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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:31:41
[00:00.47]Gossip girl here,your one and only source 流言蜚女驾到...
[00:03.24]Into the scandalous lives manhattan's 这是你们窥探曼哈顿上流生活的唯一渠道
[00:06.11]I love you,Nate Archibald. 我爱你 Nate Archibald
[00:08.01]-always have,always will. - I love you,too. 现在是 今后也是
[00:10.95]- What is wrong with you?This is not who you are - I know who Blair and those girls are, 我也爱你
[00:13.08]瞧 我知道Blair跟那群姑娘是什么人 不过我也清楚自己是怎样的人
[00:15.47]But I know who I am ,and I'm not gonna forget that just hang out with them 我不会因为跟她们在一块就忘记这点
[00:17.71]We are not supposed to talk,remember? 我们不该再说话的 记得吗?
[00:20.50]I can't help myself. I never should have let you,let me go. 我控制不住
[00:23.81]I will not base my personal life on your preferences. 我不会拿你的喜好 作为我私生活的基础
[00:27.72]Dan is my boyfriend. Dan是我的男朋友
[00:29.17]I Would rather be chuck's stepsister than dan's. 我宁愿做Chuck的妹妹 也不愿做Dan的
[00:32.35]Lily,would you do me the honor of being my wife? Lily 你愿意做我的妻子吗?
[00:35.19]He proposed before we left,and I'm going to say yes. 他在我们出发前向我求婚了 我打算答应他
[00:38.21]Take care,Rufus. 保重 Rufus
[00:39.57]How glad are you see our families merge,sis? 看到我们两家合为一体 你肯定很高兴吧 妹妹?
[00:43.34]So glad that if you ever call me that again, 高兴到要是你再敢那样叫我
[00:45.56]It'll be the last thing you ever say,Chuck 那就是你生前说的最后一句话 Chuck
[00:47.95]unless you want Ar nathaniel to know how you lost your virginity to me 除非你想让亲爱的Nathaniel知道
[00:51.70]In the back of a moving vehicle, 我建议你还是耐心克制点为好
[00:53.14]- I encourage patienced restraint. - Isn't there someone else that you can torture?
[00:57.00]Ok,I know you're friends with Blair, 瞧 我知道你是Blair的朋友 不过你要是知道什么的话
[00:58.40]- But if you know something... - well,Blair is never really my friend. 嗯 Blair从来都算不上是我的朋友
[01:01.34]- ...so, - So..yeah,there's something you should know. 所以...?
[01:01.89]所以... 是的 有些事你该知道
[01:05.44]- What a bitch. - Oh,my god. She is such a slut! - 瞧 那臭娘们儿 - 噢 天啊 她真是个荡妇
[01:08.51]- I made a decision I was no condition to me - There is nothing to do with you,Blair. 我在被冲昏头脑的状态下 做了错误的决定
[01:10.60]我不想再跟你有任何瓜葛 Blair 我们彻底结束了
[01:12.15]It's over. 你曾有着某种魅力
[01:13.12]You held a certain fascination
[01:15.19]When you were beautiful and untouched 但那是在你美丽且一尘不染的时候 但现在我对你没兴趣了
[01:17.92]I don't want you anymore, 我想也没人会了
[01:19.44]- And I can't see why anyone else would. - What are you doing here?
[01:22.33]- I was just leaving. - No,stay. 你在这干嘛?
[01:24.37]Consider yourself dethroned,queen b. 不用 留下吧
[01:24.14]就当你被废黜了吧 皇后B
[01:27.71]Jenny,if you walk away from me now I will ruin you. Jenny 如果你现在弃我而去的话 我会毁了你
[01:31.16]How are you gonna do that? 你打算怎么做呢?
[01:32.96]- My whole life falling in part - stay and fight. 我的生活已经分崩离析了
[01:35.86]- We'll get through this together. - You promise? 留下抗争到底
[01:39.24]Promise. 我保证
[01:43.00]流言蜚女 第一季 第14集
[01:46.17]And who am I?
[01:47.83]That's a secret i'll never tell.
[01:51.33]You know you love me.
[01:52.96]X.o.x.o.,gossip girl.
[02:07.03]Cat? 猫咪?
[02:11.42]Cat! 猫咪!
[02:16.33]Cat! 猫咪!
[02:25.26]Ew. 猫咪!
[02:29.32]Cat. 猫咪
[02:35.54]You don't have a cat,Jenny. 你没有猫 Jenny
[02:40.50]My name is blair. 我叫Blair
[02:43.03]You don't have anyone. 你谁都没有
[02:47.49]But I'm Blair. 可我是Blair
[02:51.33]I'm Blair! 我是Blair!
[02:53.60]Miss. Blair. Miss. Blair. Blair小姐
[02:55.80]. Blair. Blair小姐
[02:57.58]Wakey,wakey,upper east siders. 醒醒 醒醒 上东区的富贵闲人们
[02:59.49]Spring break is done,and I'm starved for the dish. 春假结束 我也对八卦留言饥渴不已
[03:02.62]Were you sunning in capri or sinning in croatia? 你是在卡普里享受日光浴 还是在克罗地亚奢靡?
[03:05.50]Give me the deets. 快说来听听
[03:07.17]Oh,what's happening? 噢 出什么事了?
[03:08.80]You have bad dream, 你做噩梦了 还抱着巧克力睡觉
[03:09.99]And you're sleeping with your chocolates.
[03:12.11]Oh,lady godiva,my only friend. 噢 高帝娃宝贝 我唯一的朋友 (Godiva--巧克力品牌)
[03:16.34]And has anyone spotted our ex-queen b.? 大家都没见着我们的前皇后B
[03:19.05]Where does the dethroned royalty 这段时间被废黜的"皇室"都去哪儿度假了?
[03:21.06]Vacation these days? "暖床"俱乐部关门了 (借用纽约的时髦夜店 "暖床")
[03:22.45]Club bed is over. First day back to school. 今天是返校第一天
[03:25.26]I can't,Dorota. I don't fell very well. 不要 Dorota
[03:28.97]Serena come to get you soon. 我不舒服
[03:30.77]Call her and cancel. 给她打电话 让她别来了
[03:32.71]And cover my mirrors. 再把镜子都盖住
[03:34.37]Let me in the morning from my former life. 我要悼念一下我往日的生活
[03:47.27]Chuck,I'm serious! Chuck 我没跟你闹着玩!
[03:48.92]Are you done yet?This is my bathroom! 你弄完没有 这是我的浴室
[03:51.08]It's late, 时候不早了 更别提你这么做有多惹人厌!
[03:51.86]And not to mention disgusting.
[03:55.08]Chuck! Chuck!
[03:59.02]What are you doing? 干吗呢你?
[04:00.01]All right,ladies. My sister needs to shower. 好了 小姐们
[04:01.91]Make room. 给她腾个地
[04:04.73]I'm just messoning with you. 我在跟你闹着玩呢
[04:06.89]- Can't believe you lit up my bathroom. - Well,if I lit up in mine, 你竟然在我的浴室里抽烟
[04:10.51]In the folks would know it was me,sis. 如果我在自己的浴室里抽烟 家人们会以为是我抽的啦 妹妹
[04:12.82]Oh,okay. Let's get one thing straight 好吧
[04:14.80]Our parents maybe insisting on blending our households, 有件事得说明白...
[04:14.61]也许我们的父母执意 让大家一起过日子
[04:16.73]But i am not your sister. 但我不是你妹妹
[04:18.21]I do not share any of your DNA 我跟你没有一点血缘关系
[04:20.11]Nor do i ever wish to. 我也不想跟你扯上关系
[04:22.79]Then I suggest you get a new hand towels. 那我就得建议你换套新手巾 (一般都是全家一整套)
[04:27.56]Okay. 好的
[04:28.78]It's imperative that I bathe. 我现在急需洗澡
[04:31.24]Can you just get out? 你能不能给我出去?
[04:33.65]You know what? Fine. Just forget it. 知道吗?
[04:34.66]行 算了
[04:43.67]Next year,we're doing spring break in Maldives. 明年春假我们去马尔代夫
[04:45.72]- Skiing is too dangerous. - You broke your arm in the spa. 滑雪太危险了
[04:50.59]Oh,here,Hazel. Thanks for letting me borrow it. 噢 给 Hazel
[04:52.81]- What is this? - The bracelet you lent me in aspen 这是什么?
