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[00:01.00]英语高级口译资格证书考 试 高级口译教程第二版 第三盒;
[00:51.98]Unit six Publicity and Presentation;
[00:56.17]Passage 3 English-Chinese Interpretation;
[01:00.98]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[01:08.27]Ladies and Gentlemen, My topic today is Education in Australia.;
[01:14.83]In Australia, each state and territory has its own primary;
[01:19.63]and secondary education system.;
[01:21.78]Standards, however,are high and reasonably uniform.;
[01:26.75]Within each state and territory system there are two main types of school — government;
[01:33.05]and non-government. In government schools, attended by about two thirds of children,;
[01:39.73]tuition is free. About three-quarters of the non-government schools are Catholic.;
[01:46.77]Most non-government schools charge fees.;
[01:51.08]Although the states and territories are responsible for all education,;
[01:56.12]the federal Government provides most funding for higher education.;
[02:00.45]In 1989, it set up a system under which undergraduate;
[02:06.41]and postgraduate students must make a financial contribution;
[02:11.24]toward the cost of their study. Throughout Australia,;
[02:16.05]schooling is compulsory between the age of six and fifteen years.;
[02:21.33]However, most children begin school earlier than the law requires,;
[02:26.67]usually in pre-schools run by the same organizations;
[02:31.42]that administer the mainstream schools.;
[02:34.97]Primary schooling lasts six to seven years;
[02:39.51]and the curriculum is similar across the nation.;
[02:43.00]Studies begin with basic language and mathematics,;
[02:47.23]and the fundamentals of inquiry,and social, health and creative skills are taught.;
[02:54.53]Before reaching secondary level, children are learning English, mathematics,;
[03:01.24]elementary science, social studies, music, art, craft and physical education.;
[03:09.08]Optional subjects such as religion, languages and music are common.;
[03:16.30]Secondary schooling begins at year seven or eight;
[03:20.84]and goes typically to year twelve.;
[03:23.75]More advanced levels of the same subjects are taught,;
[03:27.61]plus technical and commercial ones.;
[03:30.44]The typical secondary school is the co-educational comprehensive;
[03:35.39]or multi-purpose high school, offering a wide range of s ubjects.;
[03:40.50]Some states have separate high schools;
[03:43.31]and colleges specializing in technical, agricultural,;
[03:47.69]commercial and other fields.;
[03:50.02]Their curriculums include general academic subjects and practical training.;
[03:56.25]Major examinations or other formal assessments occur after three;
[04:02.34]of four years of high school and, at this point,;
[04:05.99]most students are old enough to leave the system.;
[04:09.35]Another two years' study is available, however,;
[04:13.21]and many keep going to the end-year twelve.;
[04:16.78]In most parts of Australia,certificates are issued at each of these levels,;
[04:22.64]called commonly the School Certificate (at or about year ten);
[04:27.70]and the higher School Certificate (year twelve).;
[04:31.08]The Higher School Certificate is usually required for university;
[04:35.79]of higher-education college entry.;
[04:38.16]Post-secondary education in Australia occurs in universities;
[04:43.05]and colleges of technical and further education called TAFEs.;
[04:49.42]Most of Australia's approximately one million TAFE students attend;
[04:55.45]state-administered colleges. The vast majority study part-time.;
[05:00.61]All major skills in a wide range of industrial, commercial, artistic;
