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  1. Since most if not all learning occurs through ______, relating one observation to another, it would be strange indeed if the study of other cultures did not also illuminate the study of our own.

  A assumptions

  B experiments

  C comparisons

  D repetitions

  E impressions

  2. Unfortunately, his damaging attacks on the ramifications of the economic policy have been ______ by his wholehearted acceptance of that policy's underlying assumptions.

  A supplemented

  B undermined

  C wasted

  D diverted

  E redeemed

  3. Exposure to low-intensity gamma radiation slows the rate of growth of the spoilage microorganisms in food in much the same way that the low heat used in pasteurization ______ the spoilage action of the microorganisms in milk.

  A precludes

  B initiates

  C inhibits

  D isolates

  E purifies

  4. As long as nations cannot themselves accumulate enough physical power to dominate all others, they must depend on ______.

  A allies

  B resources

  C freedom

  D education

  E self-determination

  5. Nearly two-thirds of the country's mushroom crop is produced by 160 growers in a single county, the greatest ______ growers anywhere.

  A cause of

  B agreement among

  C indication of

  D interaction between

  E concentration of


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