[04:55.77]Oh,yeah. You know you could've just kept it, 噢 是啊
[04:56.71]你本可以留着的 反正我也不记得自己有这个玩意了
[04:58.76]And I would've forgot i had it. 姑娘们 真够兴奋的啊
[05:00.04]Girls,how excited are we?
[05:01.70]Party tomorrow night for jenny at socialist ! 明晚在Socialista为Jenny开派对 (纽约西村的一间高档古巴酒吧茶座)
[05:04.78]It's gonna be my best birthday ever. 这肯定会是我最棒的生日
[05:06.34]I heard the mojitos are amazing. 我听说那儿的摩基托特别正 (古巴经典鸡尾酒)
[05:08.21]- Untill you get your moutharound a mini... - oh,I don't,um 等你尝到他们那儿的古巴迷你点心 再说吧
[05:11.62]It's a sandwich - 呃 我不... 嗯... - 那是种三明治
[05:13.42]Oh. Wardrobe,ladies? 去添置行头吗 小姐们?
[05:15.06]Ferragamo clutch(TBD) 我今天无论如何要买件 能搭上我"菲拉格慕"手包的礼服
[05:16.11]And whatever dress i buy today go with
[05:17.81]Oh,what about you J? 你呢 J
[05:19.74]-I've got some dresses on hold at bendels - There is an a.t.m.,Jenny 噢 我在班德尔预留了几件衣服
[05:23.42]you said you want to hit it 那有个自动提款机 Jenny
[05:24.50]You know,to pay penelope back for brunch? 你说过要提款的
[05:26.48]Oh,uh,yeah. $120,right? 噢 是啊 120块 对吧?
[05:29.05]Ah,I don't feel like stopping. 对 不过我不想停下来
[05:30.36]You can get the next one. 遇到下一个再取吧
[05:40.86]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[05:41.87]I'm hiding from my valet. 我在躲我的男仆
[05:43.44]He wanted to put my socks on for me this morning. 他今早还想帮我穿袜子
[05:45.40]- Our servantse very attention - new latvian maid. 你们的佣人可真够细心的
[05:46.85]你该见见Brigita-- 新来的拉脱维亚女仆
[05:49.32]No. No,no,no,he should not meet brigita. He's 14. 不 不 不 不 不能让他见Brigita
[05:51.95]- Avoid this person. - May I remind you,Serena, 他才14岁
[05:54.47]- That you used to have a sense of humor? - No. 我来提醒一下你 Serena
[05:54.08]- 你以前不挺有这方面的幽默感嘛? - 才没有
[05:56.94]- Morning,father. - Hey. - 早上好 爸爸 - 嘿 早上好 孩子们
[05:58.20]- Morning,kids. - Morning. 早上好
[05:59.46]-And how is Lily von bulow today? - Oh,I have a headache. Lily Von Bulow夫人 今天还好吗?
[06:03.83]I haad a very frustrating conversation 噢 我有点头疼
[06:05.64]Th the wedding planner this morning. 嗯 可否允我说 愠怒也令你散发光彩
[06:07.17]Oh,may I say aggravation becomes you?
[06:09.70]You may,but I won't believe it. 你可以这么说 不过我可不信
[06:12.23]So... First day back at school,huh? 那么
[06:16.32]Honey,you didn't,uh,want to shower? 宝贝 你不想洗个澡?
[06:22.07]I have to go meet Blair. Eric? 我得去见Blair了
[06:25.22]Go ahead. He'll take the limo. 你先走吧
[06:33.68]As my best man, 作为我的男傧相 我希望 你在婚礼之前安分行事
[06:34.84]I expect you to keep things smooth until the wedding.
[06:38.80]Best man? 男傧相?
[06:42.92]Uh,um,I'd be honored,sir. 嗯 我很荣幸 先生
[06:48.22]To family. 敬家人
[07:01.97]I came straight from the airport 我从机场直接赶过来送Jenny去学校 她却先走了?
[07:03.38]Take Jenny to school,and she's already gone?
[07:05.22]- She slept at Hazel's last night. - Oh. Who's,uh,who's Hazel? 她昨晚在Hazel家过的夜
[07:08.82]Her new friend, 她的新朋友 她跟她一家去的阿斯本
[07:09.80]The girl whose family she went with to Aspen.
[07:12.26]Yeah,I was actually surprised you let her go 是啊 不顾老妈的反对 就这么让她去了 真让我意外
[07:14.06]- and cancel on mom like that - Your mom was completely support of it. 嗯 你妈妈完全没反对
[07:17.07]Jenny was very well taken care of. Jenny很受照顾
[07:18.57]Spoke to her every day, twice from the private plane. - Private plane? 我每天都和她通话 有两次还是在私人飞机上
[07:22.41]It's the best early birthday present 私人飞机?
[07:22.20]这是我们能给她的最好的 提前生日礼物
[07:23.80]We could have given her. Oh, so you paid for it? 噢 是你买单吗?
[07:25.79]Well, I gave her pocket money. 呃 零花钱是我给的
[07:28.38]Yeah, Jenny's happier than she's been in a long time 嗯 Jenny已经很久没有这么开心过了
[07:31.05]Hey, whenever you're done 嘿 等你摆完那幅 "要是我就不会这么做"的表情
[07:32.34]with that "i'd doing things differently" look, two things...
[07:34.28]帮我两件事... 首先...
[07:35.82]One, I can't seem to nail Jenny down 我弄不清Jenny到底想怎么过生日
[07:38.32]on what she wants to do for actual birthday. - I'll get it out of her.
[07:41.39]Good. And, uh, two-- - 我来帮你从她身上套话 - 很好
[07:41.57]嗯 其次...
[07:44.39]What the hell are you still doing here? 你怎么还不走?
[07:47.45]Mm. Thank you. 谢了
[07:48.93]At least you get to wake up from your nightmare. 至少你的噩梦可以醒
[07:50.64]I'm living with mine. 我还生活在我的噩梦中
[07:52.10]And the god I have plans with Dan tonight. 谢天谢地我今晚跟Dan有节目
[07:54.16]Finally,the return of some normalcy! 终于让我回归点常态!
[07:57.06]B, what are you doing? B 你怎么了?
[07:59.17]Giving homeschooling some serious consideration. 严肃考虑自己是否该在家学习
[08:02.06]Look, I know you think 瞧 我知道你觉得大家还在谈论你
[08:03.46]Everyone's still talking about you,
[08:05.25]But your 3-week-old-scandal is ancient news. 不过三个星期前的丑闻 已经是陈年旧事了
[08:07.90]Did you even hear the dirt happened - Who should I heard it from? Dorota? 你没听说假期时发生的八卦?
[08:09.52]我能从哪听啊? Dorota?
[08:11.29]Well, after much concerted effort, 嗯 经过各方面的共同努力
[08:13.41]Ya finally made it into brody jenner's cell phone. Maya终于荣升入Brody Jenner 的手机联系人名单
[08:18.29]and Kati's dad 噢 Kati的爸爸把 她们一家子都带回了以色列
[08:19.82]moved her entire family back to Israel. Yeah.
[08:22.66]And cotatance's bad-girl-turned-good... 没错
[08:22.63]还有 康斯坦思名校的"从善恶女"
[08:25.73]ERMAN ACCENT) Serena Van Der Woodsen... Serena Van Der Woodsen
[08:28.03]Moved in with Chuck Bass. 搬到Chuck Bass家了
[08:30.25]Yeah. So you're thinking 你觉得我那件事已经烟消云散了?
[08:31.35]Is whole thing could have blown over by now?
[08:36.81]Come on. 来吧
[08:39.26]That, too. 还有那个
[08:56.27]Don't worry, B 别担心 B
[08:57.96]The French revolution had cake. 法国大革命 人们吃着蛋糕颠覆皇室 (法国王后玛丽-安托乃的名言 "人们没有面包 那就吃蛋糕呗" = =)
[09:00.02]Come on. Let's go. 来 我们走
[09:02.51]The American revolution had tea. 美国大革命则波士顿倾茶
[09:04.84]But looks like the overthrow of Blair Waldorf, 不过看上去Blair Waldorf"政权"的颠覆 则会...