[05:06.49]and domestic occupations are covered.;
[05:09.15]Most universities also offer non-degree continuing-education programs.;
[05:15.57]The entire system is matched by correspondence courses for students prevented;
[05:20.97]by illness, disability or residential isolation from attending schools.;
[05:26.61]There are also "school of the air",;
[05:29.23]which use two way radio networks to provide "classroom" experience;
[05:34.01]to students in isolated places.;
[05:36.35]In some states, children living too far from a secondary school;
[05:40.45]to travel daily may live in government funded or subsidized hostels.;
[05:46.04]Special educational services are provided to integrate into classrooms children;
[05:52.88]with disabilities attending special and mainstream schools.;
[05:56.94]They are designed to accommodate the special needs of children;
[06:01.03]with intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, social or learning disabilities.;
[06:08.74]There is a nationwide school program designed to increase students' sensitivity;
[06:14.93]to the population's multicultural background;
[06:17.95]and to help ethnic communities maintain their languages and cultures.;
[06:23.31]Students from non-English speaking backgrounds are helped;
[06:26.92]to develop their English to enhance their equality;
[06:30.06]of opportunity in education and participation in society.;
[06:35.34]Educational material developed under federal initiatives is available to schools;
[06:41.04]to meet such language needs.;
[06:43.10]I'd like to stop here and wish to take your questions.;
[06:49.08]Unit seven Tour and Visit;
[06:56.02]Text for Interpretation;
[07:01.87]Passage 1 Chines-English Interpretation Text Interpreting;
[07:12.60]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[07:22.63]各位来宾: 欢迎参观上海外国语 学校。在来宾们参观我校 之前,;
[07:33.05]请允许我先简要地介绍 一下我校的概况。;
[07:37.97]我校创办于1963年,隶属 上海外国语大学,是全国 最早创建的几所外国语学 校之一。;
[07:49.44]这所具有外语专业性教育 的全日制寄宿学校,;
[07:54.74]是由国家教育部和上生活 费市教育双重领导的一所 全科类重点中学。;
[08:02.95]学校有支优秀的教师队 伍,现有35个班级, 1,300多名在校生。;
[08:11.76]建校以来,我校以培养外 语水平较高,其他文化知 识较好的毕业生为目标,;
[08:20.95]坚持“加强基础、发展智 力、培养能力”的教学方 针,做到“办学有特色,教 学有特点,学生有特长”,;
[08:33.02]得到了教育部和教育界专 家的肯定,在国内外享有 较高的声誉。;
[08:40.72]我校开设英、德、法、 日、俄等五个语种,各语 种都聘有外籍教师任教,;
[08:50.58]多方面为学生学好外语创 造良好的条件。我校还开 设多种选修课、第二外语 课,帮助学生扩大知识面,;
[09:02.83]发展个性特长,陶冶情操, 保证学生在德、智、体、 美诸方面全面发展。;
[09:11.81]我校十分重视国际友好交 往,与英国、美国、德 国、法国、日本、;
[09:20.02]韩国等国家的一些学校建 立了校际交流关系,每年 进行互访。;
[09:26.56]学校已先后派出近百名师 生出国学习、进修和讲 学。;
[09:33.93]38年来,我校为国家培养 了约5,000名毕业生。;
[09:40.12]他们活跃在各行各业, 为社会主义现代化建设事 业贡献力量。;
[09:47.55]现在,全校师生同心协 力,实施全面素质教育, 改革教学内容、课程设置 和教学方法,;
[09:58.15]提高教学质量和办学效 益,为把学校成一所外 向型、多模式、;
[10:05.42]高质量的国内外名牌外国 语学校而努力奋斗!;
[10:12.76]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation Text interpreting;
[10:24.57]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[10:34.02]Welcome to Vancouver. As Canada's third- largest metropolitan city after Toronto;
[10:42.15]and Montreal,Vancouver is the principal commercial,industrial, shipping, financial,;
[10:49.52]tourist, and cultural center for western Canada.;
[10:54.28]Sometimes called Canada's gateway to the Pacific,;
[10:59.01]Vancouver is linked by shipping services with Pacific ports of the United States,;
[11:05.55]China,Japan,Australia, and New Zealand.;
[11:10.36]Through the Panama Canal it is linked with Atlantic ports of Americas and Europe.;
[11:18.11]Products of Western Canada's farms, ranches, forests, coal mines,;
[11:24.80]and industries are sent by rail to Vancouver;
[11:28.76]and then by water to the ports of the world.;
