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[00:14.00]Unit 2 Home and Family


[00:25.63]Wang Fang shows a photo of her family to Dianna.

[00:32.18]How many members are these in your family?

[00:36.62]There are five.Look at the photo.

[00:41.67]The old couple sitting in the middle are my parents.

[00:46.94]Oh,your parents!They smile so happily.

[00:52.22]You're right.My mother was an English teacher in a middle school,

[00:58.67]and my father was a doctor,now both of them are retired from work.

[01:05.93]Your fluent English must be inherited from your mother,I think.

[01:11.78]Maybe.When I was little,she liked to teach me English.

[01:17.66]A wise mother!Who is the man on the left?

[01:23.83]He's my elder brother.

[01:27.59]He looks so handsome and energetic.What is he doing now?

[01:33.47]He works in a big company in Shanghai as a manager.

[01:39.32]Who is the girl on the right?Is that you?

[01:44.88]No,that's my younger sister.She is studying in Los Angeles.

[01:51.93]So the girl next to her must be you.

[01:56.79]Yes,you're right.

[02:00.76]You are still as lovely as you were.

[02:05.44]Thank you,by the way,I'd like to see my parents this weekend.

[02:12.49]Would you like to go with me?My mother is preparing my favorite dishes.

[02:18.97]Have a taste,OK?

[02:22.63]Oh,I'd love to.I'll be gald to meet your parents.

[02:28.51]It seems you really have a happy family.

[02:32.87]Mary's Daisy and brother-in-law are to travel to Europe,

[02:41.33]now Daisy is talking to Mary.

[02:45.69]Mary,come here,I will tell you a secret,OK?


[02:54.21]We are going to Europe together.Can you remember what dad has said?

[03:01.58]Travelling around the world,living life.

[03:06.85]Let me give his necklace to you...to wear until I get back,

[03:13.10]well,so you will not forget me.

[03:17.85]Before we come back,what are you going to do?

[03:23.42]To cry.

[03:27.07]Oh,no,my poor little sister!

[03:32.43]OK.Will you think of me in your travelling?

[03:38.07]Sure.I promise to send you a postcard every day till I return.

[03:45.31]That's great!I'll be waiting for you at home.

[03:50.77]Kate and her brother Bill are talking about their cousin Nancy

[03:59.02]and her husband Steve.

[04:02.99]Kate,Nancy and Steve are breaking up.

[04:08.14]It's really shame.I've heard that quarrel,

[04:14.51]but they've always made up afterward.

[04:18.87]Things are not working out this time.They are getting a separation soon.

[04:25.53]What is going to happen to our nephew,little Jack?

[04:30.81]Nancy is going to take him.

[04:35.17]The cost of living is so high.

[04:39.61]It will be very difficult for her to take the respon sibility.

[04:45.57]She had better think the whole thing over.

[04:50.25]She seems to have made up her mind.

[04:54.90]She said she would rather be a single parent

[04:59.26]than make do with an unhappy marriage.

[05:04.22]Well,I hope her parents will be able to talk her out of it.

[05:10.28]Passage Enjoy the Round

[05:15.25]My old man was the original silver Lining Guy.

[05:20.99]As a teenager I called him Opi the Mystic

[05:26.84]because of his crazy optimism and his imperturbable ability to see any crisis as\

[05:35.80]"an opportunity for growth".

[05:40.06]For 30 years my father had been senior representative

[05:45.34]for one of the world's largest firms.

[05:49.99]To Opti,hard work was a form of a play because work involved solving problems.

[05:57.96]This life view fit the philosophy of his favorite game-golf.

[06:04.20]He first put a club in my hand when I was ten.

[06:09.35]I was in such a rush to be good

[06:13.47]that he would urge me to"relax and enjoy the round.

[06:19.53]The game ends far too soon."I didn't have a clue what he meant.

[06:26.01]Eventually when I grew up,

[06:30.16]golf became much more than a game between Dad and I.

[06:35.42]It acted as a means of seeing who this funny,

[06:40.14]oddball philosopher really was,and who I needed to become.

[06:46.52]Dad was pushing 80.But he always laughed off my concerns.

[06:53.07]Now the cancer came back.He had a month,two at most,he said,

[06:59.53]and merely asked me to save my strength for the golf course.

[07:04.78]We played a course near the English village of Freckleton.

[07:10.73]During World War II

[07:14.29]my father had served in an army on the outskirts of the village.

[07:20.03]A local told us,"There was quite a memorial service because of the bember."

[07:27.11]I glanced at Dad."Do you know the bomber?"

[07:32.15]His complexion had turned pale."Yes.Come with me."

[07:38.53]I followed him to a burying ground at the rear of a church.

[07:44.40]"How did these folks die?"I asked.

[07:49.73]"They weren't folks.They were children.Four and five-year-olds.

