It first appeared as a serial in a paris newspaper.

[19:40.89]Its hero had made a bet that he could circle the globe in eighty days,

[19:47.16]and his progress aroused great interest.

[19:52.02]In every country of Europe people made bets on whether the imaginary Mr.Fogg

[19:59.28]would arrive in London in time to win his bet.

[20:04.32]Verne kept the popular interest alive.

[20:08.89]His hero rescued a widow from death and fell in love with her.

[20:14.75]He was attacked by Indians while crossing the American plains.

[20:20.21]Arriving in New York,he saw the ship that was to take him to England

[20:26.37]disappearing over the horizon without him.

[20:31.20]All the steamship companies offered Verne large sums of money

[20:37.24]if he would put Fogg on one of their ships.

[20:41.68]The author refused.Instead,he had Fogg charter a ship.

[20:48.94]As the world held its breath.

[20:53.20]Fogg reached London with only minutes to spare.

[20:58.34]Many of Verne's other books were set in the future.

[21:03.78]In these stories,

[21:07.54]people made diamonds and developed a kind of automobile-ship-helicopter-plane.

[21:14.91]They received news flashes on televisions,worked in giant skyscrapers,

[21:22.06]and rode to work on highways much like the ones we ride today.

[21:27.71]It is hard to believe that the books were written nearly one hundred years ago.

[21:34.79]Jules Verne had lived to see many of his fancies come true.

[21:40.53]But this had not surprised him,for he had once said:

[21:46.78]"What one man can imagine,another man can do."


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