[11:33.32]One of the world's largest natural ice-free harbors,;
[11:38.13]it is where the manufactured goods from Asia arrive throughout the year.;
[11:44.79]Vancouver's manufacturing includes lumber and paper milling,;
[11:50.34]food processing, oil refining, metal fabricating,;
[11:55.46]and the production of chemicals, machinery, electronic items, and printed matter.;
[12:02.46]Vancouver is predominantly a service center.;
[12:07.45]Since the 1960s, employment in finance, insurance,;
[12:13.17]and real-estate- related activities has tripled,;
[12:17.17]that in accommodation and food services has quadrupled,;
[12:22.22]that in health and welfare services has quintupled,;
[12:26.79]and that in services for business has increased eightfold. Employment in primary;
[12:34.98]and secondary industries has declined relative to population.;
[12:40.82]The majority of Vancouver's historic buildings are in the Gastown;
[12:47.01]and Chinatown areas.;
[12:49.75]Older sections of the city have undergone considerable change since 1960,;
[12:56.31]when downtown high-rise office buildings and hotels were built.;
[13:02.15]False Creek — a decaying industrial area with sawmills, rail yards,;
[13:08.01]and small shops — was transformed into a residential development project.;
[13:14.26]Gastown, the original heart of the city,;
[13:18.16]was restored in the 1880s style with antique stores and boutiques.;
[13:25.24]Vancouver is largely British in character with some Chinese influence.;
[13:32.09]Almost three fourths of the population are of British ancestry.;
[13:38.22]The Chinese, French, Japanese,;
[13:41.36]and East Indians are the largest among other ethnic groups.;
[13:46.95]Its Chinatown is the second largest Chinese community in North America,;
[13:53.16]second only to San Francisco of the United States.;
[13:59.43]The city has long been noted for its cultural activities.;
[14:05.33]Major cultural institutions include the Macmillan Planetarium,;
[14:10.99]Centennial and Maritime museums, the Vancouver Opera House,;
[14:17.70]Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Vancouver Aquarium.;
[14:25.35]Robson Square has provincial government offices, a skating rink,;
[14:31.05]multilevel shopping and food facilities,;
[14:34.72]and a sports stadium with a seating capacity of 60,000.;
[14:40.41]The Robson Square Conference Center and the Provincial Court House buildings;
[14:45.82]are noted for their modern architectural style.;
[14:49.64]Vancouver has numerous scenic and recreational attractions.;
[14:55.15]Parks,beaches, and marinas dot the city's extensive shoreline.;
[15:01.01]Queen Elizabeth Park is noted for its beautiful botanical gardens;
[15:06.06]and conservatory of exotic plants.;
[15:10.06]At this time of the golden autumn season, Vancouver,;
[15:15.10]like many other places of Canada,is extremely beautiful.;
[15:20.42]Backgrounded by the bright blue sky, the leaves on maple trees,;
[15:26.35]with brilliant hues of red, give a flaming tribute to the city.;
[15:31.67]Maple trees produce a peculiar sap each spring,;
[15:36.39]which in turn produces a sweet and delicious syrup.;
[15:40.79]We Canadians are very grateful to these magic trees,;
[15:45.00]because they color the Canadian landscape in the autumn;
[15:48.40]and sweeten the Canadian palate in the spring.;
[15:52.01]In particular, the maple tree leaf is Canada's national symbol,;
[15:57.40]and our national flag flies with it.;
[16:00.47]Wherever we go, the maple tree leaf reminds us of our great country;
[16:06.31]and of our beautiful hometown Vancouver.;
[16:11.12]Extra Text for Practice;