[09:14.46]Who said you need a silver spoon 谁说"分"甜点就一定要用银汤匙呢?
[09:16.08]to dole out just desserts?
[09:38.22]Hey, Jenny. 嘿 Jenny
[09:39.21]Can i talk to you just for a second? 我能跟你聊两句吗?
[09:41.84]I'll meet you guys, okay? 我一会来找你们 行吗?
[09:44.00]Hey, so I may have told Blair 嘿 我的确跟Blair说过 你告诉我她跟Chuck的事
[09:46.38]you told me the truth about heanand Chuck
[09:48.28]And I'm sure she didn't react well to that. 我也相信她肯定为此刁难过你
[09:51.73]But you don't know what you're dealing with here. 但你不知道自己将会 面临什么样的处境
[09:53.83]- I'm not scared of Blair - No, I'm not talking about... 我不怕Blair Nate
[09:55.87]I'm talking about...talking about your new circle. 不 我不是指这个...
[10:00.07]I mean, they've been friends with Blair forever, 我是说 她们跟Blair一直都是朋友
[10:01.82]and look what they're doing to her. 瞧瞧她们是怎么对她的
[10:04.02]When you fall out of line, 如果哪天你出糗了 你觉得她们会怎么对你?
[10:05.46]what do you think this gonna happen to you?
[10:07.68]I won't fall out of line. 呃 我不会出糗的
[10:09.39]I'm not saying you're gonna... 我不是说你会...
[10:13.04]It's just... 只是...
[10:14.82]You're not like those girls, Jenny. 你跟她们不一样 Jenny
[10:17.57]That's weird, Nate. Since they're my friends, you think we have some stuff in common 真奇怪 Nate
[10:18.83]既然她们是我的朋友 你应该认为我们有共同点才对
[10:23.67]Okay. 那好吧
[10:27.67]Well, I will give you this... 呃 但我倒不得不承认- 你的确一击即中
[10:29.63]You've got good name
[10:39.60]Ok, I know this is hard for you B 瞧 我知道很艰难 B
[10:41.03]But you can't let them beat you. 可你不能就这样被她们打倒
[10:42.04]You're Blair Waldorf, remember? 你可是Blair Waldorf 记得吗?
[10:45.13]Right. These are my steps, 对
[10:48.86]and i'm not gonna relinquish them 这片儿台阶儿可是我的地盘 我不能毫不反抗的拱手让人
[10:49.71]without a fight, though it would be helpful
[10:51.35]尽管如此 要是现在我们的阵营里 能再多一个人就好了
[10:53.09]maybe there was one more person in our crowd.
[10:57.41]Only old people and children and... 这儿只有老人跟小孩...呃 还有Chuck跟黄毛小Chuck
[10:59.39]Ugh, there's Chuck
[11:01.84]and a blond mini-Chuck.
[11:06.43]He's trying to torture me. 他是想折磨我
[11:09.27]- ...I can't believe it. - I know. - 真是难以置信 - 我知道
[11:11.38]Does little J. actually think 小J知不知道自己除了是个跟屁虫 之外啥都不是啊?
[11:12.93]she's anything but their lackey?
[11:17.09]Hi. 什么时候开始Nate Archibald跟 Jenny Humphrey有这么多话说了?
[11:17.81]So since when does nate archibald have
[11:19.85]much to say to Jenny humphrey, huh?
[11:22.37]Why? You guys don't like him? 怎么了? 你们不喜欢他吗?
[11:23.95]Penelope's only had a historic crush on him Penelope打从上世纪开始就对他 有着"历史性的"暗恋了
[11:26.32]since the 20th century.
[11:27.77]Since you and Nate are so tight, 既然你跟Nate这么熟 也许你能做个牵线人
[11:29.15]- Maybe you can broke that. - Yeah. Maybe.
[11:31.26]是啊 也许吧
[11:33.65]- They what? - They're taking her out to dinner 她们什么?
[11:36.34]for her birthday tomorrow night 她们明晚要带她出去庆祝她生日...
[11:37.80]Table service at Socialista. 在Socialista开了几桌
[11:40.12]So Jenny Humphrey is officially being inscribed on the a-list. 那么Jenny Humphrey已经被 正式纳入A名单了
[11:44.04]- Wait. How do you know this? - Because they invited me, 等等 你是怎么知道的?
[11:46.90]But I said no out of deference to you. 因为她们也邀请了我 不过我看在你的份上拒绝了
[11:48.90]I just thought I could have dinner 我还以为我会跟Dan 她 还有她家人吃顿饭呢
[11:50.69]with her and dan and the whole family.
[11:53.82]How do you mean she get out of skate 你是怎么毫无损伤的摆脱旧闻?
[11:56.35]Beause I'm nice. You should try it sometime. 因为我人品好
[11:58.75]Come on. Um,compliment me. Tell me my hair looks beautiful. 你也该试试 来
[11:59.25]嗯 快夸夸我
[12:02.36]But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower? 说我的头发看起来很漂亮
[12:07.27]B, I say this out of love, B 出于对你的爱 我才这么说
[12:09.61]But your being a bitch 你为人尖酸霸道正是
[12:11.45]Which got dairy in your hair in the first place, okay? 她们往你头上扔酸奶的原因
[12:13.55]Be nice and neutral, and things will swing back to normal. 做人友好温和点 事情会慢慢变好的
[12:16.71]You're the queen B, so just let nature take its course. 你是皇后B 所以就顺其自然吧
[12:22.12]I'm going to Model UN, but we're dining tonight,right? 我要去参加模拟联合国大会
[12:24.68]Butter,7:00, um, I don't know if i can go out again tonight. 今晚一起吃晚饭的 对吗?
[12:24.80]在Butter 7点 (四星级餐馆)
[12:28.46]Why? What are you doing? Do we have a reservation? 怎么了? 你有什么事吗?
[12:31.49]Yeah, I mean doesn't it take like 2 weeks to get a table there 就是啊 我说 那里不是要等两个星期 才能定到位子的吗?
[12:32.82]Ke,2 weeks get a table there? Not if they slipped me $100
[12:34.66]塞给领班100块 就不用等那么久了
[12:37.64]Oh, and don't forget, J 别忘了J
[12:39.35]You owe me. 你欠我的
[12:44.58]You know, I've got a better idea. 我有个更好的主意
[12:50.36]What's she doing? 她在做什么?
[12:52.93]What does she think she's doing? 她以为她在做什么?
[12:54.31]She's giving you the perfect opportunity for niceness. 她正在给你个为人友善的最好机会 加油啊!
[12:56.71]- Come on. - No. - 我不 - 快去
[13:00.56]Serena, I know that you're doing something with Dan tonight Serena 我知道今晚你和Dan有节目
[13:02.47]But, Blair, um, we're all going to butter, 但是 Blair 我们都要去Butter
[13:05.44]and I was wondering if you wanted to join us? - She'd be delighted, yes, Butter! 你愿意一起吗
[13:08.62]太好了! 是Butter呢
[13:11.07]Great. 太好了
[13:12.61]Great! 太好了!
[13:14.91]Very nice. - 很好 - 谢谢
[13:15.73]Thank you.
[13:21.80]#Who's there for you when you're call and alone?# *who's there for you when you're ldld and alone?*
[13:24.75]#The teenagers, teenagers# *The teenagers,the teenagers*
[13:28.24]*We're playing our songs*
[13:30.07]well, are you always looked this good? 你一直都是这么好看的么?
[13:31.33]You look so good to me. 我怎么越看你越喜欢
[13:33.25]You look so good to me, 我也越看你越喜欢 而且你闻起来
[13:35.05]and you smell... Mmm,so clean. 好清新
[13:37.85]Mm,you're not gonna tell me the Chuck shower story again, 你不会再跟我讲一遍Chuck 霸占浴室那出儿吧?
[13:40.05]- Are you? - No. 不会啦
[13:41.56]Good. 很好
[13:49.10]Dan. Dan
[13:50.90]Chuck, how are you? Chuck
[13:52.60]Excellent. Enjoying having family around. - 你好吗? - 相当好
[13:55.42]Can you just get it over with, Chuck? 你没完了你 Chuck?
