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LECTURE 145 基本动词 RUN 4






LECTURE 145 基本动词 RUN 4


1. run sb. or sth. down / run down sb. or sth. *** 查出,搜到;把某人或某物撞倒;诽谤,诋毁;耗尽

解 短语动词;词义溯源:[向下(down)]驱赶某人或使某人或某物成为[不好的、下降的(down)]状态

例 For maximum battery life, turn off your laptop computer when you won't be using it for more than a half hour. Placing the computer in the “Suspend” mode does not stop the batteries from running down. So make a practice of turning it off when you take a long break and you'll save battery power.

2. run sb. ragged ** (因过度工作而)精疲力竭;使某人极度疲惫

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:使某人成为[精疲力竭的(ragged)]状态

例 You got a summer job at the Dairy King? Don't you know about them? They have a reputation for working their employees pretty hard. Lisa Thornton—do you know her? Well anyway, she worked there last summer and she said they ran her ragged. If I were you, I'd find something else.

3. run scared ** 小心翼翼,战战兢兢

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:成为[被吓到的、害怕的(sacred)]状态;通常用于描述参加竞选的人

例 Though he's trying hard not to show it, the leader of the Angel's Souls gang is running scared. We've taken control of at least 30% of his territory in this city and have pushed him completely out of the business district. He's putting up a brave front , but deep down he knows the end is coming.

4. run short of sth. / run short ** 快用完,快耗尽

解 习语;词义溯源:成为[不足的、不够的(short)]状态

例 Notice All Employees: Please think before photocopying. We're running short of photocopy paper and don't expect a resupply until late next week. Decide whether you really need to make a copy, reduce the number of copies you make and be sure to prepare the copying machine so that no copies are wasted.

5. run 〔drive〕 sth. into the ground ** 彻底击败;把某事做过头;使精疲力竭

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:把某物赶到[地(ground)]里面

例 Farmers in this country have no mercy for their work animals. They'll work a beast of burden until it dies of sheer exhaustion. Animal rights groups have complained about their callous treatment, but nothing's ever changed. They just keep running the poor animals into the ground.


(A) running...down

(B) run...ragged

(C) running scared

(D) running short of

(E) run...into the ground

1. A: Hey, why are we only getting two loaves of bread this week? The government guaranteed us all four loaves a week. B: Sorry, but the bakery is ______ wheat flour. So only two loaves. A: Their supply is low because of our crooked officials who sell the flour to foreign countries. Let them do without ! I demand four loaves. I can't feed my family with only two.

2. A: What's up? You looked really tired. Is your new job ______ you ______? B: You said it. Damn, if I had known that working in an office could exhaust you the way it does, I never would have taken the job. The job's making me lose my health.

3. A: I could have told you working for Three Moon Co. would ______ you ______. They make everybody stay late and work long hours. B: Yeah, and they make us do so much that we're all exhausted by day's end.

4. A: Overexposure, that's what it is. We've used the motto so much that people have gotten tired of hearing it and it's no longer effective. B: Okay, so we've ______ it ______. What's next?

5. A: You've got Hutton Heavy Industries nervous that something bad is going to happen if they don't win that contract. They're ______! B: And they should be—we're going to crush them!


1. (D)

2. (A)

3. (B)

4. (E)

5. (C)


I. 1. 为保证电池达到最长的使用寿命,若超过半小时不使用笔记本电脑请关机。将电脑设置成“待机”状态并不会停止消耗电池。所以,较长时间不使用时,请养成关电脑的习惯,以节省电池的电力。

2. 你在“乳品王”做暑期工吗?你是不了解他们吗?他们剥削员工是出了名的。莉萨·桑顿,你认识她吧?她去年夏天在那里工作过,她说他们让她疲惫不堪。如果我是你的话,我就找其他工作。

3. 尽管“天使灵魂”帮的头目努力掩饰,但他还是表现得战战兢兢了。我们控制了他在这个城市至少30%的地盘,并且已经完全把他赶出了商业区。他装得很勇敢,实际上他知道自己已经完蛋了。

4. 全体员工请注意:复印之前请三思。我们的复印纸快要用完了,到下周晚些时候才会补充新纸。请确定你是否真的需要复印,减少复印的数量,并请提前将复印机准备好,避免浪费纸张。

5. 这个国家的农民对为他们工作的牲畜没有一点同情心。他们驱使牲畜超负荷工作,直到累死为止。动物权利组织已经对牲畜们受到的冷酷对待表示不满,但是没有任何作用。他们依然让这些可怜的动物累得筋疲力尽。

II. 1. A:嘿,为什么我们这周只得到了两块面包?政府保证每周给我们四块的。B:抱歉,因为面包店的面粉快要用完了,所以只能提供两块。A:面粉供应之所以不足,是因为我们那些腐败的官员们把面粉都卖给外国了。没有面包可不行!我要求四块面包!两块面包根本不能养活我们一家人。

2. A:怎么了?你看起来非常疲惫。是不是新工作让你筋疲力尽?B:是啊,真是该死。如果我知道在办公室工作能累成这样,我才不会接受这份工作。这份工作会影响我的健康。

3. A:我本来应该告诉你,三月公司会让你疲惫不堪的。公司所有人都得熬夜加班,工作很长时间。B:是的,他们让我们做那么多工作,一天下来我们都累垮了。

4. A:曝光度过高,就是这么回事。这个口号我们用得太多,人们已经厌倦了,所以它已经没有效果了。B:好的,是我们把它用得太多了。下一个是什么?

5. A:你们让赫顿重工非常紧张,如果他们拿不到这份合同,就会有不好的事情发生。他们一直战战兢兢的!B:他们就应该这样——我们要打垮他们!


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