[16:16.01]Passage 1 Chinese-English Interpretation;
[16:23.01]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[16:33.45]上海博物馆是一座大型中 国古代艺术博物馆,创建 于1952年,;
[16:43.62]并于1992年在市中心人民 广场的新址上兴建新馆。;
[16:50.55]1996年雄伟壮观的上海博 物馆新馆全面对外开放, 计有11个专馆和3个展览 馆,;
[17:01.41]开放面积达10,000余平 方米。上海博物馆有 馆藏珍贵文物12万件,;
[17:11.89]包括青铜器、陶瓷器、 书法、绘画、雕塑、家 具、玉牙器、竹木漆器、 甲骨、玺印、钱币、;
[17:25.01]少数民族工艺等21个门 类,其中青铜器、陶瓷器 和书画为馆藏三大特色。;
[17:35.04]上海博物馆新馆建筑总面 积38,000平方米,由地下 两层、地上5层构成,建 筑高度29.5米.;
[17:48.62]这座壮观的新馆将方体基 座和巨型圆顶及4个拱型 出挑结合起来,;
[17:57.70]象征着传统文化与时代精 神的完美融合.;
[18:03.04]从高处俯瞰,上海博物馆 的玻璃圆顶犹如一面硕大 的汉代铜镜.;
[18:10.90]从远处眺望,新馆建筑犹 如一尊青铜古鼎,默默承 载着五千年历史和文明的 重荷.;
[18:21.39]上海博物馆南面大门的两 侧,耸立着八尊汉白玉雕 塑.这是从300多件汉、;
[18:30.05]唐雕塑文物中遴选出8件 作品加以仿制放大,每 件高近3米,重约21吨, 极具庄严雄浑之气。;
[18:42.56]传统文化与现代风格的完 美结合,在室内装饰上也 得以充分体现。;
[18:49.68]大堂扶手拦板均由回首卷 尾的龙纹图案组成,即便 是金光灿灿的扶梯包首,;
[18:59.54]也胎息于商代青铜器中的 龙头。沿着石阶登堂进入 博物馆,您将领略到推开 历史之门的沉重和喜悦。;
[19:14.33]上海博物馆拥有一批古文 物研究、鉴定和考古方面 的高级专家,推出了94种 学术出版物。;
[19:25.46]上海博物馆还有一座藏有 20多万册艺术类和历史类 图书的现代化图书馆、;
[19:34.12]曾获得多项国家科技成果 奖的文物保护技术科学实 验室、书画装裱研究室、 青铜陶瓷修复研究室,;
[19:45.53]以及配有同声传译设施的 多功能国际学术会议演 讲厅。;
[19:51.77]上海博物馆考古部承担了 全市考古发掘工作。;
[19:57.23]考古工作者在全市范围内 发现了新石器时代至战国 的古文化遗址27处,;
[20:05.73]清理了新石器时代至明清 时代的古墓葬500余座, 证明上海有6000年的了 历史。;
[20:15.60]上海博物馆重视对外文化 交流活动,先后在亚洲、 欧洲、;
[20:22.41]北美和澳洲的16个国家和 地区举办了39个古代艺术 文物展览,;
[20:29.28]引进了18个来自不同国家 和地区的艺术展览。这些 展览对弘扬中华民族 文化、了解世界各国文化;
[20:40.36]起到了积极作用。上海博 物馆积极开展国际学术交 流活动,;
[20:46.94]近10年来派出专家学者参 加国际学术会议和专题交 流达100多人次,;
[20:55.16]并多次在馆内主持举办了 国际学术交流活动。;
[21:01.86]上生活费博物馆拥有一个 现在代化的影视中心,配 有先进的放映设备和高清 晰度的大屏幕,;
[21:11.33]通过视屏向文物研究者播 放上海博物馆珍藏的文物 精品。;
[21:18.29]博物馆还设有多媒体导览 服务系统和数码式语音导 览系统,;
[21:24.93]分别用英、日、法、汉、 等8种语言介绍博物馆的 文物精品。;
[21:31.78]在这个电子语音向导的帮 助下,参观者可以听到所 选展品的讲解词,;
[21:38.59]更好地领略现代科技所表 现的古代文化带来的艺术 享受。;
[21:47.24]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation;
[21:55.43]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[22:04.73]Situated between the state of New Youk of the United States;
[22:10.49]and the province of Ontario of Canada,and with an age of 25,000 years,;
[22:17.34]Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders;
[22:22.17]on the North American continent. The falls are on the Niagara River,;
[22:27.08]which flows between the United States and Canada from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.;
[22:34.03]The falls are about 17 miles northwest of Buffalo, N. Y..;
[22:40.72]The industrial city and tourist center of Niagara Falls, N. Y.;
[22:46.00]is adjacent to the American side of the falls.;
[22:50.13]Niagara Falls,Ontario, is across the river.;
[22:55.62]The falls are divided into two parts by Goat Island.;
[23:01.04]The larger portion, on the southwest side, is the Canadian falls,;
[23:06.80]known as the Horseshoe Falls. It measures 790 meters along its curve and drops 49.4 meters.;
[23:18.50]The smaller American falls is northeast of Goat Island.;
[23:23.85]It is 305 meters across and drops about 51 meters.;
[23:30.30]Just before flowing over the ledge,;
[23:34.02]the American stream is only about one meter deep,;
[23:37.63]while the Canadian stream is about six meters deep;
[23:41.34]and carries some 95 percent of the Niagara River's water.;
[23:47.06]Thus the Horseshoe is the larger and grander of the two falls.;
[23:53.85]Every minute about 340,000 cubic meters, or close to 379,000 tons, of water;
[24:03.20]pours in torrents over the cliffs of the falls of Niagara.;
[24:08.23]As the water plunges from the brink of the falls,it fills the air with a silvery mist,;
[24:15.43]which under the sunlight displays many brilliant rainbows.;
[24:20.57]The plunging water also sends out a never-ending roar as it strikes the bottom.;