[13:57.26]Say whatever pervy thing you're gonna say and just leave? 把你想说的下流话快快说完 然后快点滚蛋?
[14:00.26]The wedding caterer 婚礼筹备人叫家庭成员去试吃
[14:01.21]is presenting a tasting to the family.
[14:03.88]I was coming call you to dinner. - Okay,I'll take off then. 我来叫你去品餐
[14:06.18]好的 那我先走了
[14:07.70]No need. 不需要
[14:08.81]Already asked the staff to set a place for you. 我已经叫工作人员给你留位置了
[14:11.65]*You and I,loining like you never cried*
[14:18.62]I have to say I prefer the chestnut pappardelle. 我得说我比较倾心于离子宽粉
[14:21.57]Yeah,the foie gras is a bit rich. 是的 鹅肝油泥了点
[14:23.83]U know, I'm, I'm, umm, slanting heavily towards 我呢... 我则... 比较钟情于"%@#鹿"
[14:25.83]The venison fellow. It's fallow
[14:28.09]Fallow. Fallow,exactly. Fallow 那叫"淡黄"
[14:28.18]对 淡黄 淡黄鹿
[14:32.43]Oh,for me? 给我的?
[14:35.15]Thank you 谢谢
[14:36.08]Who's it from? I don't know... 谁给你的啊?
[14:39.13]but it says "open immediately" 上面写着 "立即打开"
[14:40.68]I have to refrigerate it?It's not for me,I don't know 需要冷藏吗?
[14:44.49]Oh,don't put your dirty package on the table 我不知道
[14:47.31]I had a dime for every time I heard that 如果每次听到这句话 我都能存了一枚硬币的话
[14:49.94]That's enough,Chuck 够了 Chuck
[14:58.08]Porn and handcuffs? A片和手铐?
[15:00.21]Really? - 真的么? - 哦 老天啊...
[15:01.06]Oh,my. Woo
[15:02.56]This is low,Chuck,enen for you 这太下流了 Chuck 即便是对你来说
[15:04.48]What? I didn't send this 什么?
[15:10.67]Excuse me. - 恕我离开会儿 - 呃 你能不能
[15:11.51]Uh,could you... 当然 乐意效劳
[15:12.79]Oh,yeah. My pleasure. Uh,it's not--that's not what I-- 不是呃... 这不是... 我不是那个意思
[15:16.09]I didn't mean that
[15:17.71]It's,uh... 只是 呃
[15:20.20]It's trash. I'll throw it out 这是垃圾 我会把它扔出去的
[15:34.92]Spotted--blair waldorf,alone at Butter Blair Waldorf 一个人坐在Butter餐厅
[15:39.96]I'm sorry,miss 抱歉小姐 但是... 看上去你的朋友不会来了
[15:40.86]But--it looks like your friends aren't coming
[15:44.44]Humiliated--party of one 奇耻大辱-- 一个人的派对
[15:48.91]Can't you just picture her sitting there? 你能想象出她坐在哪儿的样儿么?
[15:50.89]Every time memeone comes in the door... 一有人进来 她便看向门口
[15:52.45]"Ah... It's not them. Oh,no,not them." "哎呀 不是她们"
[15:54.62]"哦 又不是她们"
[15:56.69]Not going to the Butter 不去Butter要比去的感觉好多了
[15:57.62]is so much better than going to the Butter
[16:00.49]My new nanette lepore for jenny's birthday 我为Jenny的生日派对特地制备的 新"娜奈特-拉博尔"裙子
[16:03.11]Gorgeous 太漂亮了
[16:04.26]Wow 难道不是么?
[16:04.90]Right? 那我们的小寿星穿什么呢?
[16:06.26]What's the birthday girl wearing?
[16:07.87]Oh,I'm still deciding between two dresses at bergdorf's 我还在贝多芙的两款裙子间踌躇
[16:10.82]I thought you said bendel's 我记得你说是班德尔啊?
[16:12.41]Bendel's. Right. 对 班德尔的
[16:15.93]Oh,it's my dad. 啊 是我爸
[16:17.47]Is there you wearing your black shello? 你要穿你那件黑色香奈尔吗?
[16:19.98]Which one? You know,I never wear the same thing twice 喂?
[16:21.14]要知道 一件衣服我从不穿两次
[16:23.08]Mommy taught me well. Hey,dad 我妈教导得好
[16:25.49]You missed dinner,kiddo. Oh,yeah,um,I'm studying at hazel's 嘿 老爸
[16:27.60]是的 我在Hazel家学习 没留意时间
[16:29.94]And I guessed I lost track of time. Um,I'm not mad
[16:32.51]I just feel like I haven't seen you in a while 我没生气
[16:34.43]We haven't even discussed your birthday. I was gonna do something with my friends... 还没说你的生日怎么安排呢
[16:38.23]Oh. That's great,honey
[16:41.18]But since I have nothing to wear 太好了 宝贝
[16:42.79]I don't think that's happening anymore 但因为我没什么衣服可以穿了
[16:45.47]Well,if you want to be with your friends 如果你想要和你朋友一起过
[16:46.83]We can do the family thing over the weekend 那就周末和家人一起过生日好了
[16:54.77]Sweetheart? 宝贝?
[16:56.72]Uh,yeah. I'll be home soon,dad 我一会儿就回家 爸爸
[17:03.04]Okay. Bye 好 再见
[17:17.45]*you drive me crazy*
[17:19.49]Hello? Hi - 劳驾? - 哦 嗨
[17:21.06]Oh,no check,honey. The drink's on us, 不 不必付账 亲爱的
[17:24.33]Unless you want something else? 饮料免费 除非你想点些别的
[17:28.89]Yes. 是的
[17:30.66]Another bellini, 再来一杯贝利尼鸡尾酒 一份烤乳鸽
[17:32.11]This seared squab 再派个领位侍应把桌子搬开 麻烦你
[17:33.23]And a bus person of separated tables
[17:42.65]One may be the loneliest number... "1"或许是最孤独的数字
[17:46.14]Information. What city and state,please? 查号总台 请问接哪个城市?
[17:47.80]Brooklyn. I think that's in New York 布鲁克林?
[17:49.78]But sometimes only the lonely can play 我觉得应该就是纽约市
[17:50.19]但有时 只有孤独的人会玩火
[17:53.94]Wake up,little Jenny. The bitch is back 醒醒啦 小Jenny
[18:00.37]I thought you said you didn't have anything else 你不是说你没什么其他的东西了吗?
[18:03.23]Well,I found some stuff in the back of my closet 我在衣橱深处又找到点东西
[18:05.36]hmm. Do you want to go with cash again 还是要当成现金?
[18:09.46]Or do you want to buy your sewing machine back? 还是你要赎回你的缝纫机?
[18:14.20]Neither. I want that dress 都不是
[18:18.20]Honey,this is $1,200 宝贝 这可要1200块呢
[18:26.46]Um,this one's... quite lovely 这件也...
[18:31.96]Ah,well,that's more my color 但那件颜色跟我更衬
[18:42.12]I'd say we take the jet to croatia 我觉得我们该做私人飞机去克罗地亚
[18:44.02]Where young Eric here 在那里 这位小Eric能享受下 低年龄自主的乐趣
[18:45.48]can exploit the lesser age of consent 我也被邀请去单身派对了?
[18:46.80]Am I invited to the Bachelor party? Brother,please 拜托了 小老弟
[18:48.70]Then head west to monte carlo 然后飞向西 去蒙特卡洛 在Metropole酒店来场通宵牌局
[18:50.09]For some all-night cards at metropole
[18:52.28]And swing by giza 然后顺道飞去祖玛 一睹初日倚着金字塔升起的景色
[18:53.84]Just to watch the sun come up over the Pyramids
[18:56.92]What do you think,father? I think we're here 你觉得呢 父亲大人?
[18:59.91]我觉得... 我们到了
[19:04.69]Uh,see you at home,Bart 回家见 Bart
[19:07.32]Chuck will catch up in a minute Chuck一会儿再去找你
[19:14.66]You almost ruined things between me and Lily once before 你之前差点毁了我和Lily的事
[19:18.36]I'm not gonna let that happen again 我不允许这事再发生
[19:20.08]What are you talking about? I'm talking about the focus stunt you pulled at dinner 你在说什么?