[07:56.08]Thirty-eight in all.One of our bombers crashed into the school."

[08:02.14]He shut his eyes."God,what a sight!I rememeber pulling away pieces of the plane,

[08:10.50]bricks and all these precious kies inside.."

[08:15.65]I saw tears gathering in my father's eyes,

[08:20.40]There was one girl who was always laughing.

[08:25.08]I called her Lady Sunshine.A week after the crash,

[08:31.14]I found a note on the base of bulletin board from her parents.

[08:36.49]They wondered if anybody had taken a photograph of her.

[08:41.64]I took them all the photos I had.

[08:45.90]We sat in their front parlor and cried.

[08:50.26]I've never experienced anything quited so sad."

[08:55.69]"I'm surprised you never told me this story."I said.

[09:01.34]"The war ended for me right here,"he said.

[09:07.29]"I promised myself I would never speak about it again."

[09:12.86]The night before,he had tole me that when he'd joined the Army he was a cocky guy.

[09:20.22]Then"Something happened"and he realized"

[09:25.50]the only thing life really promises us is pain.

[09:31.06]It's up to to create the joy".

[09:35.43]Opti the Mystic had been born in that bomber's wreckage.

[09:41.20]That night,my prayer was simple:

[09:46.16]I hoped that my own children would never know the pain my Dad had known,

[09:52.22]but if they must,I hoped the pain would make them little Optis.

[09:58.57]Dad died the following march.

[10:02.93]I was on the course near Freckleton again.

[10:07.48]My partners,who had been warned what was coming,watched solemnly.

[10:14.63]I told them my old man had said golf was a game that made you smile.

[10:20.38]"So please smile."As they smiled,

[10:25.66]I scattered my father's cremated ashes into the bunker.

[10:31.54]After the round,a boy passed me.

[10:36.39]"Did you shoot a good one?"I asked.

[10:40.94]"Not so good,sir."

[10:44.41]"That's okay,"I said."Enjoy it.The game ends too soon."


[10:54.81]He walked on and I walked on-and then I stopped.

[11:00.45]I'd heard it-my father's voice.

[11:05.10]Words and Expressions

[11:09.67]original teenager optimism imperturbable

[11:14.00]adj.独创的,新颖的 n.十几岁的青少年 n.乐观的;乐观主义 adj.沉着的;冷静的

[11:18.32]ability crisis opportunity growth

[11:22.10]n.能力;才干 n.危险;危险期 n.机会,时机 n.生长,发展,增长

[11:25.87]senior representative involve solve

[11:29.89]adj.高级的,地位较高 n.代表 vt.包括,涉及 vt.解决,解答

[11:33.92]philosophy golf club urge

[11:37.39]n.哲学 n.高尔夫球 n.棍棒,球棒 vt.催促,力劝

[11:40.87]relax clue eventually oddball

[11:44.89]vi.放松,休息,变从容 n.线索 adv.最后 adj.古怪的

[11:48.91]laugh off concern cancer outskirts

[11:52.99]一笑置之 n.关心,关注 n.癌;肿瘤 n.边界,市郊

[11:57.06]local memorial bomber complexion

[12:00.64]n.当地居民 adj.纪念的 n.轰炸机 n.面色

[12:04.22]crash sunshine bulletin parlor

[12:08.31]v.坠落,坠毁 n.阳光 n.公告;报告 n.客厅,会客室

[12:12.39]cocky guy wreckage prayer

[12:16.08]adj.骄傲的,自大的 n.家伙,人 n...的残骸 n.祈祷

[12:19.76]partner solemnly scatter cremate

[12:23.73]n.搭档 adv.严肃地,庄严地 vt.使分散,散播 vt.火葬,焚化




[12:34.42]Section I Listening Comprehension

[12:39.46]Listen to the record.

[12:43.22]Answer each question by choosing A,B,C or D from the four possible choices.


[12:55.42]1.What do you think I should bring for your father as a gift?

[13:01.87]Why not get him a mobile phone?

[13:06.10]2.Why don't you and your family come for supper in our house this Sunday?

[13:13.23]We would havt to if we weren't already invited by my brother.

[13:19.40]3.May I offer you one of my cigarettes?

[13:24.96]No,thankls.I'm sitting here only

[13:29.61]because all the seats in the nonsmoking section are occupied.

[13:35.80]4.Look,here is an advertisement for an apartment with two bedrooms.

[13:42.86]It's really near our campus.

[13:47.11]What's the number?

[13:50.88]I will find out whether it's available for immediate occupancy.

[13:57.22]5.Did you notice that man with a fashionable wig was our uncle?

[14:04.49]Oh,I didn't recognize him at all.


[14:12.40]One hot night last July,when our new baby wouldn't or couldn't sleep,

[14:20.34]I tried evertthing I could think of:

[14:24.71]a warm bottle,songs,gentle rocking.Nothing would settle him.