[24:27.40]For this reason the Indians called the cataract Niagara,;
[24:32.13]meaning "thunder of waters".;
[24:35.30]The plunging water has worn away the lower rocks;
[24:39.66]so that there are caves behind the sheets of water of both falls.;
[24:44.24]Sightseers may enter the Cave of the Winds at the foot of the American falls;
[24:49.95]and get an unusual view.;
[24:52.82]The Canadian falls has carved a plunge basin 59 meters deep.;
[24:59.44]Both the United States and Canadian governments have built parks,;
[25:04.87]viewing platforms, paths, and highways.;
[25:08.69]The Niagara Reservation State Park was established in 1885;
[25:14.09]and is New York's oldest state park. It includes an observation tower,;
[25:20.43]elevators that descend into the gorge at the base of the American falls,;
[25:25.28]and boat trips into the waters at the base of the Horseshoe Falls.;
[25:30.46]At night colored lights illuminate the falls;
[25:33.90]and create a charming spectacle which viewers find hard to turn away from.;
[25:40.11]The park area has long been a tourist site;
[25:43.40]and a favorite spot for couples to spend their honeymoons.;
[25:53.13]Unit eight Interview;
[26:01.49]Text for Interpretation;
[26:01.20]Passage 1 Chinese-English Alternating Interpretation;
[26:08.36]Text Interpreting Listen to the tape;
[26:13.07]and interpret the following passage alternatively into English and Chinese.;
[26:21.03](今天我们可以毫不夸张 地说,计算机已无所不 在。先进的高科技产品似 乎随处可见,;
[26:31.70]我们的办公室、学校和住 所都有。但是相对来说, 计算机的发展历史比较 短。;
[26:40.20]直到20世纪40年代晚期, 计算机才从专业的科学仪 器发展为商品。;
[26:48.35]保罗.赛卢奇先生在他的 《现代计算机的历史》一 书中探讨了几乎鲜为人 知的计算的展史。;
[26:56.73]以下是对保罗.赛卢奇先 生的一次采访.);
[27:02.08]问:赛卢奇先生,现代计算 的历史究竟从何时 开始的?;
[27:09.13]A:Well,computing is something that people have been doing for centuries.;
[27:14.48]But,I like to think that the beginnings of the modern era of computing;
[27:19.61]really began around 1945 when the first computer was completed that used vacuum,;
[27:26.53]or electronics,to do the calculations instead of gears and mechanical parts.;
[27:34.57]问:那台计算机的性能 如何呢?;
[27:38.35]A:Well, it was quite unreliable. The tubes burned out.frequently.;
[27:44.40]But, if you could keep it running for an hour or two you could do more work in that hour;
[27:49.99]than you could with a mechanical device running all day.;
[27:55.11]问:你在书中告诉读者, 计算机其实是20世纪40年 代后期由专业科学仪器转 变为商业产品的.;
[28:06.41]那么,是谁促成了这种转 变的呢?;
[28:10.66]A:A lot of people have claimed credit;
[28:14.32]and there is a bit controversy over this concept.;
[28:17.93]What really happened was people who built these early computers conceived of the idea;
[28:24.04]of storing the program the instructions that tell the computer what to do internally,;
[28:29.92]in its own memory. It is a very ingenious idea that seems obvious in retrospect.;
[28:37.90]问:赛卢奇先生,在你所著 的《现代计算史》中, 你论述了经济和冷战对计 算的影响。;
[28:47.68]那么,你在书中写到了 哪些影响呢?;
[28:52.10]A:We, today, enjoy a wealth of consumer products that use silicon chips;
[28:58.39]that cost sometimes a few dollars. I have one on my wristwatch.;
[29:04.38]Our pocket calculators cost a few dollars, or are even given away.;
[29:10.50]It is hard to imagine that the first silicon chips were very delicate,;
[29:16.03]very expensive devices.;
[29:19.23]No one was quite sure if they were going to work at all.;
[29:23.65]But, the United States Air Force faced a problem of trying;
[29:27.96]to miniaturize guidance electronics for its missiles;
[29:31.63]and entered into a number of contracts;
[29:34.31]with companies that were making silicon chips;
[29:37.68]and the result was they improved the reliability.;