[19:21.09]我说的是你在品餐时耍的 那套低级把戏
[19:23.96]I didn't send Serena that package 那个给Serena的包裹不是我寄的 而且说实话
[19:25.80]And quite frankly 她那装作被侵犯的圣女马丽的 反应也太过老土了
[19:26.63]Her violated virgin Mary act is getting pretty old
[19:30.45]I thought making you my best man would help 我以为让你做我的男傧相会有些作用
[19:32.92]What is that supposed to mean? 这是什么意思?
[19:34.29]Inspire you to valuey y happiness 本以为能让你将我的幸福 看得重过你愚童般的儿戏
[19:36.53]Over your own childish agenda
[19:40.98]Things seem to be working out for you at that club Victrola 你的Victrola俱乐部前景不错
[19:44.65]I'm thinking you might like me to invest more in the place 我估计你会希望我多投资些钱的
[19:47.29]So you can have more control? 这样你能有更多的话事权?
[19:49.66]In exchange for good behavior,of course. 当然 是以良好表现来交换的
[19:53.22]You're bribing me? 你在贿赂我?
[19:55.33]So we have a deal then? 可否成交?
[20:01.99]Hey,why aren't you school? I'm taking the morning off 嘿 你怎么没在学校?
[20:04.72]Volunteering to help those less fortunate than myself. 主动帮助那些比我可怜的人
[20:07.60]Wow. You're in a good mood. 心情不错嘛
[20:09.30]Butter with the girls must have gone well last night? 昨晚和那些女孩在Butter 过得一定挺愉快的吧?
[20:11.73]I didn't go,actuall 事实上 我没去啦
[20:13.73]why not? I think she should work a little harder for my forgiveness 为什么没去?
[20:18.23]Hey,Dan's not hanging out in brooklyn again this morning 今早Dan貌似不在布鲁克林
[20:20.83]He's with you at school,right? No,not yet,but he'll be here soon. Why? 他现在就已经在学校了 和你一起?
[20:22.22]没 还没 但他一会就会过来的 怎么了?
[20:25.27]Just tell him I say hi 替我向他问好
[20:28.29]Okay 好的
[20:31.45]Hi 嗨
[20:32.55]Jenny's dad? Jenny的爸爸?
[20:33.72]We met briefly at thanksgiving 我们在感恩节时见过一面
[20:35.71]Ah,yeah... 是的
[20:37.60]Hi 你好
[20:39.41]Got three cases of champagne for Serena van der woodsen 给Serena Van Der Woodsen的三箱香槟
[20:43.40]No,no. I'm Serena van der woodsen 不不 我-我是Serena Van Der Woodsen 但这些不是我的
[20:46.10]But those aren't mine 订货单总不会错
[20:47.21]Well,the purchase order never lies. Salud
[21:09.35]Hey,guys,I just got this incredible dolce 姑娘们 我刚买了这条超好看"杜嘉班纳"
[21:12.24]You wanna see? It's unbelievable - 想看吗? - 难以置信
[21:13.59]You can't turn your back in your own house.What are you guys talking about? 在自己家里都不能放松警惕
[21:17.09]My mother's vavalentino was stolen. Oh,my god 你们几个在谈什么呢?
[21:21.16]It was made especially for her 哦 天哪
[21:22.97]It was the same year he did,uh 是他给做Jackie O.蕾丝迷你婚装的那年 (也就是Jackie Kennedy Onassis)
[21:24.34]Jackie o.'S lace wedding mini 有人入室盗窃?
[21:25.88]Well,did someone break in? No,and the maid swore to the police
[21:27.70]没有 但女佣跟警察发誓说她没拿
[21:29.96]That she didn't take it,but she'll probably get fired.Wait,police for a dress? 但她大概是要被辞掉了
[21:32.20]等等 为一条裙子报警?
[21:34.26]It's worthy $15,000. My mother told the maid if she returned it 那可值1万5千块的
[21:35.79]我妈妈跟Imaculata说 如果她把裙子还回来 我们可以通过其他方法解决
[21:37.70]She could work something out. Like she'll bring it back 说的好像她会还回来一样
[21:40.76]Well,you never know. I mean,it could turn up 那可不一定哦
[21:41.62]我是说 万一又找到了呢
[21:43.32]Right,cause really,where is she gonna wear it? 对啊 因为她又有什么场合可以穿?
[21:48.40]I'm really glad,because when I spoke to her 我真的很开心 因为我跟她谈电话的时候
[21:51.33]She mentioned the plans with the girls falling through 她说她跟朋友一起过生日的 计划泡汤了
[21:55.23]Nope. Tell you the truth,I didn't really believe her. why? 说实话 我也不信她
[21:58.02]I thought she was just conflicted 为什么?
[21:58.06]我以为她是为了没选家人 而选择跟朋友一起 所以有些内疚
[22:00.22]About choosing friends over family
[22:03.13]Well,you know that's the biggest struggle 这个年纪的女孩子 最头痛的就是这个
[22:05.54]With a girl of her age. Memory doesn't serve... 我印象中却没有...
[22:08.73]Trying to reconcile who you're becoming 努力在自己逐渐变成的那个人 和以前的自己间周旋
[22:10.11]With who you used to be
[22:11.73]She's been running herself ragged,Mr Humphrey 她把自己逼的焦头烂额 Humphrey先生
[22:14.48]Swedling two worlds?Well,I know she was running herself ragged 在两个世界之间挣扎?
[22:16.02]我知道她为了进入其中一个圈子 把自己逼得焦头烂额...
[22:18.20]Trying to get into one of those worlds
[22:19.84]Picking up dry cleaning,gowns for masked balls... 取干洗的衣服 准备化妆舞会的礼服
[22:25.35]Well,it's no easier once you're in. 一旦进入那个圈子 就没这么简单了
[22:29.16]She needs some relief. 她需要松口气
[22:33.36]Well,then that's what she'll get. 那么就让她透口气
[22:35.38]Whatever I can do to help. 我愿意全力效劳
[22:43.28]Oh,thank god. 哦 谢天谢地
[22:44.36]Betty? Hi. Excuse me. Um... Betty?
[22:47.09]Would you pardon me for a moment,please?? 请给我几分钟
[22:48.83]I need to trade back 我需要换回来
[22:49.70]All right,you can keep the scarf and the shoes, 你可以留着披肩和鞋子
[22:51.21]- I'm sorry,but that's just not gonna be possible. - what? Why? 但是我要把这个还给你 换回这件红色的
[22:53.25]不好意思 甜心 但这是不可能的
[22:58.86]You know,when you leave here with an item, 什么? 为什么啊?
[22:58.77]要知道 你一旦带着一样商品离开 就意味着你是认同它的价值
[23:00.99]You're agreeing to its value.
[23:02.93]The dolce sold at $1,200. "杜嘉班纳"售价1200块
[23:05.28]The valentino... Is seven times that. 而这件"华伦天奴"
[23:09.65]Please look,this has sentimental value, 你看 这是有纪念意义的一件衣服
[23:12.03]- And I didn't realize - no,I'm sorry. - 我没料到会... - 不 很抱歉
[23:14.53]A couple of hours ago,this dress was mine,all right? 几个小时前 这裙子还是我的 好吧?
[23:16.86]Doesn't even have tags on it yet. 这上面都还没挂价格标签呢
[23:18.23]Look,it's not my fault 你不知道一件"华伦天奴"的价值 并不是我的错
[23:20.63]That you don't know what a valentino's worth.
[23:37.96]Hello? Nate,it's Jenny. - 喂? - Nate 我是Jenny
[23:39.42]- What's going on? - Listen,I wouldn't be calling you 发生什么事了?
[23:40.06]如果我可以找其他人帮忙 我也不会打电话给你
[23:41.61]I have anyone else to turn to, 但我做了件错事 需要弥补
[23:42.67]But I made a mistake,and I need to fix it,
[23:45.02]- And I really need borrow some money.I - Jenny,just slow down. 我真的需要借些钱
[23:46.13]等等 Jenny 慢点说
[23:48.31]- I promise I'll pay you back. - Is everything okay? 我保证会还给你的
[23:50.77]- Ah,I just--I madea mistake,and I need to fix it. - well,how much? 你还好么?