[14:32.18]Guessing that I had a long night ahead of me.

[14:37.03]I brought a portable TV into his room,

[14:42.39]figuring that watching the late movie was

[14:46.83]as good a way was any to kill off the hours until dawn.

[14:51.98]To my surprise,as soon as the TV lit up,the baby quieted right down,

[14:59.92]his little eyes focused brightly on the tube.

[15:05.17]Not to waste an opportunity for sleep,

[15:09.92]I then tiptoed out of the room.

[15:14.78]Leaving him to watch the actors celebrate John Bellushi's forty-birthday.

[15:21.26]My wife and I heard no more of the baby that night,

[15:26.22]and the next morning when I went into his room,

[15:30.90]I found him still watching TV himself.

[15:35.76]I found in my baby's behavior a metaphor for the new generation.

[15:42.11]My wife and I had given him some books to examine,

[15:47.67]but the merely spit upon them.

[15:52.03]When we read to him,he didn't feel comfortable.

[15:57.07]And so it is in the schools.

[16:01.44]We find that our students don't read,

[16:05.80]that they look down upon reading and scold those of us who teach it.

[16:12.17]All they want to do is to watch TV.

[16:16.82]After this experience with the baby,however,I have reached a conclusion:

[16:24.27]let them watch it.

[16:27.92]If television is that much more attractive to children than books,

[16:33.99]why should we fight it?

[16:37.64]Let them watch all they want.

[16:41.48]Supplementary Reading

[16:45.14]Working Woman

[16:48.51]Today more and more married women are working outside the home.

[16:55.46]For most of them the reason is obvious:

[17:00.73]they must work if their families are to survive.

[17:05.78]But what about those who don't really have to work?

[17:11.13]Do the rewards justify their efforts?

[17:16.41]The amswer is pretty clearly"yes".

[17:21.68]The most obvious benefit to woman working outside the home is financial.

[17:28.22]The rishing costs of living have forced many to work

[17:33.78]simply to keep their families going.

[17:38.22]And even in those families in which the wife has a choice,

[17:44.18]the extra income may reduce the financial burden on her husband

[17:49.92]in paying for college for the children,

[17:54.29]remodeling their house,or taking a long-delayed vacation.

[18:00.92]For young couples the benefit is not being able to temodel a house,

[18:07.76]it's the possibility of buying one in the first place.

[18:13.93]If the wife does not work,buying a house is simply out of the question.

[18:21.58]Two other points need to be considered,too.

[18:26.44]Even when the children have left the house,

[18:30.99]the drop in family costs if often replaced by the cost of supporting aging parents.

[18:39.06]And second,a job provides a wife additional security,

[18:45.83]psychological as well as financial,

[18:50.79]in case of the illness or death of her husband.

[18:56.35]A second benefit,particularly for women in their late thirties or forties,

[19:03.80]is the relief from the boredom of housework.

[19:10.25]They want a change from the deadly routine of washing clothes,

[19:15.92]making beds,cleaning the furniture,and the like.

[19:21.98]Not all jobs are exciting,of course;

[19:26.84]but they provide a change and a challenge,

[19:31.28]particularly for those who feel their abilities

[19:35.95]and skills have been wasted at home.

[19:40.60]In addition,women who work often have more to contribute to conversation

[19:47.97]with their husbands and friends.

[19:52.02]And as their conversation becomes live-lier,

[19:57.06]more interesting,they become more lively and interesting themselves.

[20:04.19]But perhaps the most significant benefit of working is psychological.

[20:11.06]Most women have spent their early married lives looking after their homes,

[20:17.23]their children and husbands.

[20:21.67]When their children are gone and the housework is reduced,

[20:27.55]they often find themselves unable to cope with the extra time on their hands.

[20:34.39]Working gives them something constructive to do outside the home.

[20:40.06]Meeting new people on the job,

[20:44.42]putting long-neglected skills to use,

[20:49.18]competing successfully in the marketplace

[20:54.74]-all of these experiences help to build their self-confidence;

[21:00.70]they give a woman a sense of her won importance.

[21:06.16]As she proves to herself that she can bring home the bacon as well as cook it.

[21:13.10]she will open herself to new experiences and broaden her interests.

[21:20.57]But some people may ask,"Won't all this make a wife less dependent on her husband?"

[21:28.91]Yes,quite likely.

[21:32.96]Some husbands want their wives dependent upon them for all their needs.

[21:40.32]But a truly happy,successful marriage means freedom for each partner to grow

[21:47.98]with in the bonds of a loving relationship.

[21:53.02]For some husbands the change will be painful,but all growth involves pain.

[22:00.59]And,in the long run,it's an acceptable price to pay for the personal growth

[22:07.86]and sense of achievement his wife will gain.


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