[29:41.81]They allowed the companies to set up production lines;
[29:45.31]that eventually drove down the cost. So, today's two-dollar calculator;
[29:51.36]is the product of a multi-million dollar air force project of the early 1960s.;
[29:59.10]问:在计算机科技领域, 最大的公司显然是国际商 务机器公司,即IBM公司.;
[30:08.77]那么IBM公司有哪些功过 是非呢?;
[30:13.31]A:IBM was a manufacturer of punch cards,;
[30:17.55]equipment that used mechanical readers,and electro-magnetic replays;
[30:22.79]and they were very, very successful. Around the late 1940s;
[30:29.31]they saw these experimental electronic computers coming along;
[30:33.39]and they made a very brilliant decision to go with the electronic computer.;
[30:39.68]It sounds obvious in hindsight. But, if you were there at the time,;
[30:46.37]it might have seemed a very, very risky decision.;
[30:51.43]But, they did it and they became dominant in the computer industry.;
[30:57.02]That domination lasted right up into the 1980s until a little upstart company;
[31:04.59]called Microsoft came along and a few other companies came along.;
[31:09.60]That kind of knocked them out of that position because they failed to see;
[31:14.66]that the little personal computers,;
[31:17.28]which were kind of hobbyist kits in the early days, were going to have;
[31:21.64]such an enormous potential once the bugs were ironed out of them.;
[31:27.06]问:赛卢奇先生,我的最后 一个问题是,当今计算机 面临的主要问题是什么?;
[31:35.91]A:There used to be big problems of reliability,;
[31:39.75]just getting them to work at all. Now, they work.;
[31:44.40]They are reliable and relatively cheap. Now, the problems of politics;
[31:50.29]and the social uses of computers have sort of bubbled up to the surface,;
[31:55.29]now that those other problems have been taken care of.;
[31:59.07]So, we have questions of monopoly use,;
[32:03.38]or domination of the infrastructure of computers and communications,;
[32:08.10]censorship on the Internet,;
[32:10.43]the relationship of the Internet to more traditional forms of communication;
[32:15.14]and information — like newspapers and radio.;
[32:18.92]These are all political issues, really.;
[32:23.41]Passage 2 English-Chinese Alternating Interpretation;
[32:29.81]Text Interpreting Listen to the tape;
[32:34.06]and interpret the following passage alternatively into English and Chinese.;
[32:40.99]Q:China has held many cultreal exchange activities in Europe;
[32:45.85]and other parts of the word.;
[32:47.26]The coming China Culture Week in London is the largest cultural exhibition;
[32:52.03]of its kind.May I know the purpose of staging such an exhibition?;
[32:57.63]答:我们已经进入了一个 新的千年.文化周是庆祝 新纪元到来的大型活动之 一.;
[33:06.07]我们还希望这次展览能帮 助英国人民以及来自世界 其他地区的人们了解中国 的今昔.;
[33:14.83]同时,文化周也是东西方 文化的一次沟通,;
[33:19.47]我们希望这次活动能够促 进中英两国和两国文化之 间的交流和了解,缩短东 西方之间的差距.;
[33:29.62]Q:What will be displayed winthin the seven short days?;
[33:34.94]答:我们选择了一些反映 中国文化精髓的主题,有 古代的,也有现代的,活动 分成展览和表演两大类.;
[33:45.77]Q:Could you tell be displayed within the seven short days?;
[33:49.62]答:我们要展示的内容包 括中国在教育、文化、 建筑和科技方面所取得的 成就,;
[33:58.89]介绍首都北京和东方明珠 上海的新貌。我们还要展 出中国陶器、京剧戏装、;
[34:07.59]中国编钟和中国出土文物 的精品。;
[34:11.72]最后一场展览将展示被联 合国科教文组织列入世界 遗产名录的21处景点及其 图片和物品,;
[34:22.83]如莫高窟复制品、出土于 秦始皇陵的青铜战车等。;
[34:29.58]Q:What about the performance?What do we ecpect to see?;
[34:36.67]答:在展出期间我们将安 排三场演出,;
[34:41.75]有编钟音乐会,有民间歌 舞演出,有中国历史上各 朝代的服饰表演和现代的 服装表演。;
[34:52.80]Q:Most of British people have little knowledge of Chinese chimes.;
[34:57.77]Could you take a few minutes and introduce your chimes to us?;
[35:03.01]答:编钟是我们古人所用 的一种严肃乐器。将要展 出的编钟是1978年出土 的。;
[35:13.00]研究表明,这些编钟为 战国早期的礼仪乐器,;
[35:18.70]大约出自2400年前伟大思 想家孔子和伟大诗人屈原 生活的时代。;
