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LECTURE 23 基本动词 GET 2






LECTURE 23 基本动词 GET 2


1. get 〔have〕 a clean bill of health **(体检后)拿到健康证明;(经过调查后)拿到情况良好的证明

解 习语;词义溯源:获得[无病的(clean)] [健康证明(bill of health)];参照give sb. a clean bill of health

解 “We're pleased to announce that the government tax auditors have examined our accounting practices and have found nothing wrong with the way we've reported our taxes in the past. We got a clean bill of health. I hope this ends the suspicion and rumors about...”

2. get a dirty look from sb. / get a dirty look **遭人白眼,遭人厌恶

解 习语;词义溯源:遭受某人的[白眼(dirty look)]

例 Men and women holding hands in public used to be illegal in this Islamic country. Nowadays it's not illegal, but still gets dirty looks from some of the older generation.

3. get a fair shake **得到公平待遇

解 习语;词义溯源:得到[公平待遇(fair shake)];参照give sb. a fair shake

例 Without a lawyer, Song Ying, I'm afraid you won't get a fair shake. Please reconsider your plan to represent yourself without a lawyer.

4. get 〔have〕 a free hand with sth. / get 〔have〕 a free hand **全权负责

解 习语;词义溯源:得到对某事物的[自由裁决权(free hand)];参照give sb. a free hand with sth.

例 Before you get a free hand, you'll have to prove you know what you're doing and can be trusted. That won't happen as fast as you would like it to because we have to be absolutely sure of you.

5. get 〔have〕 a grasp of sth. **理解,掌握,领会

解 习语;词义溯源:得到对某事物的[理解、掌握、领会(grasp)];这里的grasp多数情况下与good,sound,solid等形容词连用;参照give sb. a grasp of sth.

例 Computers in the classroom are helping students these days to get a grasp of math and sciences at a much earlier age—and in a fun way. Through exciting games, educational computer programs teach without the child ever realizing he's being taught!


(A) gets a clean bill of health

(B) get...dirty looks

(C) get a fair shake

(D) get a free hand with

(E) get a grasp of

1. A: The government is funding this research, but they let us decide everything ourselves about the conduct of the project. B: How did you manage to ______ it? The government usually wants to have absolute control of anything they fund.

2. A: It'll take you a few weeks to comprehend exactly what your job is. So don't worry if you feel confused for a while. B: I'm eager to ______ my job as quickly as possible. A few weeks seem much too long. I think I will have a full understanding of it in a couple of days.

3. A: How did your father's check-up go? Is he okay? B: I never worry about my father. He always ______. He's 65 years old and in perfect health. A: I hope I'm in that good physical condition when I grow old.

4. A: Don't you ______ a lot of ______ when you wear that T-shirt with the naked woman on it? B: Not in San Francisco. People there are liberal. They'd never look disapprovingly at anything anybody wears. Everything is possible there.

5. A: I really doubt we'll ______ from any judge in this country. B: Yeah, you're right. It's not likely he's going to treat us equally—to him, we're just a couple of foreigners. He's going to make us pay a huge fine and then split the profit with his police friends.


1. (D)

2. (E)

3. (A)

4. (B)

5. (C)


I. 1. “我们很高兴地宣布,政府税务审计员已经对我们公司的会计实务进行了检查,未发现我们过去报税的方式有任何问题。我们是清白的。我希望这能够使我们不再受到怀疑和非议……”

2. 过去,在这个伊斯兰国家,男女在公共场合牵手是违法的。现在,虽然这已经不非法了,但是老一辈对此依然很厌恶。

3. 宋英,不请律师的话,我担心你无法得到公平待遇。请再斟酌一下是否还打算不请律师,自己出庭陈述。

4. 在你全权负责之前,你必须证明你了解自己正在做的事情,证明你是值得信赖的。这不会有你想象中那么快,因为我们需要完全信任你。

5. 如今,教室里的计算机可以帮助学生在更小的年龄掌握数学和科学——并且以一种有趣的方式进行。计算机教育程序通过有趣的游戏进行教学,孩子们根本感觉不到他们正在接受教育!

II. 1. A:政府正在为这项研究投入资金,但是他们让我们自行决定关于项目执行的一切事宜。B:你们怎么做到全权负责的?政府通常会对他们投资的所有项目拥有绝对控制权。

2. A:你需要花几周时间充分了解你的工作。所以,即使你偶尔感到迷惑也不用担心。B:我很想尽快掌握我的工作。几周时间似乎太长了。我想我几天之内就能全面了解了。

3. A:你爸爸的体检结果怎么样?他还好吧?B:我从不担心我爸爸。他一直都很健康。他已经65岁了,但是身体非常好。A:真希望我老了以后也能保持良好的身体状况。

4. A:你穿着那件印有裸体女人的T恤衫时,难道不会遭人白眼吗?B:在旧金山是不会的。那里的人们非常自由开明。他们对于别人的任何着装都不会表现出不喜欢。在那里,一切皆有可能。

5. A:我真怀疑我们能否受到该国法官的公平对待。B:是啊,你说得对。他可能不会给我们平等的待遇,对他来说,我们只是几个外国人而已。他可能会让我们支付大额罚款,然后跟他的警察朋友分钱。


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