[23:50.62]还好 我只是--我犯了个错 需要弥补
[23:54.56]$8,000. 那要多少钱?
[23:56.11]$8,000? Jenny,what do you need that kind of money for? 八千块?
[24:00.47]You know what? Forget it. I'm sorry I bothered you. 我想还是算了吧 抱歉打搅你
[24:09.76]The price of fitting in 融入这个圈子(明指穿上这件裙子) 的代价貌似越发的沉重
[24:11.37]Might have gotten a little steeper...
[24:14.98]But little J. Still knows 但 小J依旧知道
[24:16.76]It's what's underneath that counts. 蕴含其中的才是最重要的
[24:26.73]Well,we could put this one on a mylar tablecloth 我们可以铺上聚酯薄膜桌布 把这盆放在上面 来个犹太成年礼得了
[24:29.15]And pretend it's a bar mitzvah.
[24:31.02]那好 我们再看看其他选择
[24:33.58]Oh,there you are. I have a date with Dan. 你在这
[24:36.40]Could you excuse us? 我和Dan有约的
[24:39.42]You're gonna say something worse than the bar mitzvah remark? 你要说些比"犹太成人礼"更损的话?
[24:42.11]Serena,I think we should talk about any feelings Serena我觉得我们应该谈谈
[24:44.23]You might be having about my upcoming marriage. 你对我即将到来的婚姻的感受
[24:47.01]Ay,but you're asking me this now because... 好吧 但是你现在问我是因为?
[24:51.14]Cause I got a call from your headmistress 因为你们女校长打电话给我
[24:54.24]Who said that there was something 她说了一箱酒的事?
[24:56.50]About a case of alcohol?
[25:00.74]Well,I thought you may be acting out. 我觉得你可能是借此来发泄?
[25:03.72]Great,mom. I actually woke up this morning,and I thought, 是的 妈妈
[25:04.52]事实上 今早起床后我想 "嗯..."
[25:06.54]Mm. I'm a little uncertain about my mother's wedding. "我对我妈的婚姻不是很确定"
[25:08.93]"why don't I invite the entire junior class "不如请全部的三年级生在校园里 来个香槟祝酒?"
[25:10.88]Out to the courtyard for a champagne toast. - You have whole things like this before.
[25:15.19]Obviously,Chuck's master plan is working. 显然 Chuck的密谋大计奏效了
[25:17.83]Can't believe you think Chuck is doing these things. 没想到你会觉得Chuck会做这种事
[25:20.27]Looking good to everyone in my life isn't enough for him. 讨好我生活中的所有人 对他来说远远不够
[25:22.80]He has to make me look bad or crazy.. 他还得让我丢脸 貌似疯癫
[25:24.82]Well,Chuck may be eccentric,but I doubt he's diabolical. Chuck或许有点特立独行 但我想他不会这么恶劣
[25:28.35]What's he done now? 他又做了什么?
[25:37.73]I'll tell you what he's done. 我来告诉你他做了什么
[25:44.07]Surprise! 惊喜!
[25:46.97]Wow. 生日快乐 Jenny
[25:47.70]Happy birthday,Jenny.
[25:49.44]Um,dad,I ca--I can't believe you did all this. 老爸 真不敢相信你安排了这些...
[25:54.59]And,uh,Blair's here. 而且 呃 Blair居然也在
[25:58.84]Um,this is so great 太好了 你们都在我家
[26:01.59]That all of you are here
[26:04.02]In my house.
[26:08.67]I should go change. 我去换个衣服
[26:14.16]- Uh,you got it? - Okay. - 你来拿? - 好的
[26:18.53]Don'think she was surprised. 我觉得她好像不怎么惊喜
[26:20.35]- What's Blair doing here? - I don't know. Blair在这做什么?
[26:22.45]- This party's kind of weird. - Weird? It's time for its induction 我不知道
[26:25.84]To the birthday hall of lame. 是时候把这个派对编入 "最烂生日派对大典"了
[26:27.93]So not what I pictured 那人在电话里说要开"阁楼派对"时 我想象的可跟这大相径庭
[26:29.16]the guy on the phone about the loft party. - Can't believe we gave up our table for this.
[26:30.68]真不敢相信我们竟为了这个 而放弃了定位
[26:32.92]Mint mojitos at socialista, 本来可以在Socialista畅饮薄荷摩基托 却落得在这里吃Jenny老爸的薄荷朱古力饼
[26:34.92]Mint milanos with Jenny's dad.
[26:37.29]He's kind of a hottie. 他也蛮帅的呢
[26:39.21]Yeah,a hottie dad. 是啊 一个帅爸爸
[26:41.43]How long do we have to stay? 我们得呆多久?
[26:42.86]Rice krispie treats? 酥米饼大餐?
[26:52.09]- You can't believe how mad Bart was. - Yes,I can, 你想像不到Bart有多生气
[26:55.11]'Cause you've told me about three times. 不 我能 你都说了3遍了
[26:57.06]Wonder what they're gonna do to him. 我想知道他们会怎么惩罚他
[26:58.56]- I wish I could see his face. - Hey,you know what? I've got some stories,too, 真希望能看到他的表情
[26:59.77]嘿 你知道吗? 我也有些故事
[27:01.40]Uh,about seeing my mother 关于我妈在圣诞节离家出走后 我第一次去见她的故事
[27:03.20]For the first time since she left at christmas. 我是个最糟糕的女朋友
[27:04.50]- I'm the worst girlfriend. - No,you're not.you're not. 不 你不是 不 不是
[27:06.00]And there's the funny visit to my grandma 还有一次是去养老院探望我祖母的 有趣经历...
[27:07.40]At the old folks' home--
[27:09.40]- Two women,a sponge bath and a bedpan. - I'm sorry,you're right. 两个女人 一个海绵擦浴 外加一个便盆
[27:13.30]I wanna be here right now with you. 对不起 你是对的
[27:17.40]- And--and Nate. - What? - 然后... 还有Nate - 什么?
[27:20.63]Hey,guys. - 嘿 你们好 - 嘿
[27:22.00]- hey - hey - 嘿 - 抱歉打断你们
[27:23.00]Sorry to interrupt. Your mom told me you guys were here. 你妈说你们俩在这儿
[27:24.30]Can I speak with you for one second,Dan? 能和你说两句吗 Dan?
[27:28.00]Uh,yeah.Yeah,sure. 呃 好的
[27:29.21]好的 当然
[27:32.93]All right. Okay. 好 好
[27:37.93]So have you spoken with your sister at all today? 嘿 你今天跟你妹妹说过话吗?
[27:39.70]- no. Why? What's wrong? - I don't know she just called me. 没 没有 干嘛? 有什么问题吗?
[27:42.43]She was really freaked out,didn't know where to turn. 我...我不知道 她刚刚打电话给我
[27:42.12]她完全吓坏了 不知找谁帮忙
[27:44.46]- She asked to borrow $8,000. - What? Why? 她问我借8000美元
[27:47.36]Yeah,I don't know. I tried to get her - 什么? 为什么? - 是的 我不知道
[27:48.33]Tell me what was going on,but she wouldn't say anything. 我试图问明白到底出了什么事
[27:53.50]Please? Dad,just get out,okay I need to change! 求你了?
[27:54.19]爸爸 出去 我要换衣服!
[27:56.46]- Honey,can't you tell me what's going on? - nothing,just leave! 宝贝儿 你就不能告诉我出了什么事吗?
[27:59.30]- Are you crying? Are you upset about the party? - No,can we talk about this later,okay? 没事 爸爸 可以了吗? 你出去吧!
[28:00.08]- 你不喜欢这个派对吗? - 不是 我没有
[28:01.41]我们晚点再谈这个 好吗?
[28:03.30]Really just need to get out of this dress. 我真的必须脱下这条裙子
[28:06.20]Uhh,it's stuck! 哎呀! 卡住了!