[35:27.79]Q:How many chimes will be displayed?;
[35:32.59]答:你们将看到65个编钟, 全是以青铜铸造,八音度 的音域很宽,是音域最 宽、定音最全的大乐器。;
[35:44.93]每个编钟都可以发出有着 不同高低音的两种音调,;
[35:50.73]这表明当时人们已具有高 水平的音乐表演能力和高 超的乐器制作工艺。;
[35:58.32]与这些编钟同时出土的还 有其他124种古乐器,如瑟 笙、箫、鼓。这次我们带 了一部分古代乐器参展。;
[36:13.11]Q:How do these chimes sound to the modern ear?;
[36:18.58]答:编钟可以很好地同中 国民乐队协秦,也能和谐 地同西文交响乐队协秦。;
[36:27.90]中国编钟乐团选择、整理 和重新编排了一些古乐 作品。;
[36:34.60]有些参加演出的乐器年代 甚至比编钟还要久远, 如3000年前商代的青铜鼓 和8000年前的芜阳骨哨。;
[36:48.05]Q:what about the Peking Opera costumes to be displayed?;
[36:53.91]答:欧洲是交响乐之乡, 是许多杰出作曲家的摇 篮。中国也有歌剧, 那就是京剧。;
[37:05.29]京剧起源于200年清朝时 期的北京。京剧是一种集 歌剧表演、歌唱、音乐、;
[37:15.39]舞蹈和武术于一体的表演 艺术。我们的服装展览会 将展示这个“东方歌剧 ”历时200年的发展史,;
[37:25.83]以及源自清朝后期的舞台 服饰。服饰设计采用了夸 张性和象征性的手法, 色彩明亮鲜艳,;
[37:36.55]用料独特,裁剪别致。 另一场展览将展出600套 服饰,其中有秦汉以来不 同朝代的古装,;
[37:47.10]有我国少数民族服装, 也有现代服饰。我国大陆 的名模将登台表演,;
[37:54.74]展示我国服装业和服装 设计师的成就。;
[37:59.77]Q:Thank you very much for the introduction.;
[38:02.95]I wish the coming China Culture Week a complete success.;
[38:08.25]答:谢谢,我期待着在展 览会与您再次见面。;
[38:14.16]Extra Text for practice;
[38:17.35]Passage 1 Chinese-English Alternating Interpretation;
[38:23.32]Listen to the tape;
[38:24.71]and interpret the following passage alternatively into English and Chinese:;
[38:32.13](加拿大通信专家马歇 尔.迈克卢汉一生中从未 碰过个人电脑.;
[38:40.00]迈克卢汉于1979年逝世, 他对媒体的研究以及他对 人们和社会的影响至今仍 发挥着作用.;
[38:51.28]美国高科技专家保罗.列 文森与迈克卢汉教授相 识,;
[38:57.08]他在自己所著的《数字化 的迈克卢汉:;
[39:00.88]进入信息化千年的引导 者》一书中探讨了迈克卢 汉对媒体的研究以及他对 大众和社会的影响.;
[39:10.48]以下是对保罗.列文森的 一次采访);
[39:15.44]问:列文森先生,你在所著 的《数字化的迈克卢汉:;
[39:21.03]进入信息化千年的引导 者》一书中探讨了 马歇尔.迈克卢汉对媒体 的研究;
[39:27.89]以及他对大众和社会的影 响.迈克卢汉教授是一位 来自加拿大的通讯专家,;
[39:35.65]一生中他从未碰过个人 电脑.可他为什么会是一 名如此重要的人物呢?;
[39:43.35]A:He did his writing in the decades of 1950s through 1970s. And those decades,;
[39:52.17]of course,were the first years of television.;
[39:55.35]He was the first thinker to really look at television;
[39:59.31]as something that had a serious impact upon our society.;
[40:04.05]Interestingly,although he was writing about television,;
[40:08.46]an enormous amount of what he said has even more applicability to the Internet age.;
[40:14.77]For example,he said that television was turning the world into a global village.;
[40:22.25]What he meant by that is that when everyone watches the same thing;
[40:26.82]on the television screen,;
[40:29.50]that group which is watching the television program is a community of sorts.;
[40:35.25]It's like the people in a village all hearing and seeing the same thing.;
[40:40.83]In contrast,now in the new millennium, when people communicate on the web,;
[40:47.53]and through the Internet, they are not only doing and hearing;
[40:52.39]and seeing the same thing, they are also participating,;
[40:56.74]communicating among each other.;
[40:59.86]So,the notion of village becomes much more meaningful;
[41:04.16]and real in our digital age.;
[41:07.23]问:所不同的是电视是一 种单向的媒体,而因特网 是双响的.;
[41:14.88]A:That's right. There is the crucial difference right there.;
[41:20.40]Most media in the 20th century,in fact all of the major media of the 20th century— radio,;
[41:27.99]motion pictures, television — were and are like newspapers and books:;
[41:33.91]one-way medi-a. The telephone, which of course was invented in 1876,;
[41:41.11]is a two-way medium. But, it is a two-way personal medium.;
[41:46.75]There is nothing public,;
[41:49.48]or there shouldn't be much public about a telephone conversation.;
[41:54.28]What makes the Internet so different is that it is public;
[41:58.63]but it is also interactive and two-way.;
[42:03.15]问:我们怎么样来确保我 们所拥有的是一个地球村 而不是一个国际贫民 窟呢?;
[42:10.63]因为因特网可能有危险. 一说起村庄,我就想到这 是一个友好的地方.;
