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LECTURE 34 基本动词 GET 13






LECTURE 34 基本动词 GET 13


1. get mixed up **陷入混乱

解 习语;词义溯源:成为[混淆的(mixed up)]状态

例 Hey, Su Jin! Hey, Su Jin! Oh, I'm sorry. I got you mixed up with my friend Su Jin. You look very much like her. Sorry.

2. get moving **变得忙碌;使开始工作;更加认真或迅速地做事

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:成为[移动的(moving)]状态

例 The sun will be setting in about 45 minutes, so you'd better get moving if you're going to finish cutting the grass before it gets dark outside.

3. get 〔have〕 a raw deal *遭冷落,坐冷板凳;受到不公平的待遇

解 俚语;词义溯源:受到[严苛的、不公平的(raw)][待遇(deal)]

例 Black people have always gotten a raw deal in this country, so it's no surprise that most of the famous black singers from the 1960's received next to nothing from their hit songs that made so much money.

4. get off ***下来;下车,下马;动身,出发;使免于受罚;(与异性)交好

解 短语动词;词义溯源:[掉下、脱落、隔离、完全(off)]走开;参照get sth. off

例 Ican't endure much more of this. I'm getting off at the next station. I'd rather walk the rest of the way to the office than get crushed in this subway “hell” train.

5. get off easy 〔lightly〕 **逃过重罚或麻烦,轻易逃脱,(干了坏事却)受到轻判

解 习语;词义溯源:[容易(easy)或轻易地(lightly)][脱离(off)]而走开;参照slap one's wrist

例 Sheriff Voltilly makes sure every visitor to Brighton County knows the way justice is dispensed in his county. A sign at the county's border reads “Nobody Gets Off Easy. ” And from what this reporter hears, he's true to his word.


(A) got mixed up

(B) Get moving

(C) got a raw deal

(D) getting off

(E) got off easy

1. A: I heard from Joe about the judge's decision in your divorce settlement. You really ______, didn't you? B: You said it!I guess I should have hired a powerful lawyer like my wife did. Maybe I wouldn't have been treated so unfairly. She gets everything, I get nothing—I can't even visit our children.

2. A: Before departing the aircraft, please be sure to check the overhead storage compartment for any personal belongings. Thank you. B: What did she say? C: She said check the overhead compartment before ______ the plane.

3. A: She only has to pay $100 to the disco where she broke the window while fighting. She ______!The judge could have given her a week in jail. B: The judge was Judge Wilson and everybody knows he doesn't punish women harshly.

4. A: Hey, trying to find your apartment is difficult. The taxi driver and I ______ and had to stop at a police station to ask for directions. B: Yeah, everybody gets confused the first time they come to this apartment complex. The numbers on the buildings make no sense at all.

5. A: Your men are taking too long. Tell them they'd better start doing it as quickly as possible or find another contractor. B: Hey, you two over there!Yeah, you two. ______ on digging that hole. You're moving as slow as a goddamn turtle!Faster!Faster!


1. (C)

2. (D)

3. (E)

4. (A)

5. (B)


I. 1. 嘿,苏瑾!嘿,苏瑾!哦,很抱歉,我把你跟我的朋友苏瑾弄混了。你看起来很像她。对不起。

2. 还有约45分钟太阳就要落山了,所以如果你想在天黑之前把草割完的话,最好行动起来。

3. 黑人在这个国家经常受到不公平待遇。所以对于上个世纪60年代的大部分著名黑人歌手来说,尽管他们的畅销歌曲赚了很多钱,但他们自己几乎什么也没有赚到,这种情况并不令人吃惊。

4. 我再也受不了了。我要在下一站下车。我宁愿走着去上班,也不愿意在这“该死的”地铁车厢里挤来挤去。

5. 沃尔提利长官想确保每一个到布莱顿县的游客都能了解这里是如何确保公正的。县边界的一块标志牌上写着“绝不从轻发落”。根据记者得到的消息,他确实信守承诺。

II. 1. A:我从乔那儿听说了法官对你们离婚案的判决。你的确受到了不公平的对待,是不是?B:是啊!我想我应该像我妻子一样,聘请一位有能力的律师,这样或许我就不会受到如此不公平的对待了。她得到了一切,而我却什么也没有——我甚至连去看孩子都不行。

2. A:在下飞机之前,请检查座位上方行李箱里的私人物品。谢谢。B:她说什么?C:她说在下飞机之前,查看一下座位上方的行李箱。

3. A:她打架时打碎了那扇窗户,却只要向迪厅支付100美元。她受到的处罚太轻了!法官本应该判她一周监禁的。B:负责此事的是威尔逊法官,大家都知道他不会严厉处罚女性的。

4. A:嘿,你的公寓可真难找啊。出租汽车司机和我都糊涂了,只能到警察局问路。B:是啊,第一次到这栋公寓楼的人都会糊涂。大楼上标的数字根本没有一点意义。

5. A:你们的人花的时间太长了。告诉他们最好尽快开始工作,要不就再去找个承包商。B:嘿,那边的两个!对,就是你们。马上开始打洞。你们就跟该死的乌龟一样慢!快点!快点!


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