[28:07.86]Okay,all right. 好 好吧
[28:08.43]Just help me,okay? Help me get it off. 帮帮我? 帮我把它脱下来
[28:11.36]- Honey,you have to calm down. - No,hurry up. Jenny 你得冷静下来
[28:13.20]- Did you get it? - I need a pair of pliers. 不行 快点
[28:14.21]- 行了吗? - 我需要个钳子
[28:17.06]Dad... 爸爸
[28:21.16]Sorry. Sorry. We were just looking for our wraps. 抱歉 对不起
[28:22.53]I'll get them. 我们只是在找我们的披肩
[28:27.20]Oh,my god. 哦 天啊
[28:28.20]That's my mother's dress. 那是我妈的裙子
[28:30.16]No,you guys,I got this--at resurrection. 不 大家听我说 这是我在...二手商店买的
[28:32.70]Remember,I was telling you 记得吗 我说过我买到了一条超棒的裙子?
[28:34.66]- About the really great dress I bought? - Her mother's one-of-a-kind valentino 而她母亲独家定制的华伦天奴 碰巧从衣柜里凭空消失?
[28:36.66]That just happened to disappear from her closet. - She must have given it away, forgotten or something.
[28:42.20]Are you calling my daughter a thief? 你们是在指控我女儿是个贼?
[28:43.60]Well-- excuse me. - 那个 - 借过
[28:46.70]This feels private,so I'm gonna head out now. 看上去这是私人事件 所以我先告辞了
[28:53.20]I have a table at butter. 我在Butter定了位子
[28:55.00]Reservation's under Waldorf,in case there's an after party. 用Waldorf名定的位 以防生日会后派对之需
[29:05.16]Spotted-- Jenny in a red dress Jenny身着的红裙正好有"赃手"陪衬
[29:07.33]With the red hands to match.
[29:10.53]Looks like other disgrace is the name on the label. 就好像标签上写的是"无比耻辱"
[29:19.26]Blair said they told you Blair说 原定派对落空了
[29:21.40]The original party had fallen through
[29:23.30]That they could surprise you with a better one. 她们想用个更好的派对给你个惊喜
[29:26.10]Blair's a liar. You got played. Blair是个骗子
[29:28.20]She also said that you were afraid 你被耍了
[29:32.10]The girls wouldn't accept everything about you. 她知道你错了
[29:36.93]She knew you were wrong. She wanted you to feel like you had nothing to be ashamed of. 那也是谎言吗?
[29:37.13]Was that a lie,too?
[29:44.63]Where did you get the dress? 这裙子你哪儿弄来的?
[29:47.30]And I know you didn't make it, 我知道不是你做的 因为你的缝纫机不见了
[29:48.46]Cause your sewing machine is gone.
[29:55.13]You have no idea how hard it is,dad. 我不明白这有多难 爸爸
[29:57.70]I sold my sewing machine,okay? 我把我的缝纫机卖了 可以了吗?
[30:00.43]- What? - Ah,and a lamp and some jewelry. 什么?
[30:02.50]Why? 是的 还有个台灯 和一些首饰
[30:04.60]Because i had to. 为什么?
[30:06.40]Dad,did you think that you can just send me off to school 爸爸 你认为让我穿着花格呢子裙
[30:09.50]Th a plaid skirt and a metrocard, 口袋里揣张地铁卡 把我送去学校 然后什么事都没了?
[30:10.56]And everything will be okay. I am not apologizing 我不会为没能给你一架私人飞机 而道歉 Jenny
[30:13.56]For not having a private plane for you,jenny.
[30:17.26]U think i'm ashamed of where i come from? 你以为我是在为我的出身觉得丢脸?
[30:20.53]No,dad,what i a ashamed of 不 爸爸 让我丢脸的是我不得不带个 牛皮纸午餐袋去学校
[30:23.13]Having to bring a brown-bag lunch to school,
[30:25.13]D,you know,eat it in the bathroom, 然后 你知道吗 躲在洗手间吃
[30:27.13]And then go out with my friends 再和我的朋友们一起出去
[30:28.23]And pretend that i'm not hungry 等我和她们一起去吃午餐的时候 还要假装自己不饿
[30:29.26]When i go to lunch with them.
[30:34.00]U don't have to do those things,jenny. 你不用这么做的 Jenny
[30:37.00]You're making a choice. 你在做选择
[30:39.43]Why don't you get? 你怎么就不明白呢?
[30:42.26]Do you want me to choose to have no friends? 你想让我选择一个朋友都没有?
[30:46.30]Look,clearly, 好的 很显然 我的意思是 现在连一个选择都没了
[30:47.83]I mean,that's not even a choice anymore, 因为刚刚都完了
[30:49.20]Because that's just done.
[30:57.30]I should probably get back. 貌似我该回去了
[30:59.00]Well,thank you for staying with me 好吧 感谢在我躲避我的恐怖之家时 有你的陪伴
[31:01.93]- while i hid out from my house of horrors. - Oh,no problem. 哦 没事啦
[31:04.00],do you think jennyll be all right? Yeah,dan's a good guy. 哦 你想Jenny会没事吗?
[31:05.36]He'll take care of her. 是的 Dan是个好人 他会照顾好她的
[31:08.36]U are,too,you know,a good guy-- 你也是 你明白 一个好人...
[31:11.23]A forgiving guy 会宽恕的人 不会永远记恨Blair?
[31:13.53]Who can't pit himself against blair forever.
[31:17.03]good night.i'm sorry you gave me an opening. 晚安
[31:19.56]Couldn't resist. I'm just saying. 对不起 你开了个头 我忍不住
[31:22.23]- How are you doing,man? - Night. - 我只是说说 - 你好吗 小子?
[31:24.23]- Hey. - Hey. 嘿 嘿
[31:25.00]- Where have you been? - Therapy. 你去哪儿了?
[31:27.00]For four hours?,well,before i was--i was playing wii tennis with chuck 心理治疗
[31:28.36]好吧 之前我在...
[31:30.47]我和Chuck在一个叫Brantforth的人 家里玩Wii网球游戏来着
[31:32.16]At this guy named brantfthth's house? 你干嘛和他混在一起?
[31:34.06]why are you hanging out with him? Brantforth?
[31:37.00]Chuck is fun,okay? Chuck很有趣 好吗?
[31:39.00]He's cool to me,and he doesn't treat me like some freak 他对我挺好的
[31:41.16]- At just out the ostroff center. - Who treats you like that? 而且他没当我是个刚从Ostroff 康复中心出来的怪人那样对待
[31:44.73]guys at st. Jude's,the girls at constance, 圣-犹太的男生和康斯坦思的女生 还有"苏克"?
[31:47.00]- A at the korean deli on 75TH street. - Eric... 那家第75大街上的韩国熟食店
[31:49.99]And he's not--he's not always caref a around me, Eric
[31:50.40]而他不是 在我身边的时候 他不会一直小心翼翼
[31:53.13]Like--like one bad thing,and i'll break or something. 就像是... 像是件坏事 然后我会爆发或怎样
[31:56.43]Besides,i always wanted a brother. 况且 我一直想要个哥哥
[31:58.46]I'm trying it out,you know? Here. 我正在摸索当中 知道吗?
[32:02.00]what's this? chuck said it came for you this morning. 这是什么?
[32:04.03]Thought you might want to open it out of the house, Chuck说这是今早给你送来的
[32:03.96]他觉得你在外头打开 以防万一
[32:06.00]Just in case.why didn't he bring it to me himself? 他干嘛不自己给我?
[32:19.33]Cause he thought you wanted him to stay away from you. 你觉得一个利用你运毒的哥哥如何?
[32:16.00]Whoa. Is that coke?
[32:18.20]How do you like a brother who use you as a drug mule?
[32:22.10]Serena,i. Serena 我...
[32:31.26]Hey. Who turned 12? 嘿
[32:33.03]Oh,please don't rub it in. 有谁12岁了吗?
[32:33.57]哦 求你别再提了
[32:40.23]Dad,what happened? 爸爸 出什么事了?
[32:54.66]Hey. 嘿
[32:56.23]You okay? 你没事吧?
[33:00.00]You wanna tell me why you needed to borrow $8,000? 想告诉我你为什么要借8000美元吗?
