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他强任他强 麦基尼克杨





JaVale McGee


McGee, after stints in Denver, Philadelphia andDallas, signed with the Golden State Warriors in2016. He played in 77 games last season, averaged6.1 points and 3.2 rebounds and won achampionship as a lightly used reserve.


Nick Young


Young bounced from the Clippers to the 76ers to the Lakers, where he spent four seasons andin 2016 was the not-so-innocent victim of a prank by then-Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell inwhich Russell surreptitiously recorded Young talking about how he cheated on his then-fiancé Iggy Azalea.

杨少侠先后混迹于快船、76人,之后来到湖人队,一呆就是4年。湖人生涯期间,他遭遇了让人憋屈的录音门事件:拉塞尔与队友尼克-杨的一次私人对话视频被曝光,尼克-杨在没有意识自己被录像的情况下,向拉塞尔全盘道出了自己背着当时的未婚妻Iggy Azalea与其他女子有染的实情。

The Nick & JaVale Show


He and McGee both played bench minutes this season and in the playoffs, too, though McGeemanaged a few shifts with the Warriors' starters. After four games of minimal contributionsduring the Finals, they are both NBA champions. Young wasted no time partying and hyping uptheir story.


In November 2011, to pass the doldrums of the NBA lockout, JaVale McGee and Nick Young, then Washington Wizards teammates, shot a YouTube video in which they attempted the"Cinnamon Challenge."


McGee coughed up his spoonful of cinnamon, wheezing while he leaned into a sink to lap upwater, as Young swallowed his share and raised his arms in victory. Within hours, video of thestunt, part of a YouTube series called "The Nick and JaVale Show", rippled through theblogosphere, triggering a heavy backlash.

挑战过程中,麦基忍不住吐出了肉桂粉,一边咳嗽一边取水喝。而杨少侠却如有神助地吞下了肉桂粉。关于他们的一些视频 “The Nick and JaVale Show”,马上就火起来了,尤其是他们生吞肉桂粉的骚操作,在几个小时内就引起吃瓜观众地围观,反响强烈。


McGee and Young have long had a penchant for harmless mischief. But in their combined 21 years in the NBA, they have come to understand a curious truth: Players' behavior isperceived differently based on their teams' success.


Many wanted to know why, instead of working on their games, two young rotation players forone of the NBA's worst teams were goofing off on YouTube.


More than seven years later, McGee and Young are finally shedding the knucklehead label thatvideo helped inspire. McGee, a defending NBA champion, is the Warriors' newly mintedstarting center. Young is Golden State's backup shooting guard.


It is a change for two players insistent on not letting how others view them keep them frombeing themselves. In a Golden State locker room that prizes joy, McGee and Young are muchappreciated for their ability to lighten the mood of an NBA season that can often feel like agrind.


They dance at practice, in the locker room and on the team plane. When a teammate looksworn down, McGee or Young will rib each other to elicit a smile. Their Instagram, Twitter andSnapChat accounts offer a near-constant peek inside their lighthearted antics.

他们俩可以在训练时跳舞,在更衣室时跳舞,在飞机上也还能跳舞。当看到有队友精神不佳时,麦基或杨少侠就会相互调侃,这经常可以使疲倦的队友重获笑脸。他们的Instagram, 在Twitter and SnapChat等社交媒体账户上,他们上传了一些精心制作的搞怪作品。

"They go way back," Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. "They egg each other on in mostsituations, which is fun. I think it's been good for Nick to kind of feel comfortable here, havingsomeone here he's played with before."

“他们在这里找到了自我,勇士后卫库里说道” “他们总是互相作弄对方,这可好玩了。我觉得对尼克杨来说,有个和他好好玩耍的小伙伴挺好的” 。

McGee and Young have even discussed bringing back "The Nick and JaVale Show" and reprisingthe "Cinnamon Challenge." Should he again need an edge over his longtime buddy, Youngknows a certain trick.

麦基和杨有一起考虑过再次上演“The Nick and JaVale Show”,并再次上演生吞肉桂粉挑战赛。杨再想要不要再次展现他真正的技术,鬼点子王尼克杨知道怎么赢下这个比赛。

"I cheated last time," Young said with a chuckle. "I had a little water in my mouth. (McGee) doesn't know I did that. To this day, nobody knows. It was fun."


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