[42:18.84]而因特网并不是一个不折 不扣的友善之地,是吗?;
[42:24.86]A:The village itself we might think of as being friendly.;
[42:29.72]But even with traditional villages,;
[42:32.73]I'm sure a fair share of villages had one or two psychotic persons.;
[42:38.82]So, the Internet is really a magnification of human life.;
[42:43.78]So unsurprisingly,yes, there are some nut cases on the Internet.;
[42:50.03]There are hackers and other types of criminals on the Internet;
[42:54.44]and we do have to work hard to be aware of those problems;
[42:59.30]and do what we can to keep them in check. At the same time,;
[43:04.66]we have to resist the temptation of turning the Internet into a police state;
[43:10.07]or into an arena where the rights and freedoms;
[43:13.92]that we enjoy off line are curtailed online in the interest of keeping it safe.;
[43:20.39]There is always that sort of balance. Yes, we want it to be safe,;
[43:26.70]but, yes, we also want it to be free.;
[43:31.45]问:马歇尔.迈克卢汉看到 了一个人人都能成为出版 商的时代.他指的是复 印机.;
[43:40.32]今天,我们有了因特网, 它能使每个人都成为出色 的出版者,但不是编辑.;
[43:48.30]人人都是出版者,但周围 却没有编辑,难道这不是 一个问题吗?;
[43:54.77]A: The traditional value of the editor is in some way to stipulate;
[44:00.58]and vouch for the quality of the publication.;
[44:04.43]Yes,there is a concern that when anyone can put anything on a web page;
[44:10.85]there is no safeguard for the quality. But, on the other hand,;
[44:16.09]and there is always another hand,;
[44:18.83]I think the reason why McLuhan celebrated first the Xerox,;
[44:23.96]allowing every author to be a publisher, and why I'm now so pleased;
[44:29.38]that the web is even expanding and amplifying that,;
[44:34.06]is there is also the danger of editors keeping out of the mixed;
[44:39.25]things that are good. What the web does is it removes the middleman;
[44:46.29]and allows the creator to communicate directly with his or her audience,;
[44:51.42]and on balance I think that's a good thing. There will be more trash available.;
[44:58.51]But,there will also be more treasure;
[45:00.91]that would otherwise be hidden from public view.;
[45:05.99]Passage 2 English-Chinese Alternating Interpretation;
[45:13.08]Listen to the tape;
[45:14.97]and interpret the following passage alternatively into Chinese and English :;
[45:31.10]Q:Almost all modern operas originated from some kind of ancient performing art.;
[45:40.15]答:是的,歌剧是由原始 歌舞发展而来,包括祭祀 神灵、祖先以及庆祝丰 收和胜利的歌舞。;
[45:51.75]据历史记载,取悦王公贵 族的专业艺术家早在春秋 战国时期便已出现。;
[46:00.35]西汉时期,宫廷和民间盛 行舞蹈、音乐、杂技和手 技等表演。;
[46:08.55]以后出现了歌舞剧,并加 入动作和对话来表现 剧情。;
[46:16.64]Q:As for as I hnow, Chinese operas first appeared in the south.;
[46:23.23]答:不完全对,这样说吧, 宋、金时期出现了杂剧, 其中最为突出是南剧, 通常叫作南戏,;
[46:35.06]主要出现在闽浙一带。 现代戏剧带有一些明显的 南戏成分。;
[46:42.88]元朝的杂剧达到盛鼎时 期,出现了一大批经典作 品和杰出的剧作家。;
[46:51.75]到了明朝,杂剧分化成不 同的地方戏剧,有着不同 的唱腔。;
[46:58.84]Q:The life of drama lies in its development and renovation.;
[47:05.76]答:完全正确。中国戏剧 到了清朝更加繁荣,同时 也进一步地区化,产生了 不同的唱腔,;
[47:16.14]如高腔、昆腔、秦腔、 梆子、二黄、西皮等。;
[47:23.17]到了清朝中期,北京的戏 班子将二黄和西皮融合起 来,同时还采用了其他唱 腔的一些成分,;
[47:34.84]推出了一种新的皮黄调, 就是现在京剧的前身。;
[47:41.09]Q:What attributes to the sustained popularity;
[47:44.83]of traditional Chinese operas?;
[47:48.73]答:在长期的发展过程 中,中国戏剧形成了鲜明 的民族特色,受到广大群 众的欢迎,;
[47:58.33]也得到政府强有力的 支持。自1949年以来, 中国传统戏剧得到了前 所未有的发展,;
[48:08.21]全国各地现有剧团 1,573个,演员达到86,000 多名,其中京剧团为135个 京剧演员11,000左右.;
[48:23.89]Q:In the west,operas are losing young audiences,What is the situation in China?;
[48:31.59]答:在变化了的生活方式 和大众传媒的冲击下,传 统戏剧在一些大城市失去 了许多年轻的观众.;
[48:42.31]但是,传统戏剧依然是最 受我国人民欢迎的娱乐活 动之一.;
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8832-259940-1.html

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