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32 比较状语从句 Track31





32 比较状语从句 Track31

(1) as
1) "as +形容词 / 副词+ as”结构
a.The work is not as difficult as you think.
b.Eyes are as eloquent as lips (are).
c.An adult human must take eight steps to go as far as a giraffe does in one stride.
2) "as +形容词+ a(n) +可数名词单数+ as”结构
a.Americans tend to think from small to large. Let us take as simple an example as the addressing of envelopes.
b.Rarely has a technological development had as great an impact on so many aspects of social, economic, and cultural development as the growth of electronics.
c.He caught as large a fish as I did that day.
d.I didn't finish as large a part of the work as he did.
e.I didn't finish as a large part of the work as he did.*
a.He is not so/as clever as you.
b.No other modern nation devotes so small a portion of its wealth to public health as the United States does.(注意否定词No在句首,故此句为否定句)
a.Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as are all other animals on the earth.
b.The computer revolution may well change society as fundamentally as did the Industrial Revolution .
(2) than
a.He is taller than I (am).
b.The weather of the South is wetter than the North. *
分析:这是典型的错误句子,因为the weather of the South和the North是两个截然不同的事物,无法进行比较。只能是“南方的天气”和“北方的天气”两个同类事物才能比较。故原句应改为:The weather of the South is wetter than that of the North.(为避免重复,用that代替 the weather)
c.Young readers, more often than not(A), find the novels of(B) Dickens far more(C) exciting than Thackeray(D).
正确答案:D,应改为Thackeray's。这里的比较对象是两位作家的小说。Thackeray's也就相当于Thackeray's novels。
a.He has made great contributions to the company than anyone else.*
b.There are few electronic applications_________to raise fears regarding future employment opportunities than robots.
A. likely
B. more likely
C. most likely
D. much likely
c.On the whole(A), ambitious students are much likely(B) to succeed in their studies than are those(C) with little(D) ambition.
正确答案:B,应改为more likely。
a.The surface conditions on the planet Mars are more like the Earth's than are those of any other planet in the solar system.
b.The air inside a house or office building often has higher concentrations of contaminants_________heavily polluted outside air.
A. than does
B. more
C. as some that are
D. like of
在英文中,除了用than,as来对两个事物进行比较外,我们还可以用 times 一词来说明两事物之间的倍数关系。例如,A是B的三倍长,我们可以说:
a.A is three times the length of B.
b.A is three times longer than B.
c.A is three times as long as B.
1) A is...times the size (或其他形容词对应的名词形式) of B.
2) A is...times bigger (或其他形容词比较级) than B.
3) A is...times as big (或其他形容词原级) as B.
a.The earth has a mass that is one hundred times the moon . *
b.The earth has a mass that is one hundred times that of the moon.
c.Americans eat_________as they actually need every day.
A. twice as much protein
B. twice protein as much twice
C. twice protein as much
D. protein as twice much
(4) "The more...,the more...”句型表示比较
1)注意此句型的主从句关系:“The +比较级(从句),the +比较级(主句)”。
a. The more she practiced, the worse she sang.
b. The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.
c. The nearer it is drawn to the surface of the earth(从句), the more a body weighs(主句). 一个物体离地球表面越近,重量就越大。
d. The more we help others, the more we receive in return. We advance ourselves as we help others.
e. The more you leave things to chance, the less chance there is for you.
f.Friends are lights in winter: the older the friend, the brighter the light. 朋友犹如冬日里的暖阳,愈久弥珍。
g. The higher you go(从句), the less dense air becomes(主句). =Air becomes less dense(主句)the higher you go(从句).你升得越高,空气就会变得越稀薄。
h. The higher you climb the ladder, the more you get into administrative or executive work, the greater the emphasis on ability to work within the organization rather than on technical abilities or professional knowledge.
i .The better a man's self-image, the better friends he is likely to choose, hence the better the relationship, and hence his self-esteem is enhanced. The worse a man's self-image, the more likely he is to choose jerks for friends, hence the relationship is likely to go bad, and his self-image is further lowered because of this failure. So the lesson is obvious. You cannot depend on others for your sense of self-worth. It must come from within you.
j. The more rural the community, the more uniform are the customs of child upbringing.
k.Hubble's law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies,_________ is their relative speed of separation.
A. the greatest
B. the greater
C. greater than
D. as great as
(5) "(Just) as...,so...”结构表示类比
a. As you sow, so will you reap/so you will reap.
b. Just as dark clouds cannot long hide the sun, so no lies can cover up the fact. 乌云遮不住太阳,谎言掩盖不了事实。
c. Just as food nourishes the body, so do books enrich the mind.
d. As it is the mark of great minds to say many things in a few words, so it is the mark of little minds to use many words to say nothing.
e. As land is improved by sowing it with various seeds, so is the mind by exercising it with different studies.
f.Just as the soil is a part of the earth,_________the atmosphere.
A. as it is
B. the same is
C. so is
D. and so is
g.Just as they must put aside their prejudices,_________we must be prepared to accept their good faith.
A. thus
B. so
C. as
D. like
(6) A is to B what/as C is to D.
这一结构可以改写为:What/As C is to D, so is A to B/that A is to B.
a.Air is to man what/as water is to fish. = What/As water is to fish, so is air to man/ that air is to man.
b.Sixteen is to eight what two is to one.
c.The people is to the people's army what water is to fish.
d.Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower.
e. What/As blood vessel is to a man's body, that railway is to transportation/ so is railway to transportation.
f.Case study is to Harvard what the Leaning Tower is to Pisa.
(7) "no more...than”表示比较
1) no more...than或not...any more than的基本意思是“同……一样不……”。
2) than后的句子为肯定形式,否定意思。
a.The Emperor can see no more than his Ministers.
此句相当于:The Emperor can not see and his ministers can not see, either.
b.You are no more clever than he.
此句相当于:You are not clever and he is not clever, either./You are as stupid as he.
You are not more clever than he.
此句意思是:You are as clever as he./You both are clever, not stupid.
c.A fool can no more see his own folly than he can see his ears.
d.Unmerited praise is no more honor than deserved blame is.
e.As a jazz lover, I find it refreshing that many Chinese pop stars are beginning to be influenced by jazz, and are including jazzy rhythms and harmonies in their songs. However, incorporating jazz elements into pop music does not make it jazz, any more than putting chili pepper into a McDonald's hamburger turns it into Sichuan cuisine.
f.The heart is_________intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain.
A. not so
B. not much
C. no more
D. much more
(8) "not A so much as B/not so much A as B”表示比较
2) A和B是两个被比较的平行结构,比如同为介词短语、动词不定式或名词短语等。
a.The great use of a school education is not so much to teach you things as to teach you the art of learning.(被比较的是:动词不定式短语)
b.The trumpet player was certainly loud, but I was not bothered by his loudness so much as by his lack of talent.(被比较的是:介词短语)
c.The great thing in this world is notso much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.
d.We both agreed that our marriage had taken a marked decline in the romance department. And it was n't a lack of intimacy that concerned us so much as the lack of conversation. Conversation, in fact, has always been our aphrodisiac.
e.He does not respect learning and prefers "sport”. The problem set for society is not the virtue of the type so much as its adequacy for its function.


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