[33:03.33]Not really. 不太想
[33:07.20]H,i can't believe nate told you. 真不敢相信Nate告诉你了
[33:09.00]Well,he was worried about you, 他很担心你
[33:10.96]At you might be turning into some hideous upper et t cyborg. 担心你变成丑陋的上东区半机械人
[33:14.00]He said that? 他说的?
[33:15.10]No. No,i did. 不 不 我说的
[33:20.96]Just got in way over my head. 事情超出了我的控制
[33:23.00]U know,i thought i could trade the dress 你知道 我以为我可以交换那条裙子
[33:26.73]wear it that night and return it, 然后今晚穿完 再还回去 但是
[33:29.10]But just...
[33:36.53]Look,uh... 你瞧 呃
[33:38.20]It's your birthday, 今天是你的生日 所以我想我们该来点儿冰淇淋
[33:40.00]I think we should get some ice cream,
[33:42.00]And we can talk about all this stuff later,okay? 稍候我们再来谈这件事情 好吗?
[33:46.43]Okay. 好的
[33:47.33]I'll just let dad know what we're gonna do. 我去跟爸说一声
[33:53.13]Jen,ouou--you have so much more to offer Jenny你--你有比那些女孩 拥有更多东西 真的
[33:55.20]Than the things that those girls have,really.
[33:57.13]You've got so much more to bring to the table. 你有更多的天赋需要展现
[34:00.23]You just need to find a way to believe that. 你只需要试着相信这一点
[34:21.30]What the hell is your problem? 你有什么毛病?
[34:23.40]Specify the context. 说清楚上下文
[34:26.23]You disgust me,chuck. 你让我恶心 Chuck
[34:27.93]How dare you involve eric in something like this? 你怎么敢把Eric卷入这种勾当?
[34:30.10]No wonder you're friendless and girlfriendless. 怪不得你既没朋友又没女朋友
[34:32.13]- En your own father expects the worst from you - well,you saw to that. 甚至你自己的爸爸都不对你 抱什么希望
[34:34.66]好的 你看出来了
[34:36.20]Listen,if we're gonna exist under the same roof, 听着 如果我们要存在于同一个屋檐下
[34:38.26]- I am laying down some house rules - no need,princes bart already kicked me out. 我就得定一些家规
[34:40.16]没必要了 公主殿下 Bart已经把我赶出去了
[34:44.00]What? 什么?
[34:44.50]I'm moving back to my suite. 我正要搬回我的套房
[34:46.50]Bart thought it would be best for family be that way for a while Bart认为这个家要融合在一起 没有我一阵子会最好
[35:05.20]There's a line outside. 外面大排长龙
[35:06.20]U ready to give up you're table yet? 您准备放弃您的桌子了吗?
[35:09.23]No. My party's coming. 不 我的派对正要开始
[35:11.76]They're coming! 她们快来了!
[35:24.00]These seats taken? 这里有人吗?
[35:28.10]Any good general knows 任何出色的将领都知道 在士兵面前要表现的不费吹灰之力
[35:30.00]U never let your soldiers see you sweat.
[35:34.00]Look's like this battle's ending at butter, 看上去这场战役在Butter画下了句点 而胜利属于B
[35:35.26]And the win belongs to b.
[35:40.20]Victory is sweet. 胜利是甜蜜的
[35:45.00]i don't want jenny leave this house, ok? 我不想Jenny那么快离开家 可以吗?
[35:47.00]I-i know,dad,but is,s,you know,it's her birthday, 我-我知道 爸爸 但 你知道 今天是她的生日
[35:48.40]- and i kind of promised. - well,since when you do the decisions around here 而且我都跟她说好了
[35:49.76]好吧 鉴于这个家不是你说了算
[35:52.00]- she'll just ha t to take thatth a gr - i'm sorry so what are you gonna do? 看来她就只有忍气吞声了
[35:55.00]Are you just gonna keep her locked up? 好吧 对不起
[35:57.00]I don't know. 就把她锁在家里?
[36:02.20]last week,aspen. This week,prison? 上个星期 去阿斯本度假
[36:05.36]Yeah,well,spring break is over for everyone, 这个星期 送她坐牢?
[36:05.61]没错 好吧 对所有人来说 春假都结束了 包括我
[36:08.00]Including myself
[36:10.20]Really took my eyes off the ball. 我真的太大意了
[36:12.23]so...so what do you want to do? 呃 所以--所以你打算怎么做呢?
[36:18.16]Why don't we just celebrate 15 我们干嘛不就在厨房吃点Jenny的蛋糕 来庆祝她的15岁生日呢?
[36:21.20]with some jenny cake in the kitchen?
[36:23.20]Ay. All right. I'll go tell her. 好吧
[36:24.48]好 我去告诉她
[36:30.00]So,jen 那个 Jenny 我们...
[36:37.10]She's gone. - 她不见了 - 什么?
[36:38.00]What? 她不在里面 她不见了
[36:38.53]She's not in there. She's gone.
[36:49.40]hey 嘿
[36:51.73]Uh,i'm sorry for calling you like that earlier. 呃 很抱歉像之前那样打给你
[36:54.40]i'm so embarrassed.
[36:56.80]Anan,it was stupid and--and inappropriate-- 太丢脸了
[36:59.10]No,no,no,no. Listen,i'm just glad you're okay. - 我的意思是 那样既愚蠢又--又失礼 - 不 不 不 不
[37:00.28]听着 我只是很高兴你没事
[37:02.26]Yeah. 是的
[37:04.46]Um,okay,well,i do have a favor to ask you. 好 好吧 我是有个忙要你帮
[37:08.53]I mean,it's not money, 我的意思是 不是钱的事
[37:09.46]But i just really don't want to be alone on my birthday. 但我只是真的不想独自度过我的生日
[37:45.46]Oh,for me? Thank you. 哦 给我的? 谢谢
[37:55.00]Oh,my god. 哦 我的天哪
[37:57.00]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[37:58.30]Nothing. 没事
[38:01.20]I'll be back. 我马上回来
[38:09.00]Excuse me. 劳驾
[38:09.80]Cuse me! 劳驾!
[38:12.53]I'm going to the bar. 我要去吧台
[38:14.36]What? 什么?
[38:15.43]Bar! 吧台!
[38:17.50]We'll be right back. 我们马上回来
[38:24.20]Where are all the hot guys? 帅哥们都在哪儿?
[38:27.00]i don't know. 不知道
[38:28.63]- they don't exactly serve tea and cupcake - 20 minutes. 呃 这儿确实不供应茶和纸杯蛋糕 Jenny
[38:32.50]Is this really happening? 就20分钟
[38:36.00]Penepepe,you know nate,right? Penepepe 你知道Nate 对吧?
[38:37.73]Of course. Hi. - 当然 嗨 - 嗨
[38:39.76]Hi. Uh,how are you? good to see you again 呃 你好吗?
[38:47.36]HE kills' "sour cherry" PLAYING) Hazel 我想也许是 你妈妈把那条华伦天奴扔了
[38:48.63]Hazel,i think maybe your mom
[38:49.60]give away that valentino.
[38:51.70]Yeah,she is always cleaning out her closet, 没错 她经常清理她的衣柜
[38:53.23]And that ativancan really play with her memory 而且安眠药确实影响了她的记性
[38:58.03]*Shout when you wanna get off the ride shouthehen you wanna get off the ride*
[39:03.84]*shout when you wanna get off the ride ...*
[39:10.24]*make ...*
[39:13.10]*make my heart beat double-time
[39:15.58]*now I'm the only sour cherry on your fruit stand,right?*
[39:18.53]*Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?*
[39:24.00]Hey. 嘿
[39:26.00]I'm really sorry,chuck. 真对不起 Chuck
[39:28.36]i Know it wasn't you who sent me that stuff. 我知道那东西不是你送的
[39:31.00]Never thought i'd say this, 从没想到我会这么说 但事实证明Chuck Bass是清白的
[39:33.20]T it turns out chuck bass is innocent.
[39:36.40]Who did send s. All those naughty gifts? 那这些恶作剧礼物是谁送给S的呢?
[39:40.58]致S: 希望你喜欢这些礼物 我即将回城 G赠
[39:44.63]Why don't i make you a drink? 给你来杯喝的 如何?
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8660-249594-1.html

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