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  6. Since she believed him to be both candid and trustworthy, she refused to consider the possibility that his statement had been ______.

  A irrelevant

  B facetious

  C mistaken

  D critical

  E insincere

  7. There are simply no ______ for buying stock in certain industries since rapidly changing environmental restrictions will make a profitable return on any investment very unlikely.

  A incentives

  B arrangements

  C explanations

  D conditions

  E procedures

  8. Queen Elizabeth I has quite correctly been called a ______ of the arts, because many young artists received her patronage.

  A connoisseur

  B critic

  C friend

  D scourge

  E judge

  9. Word order in a sentence was much freer in Old French than it is in French today, this ______ disappeared as the French language gradually lost its case distinctions.

  A restriction

  B license

  C similarity

  D rigidity

  E imperative

  10. Roman historians who study the period 30 B.C. to A.D. 180 can ______ the “Augustan peace” only by failing to recognize that this peace in many respects resembled that of death.

  A decry

  B applaud

  C ridicule

  D demand

  E disprove


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