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Friends, Hello! Now that we have arrived at the Huangshan scenic area south of city of tangkou. Here to give you some information about Huangshan scenery's profile.

The yellow mountain, located in the southern part of Anhui Province, is part of the nanling mountains, China, the whole mountain area is about 1200 square kilometers. Middle section of the Huangshan mountains, are the best parts of the yellow mountain, we also want to visit Huangshan scenic area, covering an area of about 154 square kilometers. It internally in Huangshan city, South o she County, Huizhou district, xiuning County and Yixian County, North Huangshan District; the five counties, districts are under the jurisdiction of Huangshan city.

Huangshan in China before the Tang dynasty named Black Mountain, black is black, blue black blue black rocks on the Hill, the ancients gave it this name. Legend of Chinese ancestors Emperor Huangdi in the us following the completion of Zhongyuan harmonized working, creating Chinese civilization, came here to herb of immortality, bath in the hot springs, which attained the immortal. Famous Tang dynasty of Emperor Ming Huang Li long JI is believe it, in tempo, six years (747) under the edict, rename the Black Mountain Huangshan. Mean, this mountain is a mountain of Yellow Emperor. From then on, the name Huangshan has been up to now.

Friends, not far from thousands of you, even miles here, will do down and take a look at the beauty of Huangshan? Isn't it just to feel a life happy? Yes, Huangshan is a beautiful beautiful, can be said that the mountain of the day, be able to climb it, and see that it is indeed a great joy in life. In a long, long time ago, in a long geological history, nature's infinite force, shaped Huangshan the exquisite elegance and all sorts of exotic landscapes, stunning, is enchanted.

Here, I put the yellow mountain “four unique” respectively, made a presentation.

Speaking of Huangshan mountain “four”, ranked first was pine. Huangshan songqi in what place? First of all, is singular in its strong vitality, where soil-vegetation and crops, and Ponderosa are long out of the yellow gang of hard rock. Huangshan pines everywhere, they peak, long cliffs, long in shenhe Valley, lush and vibrant. For thousands of years, this is how they burst out from rock, root deep into the crevices of rocks, not afraid of marginal arid, without fear of rain and snow storm, Selsun, tieguzhengzheng. Can you say do not odd?

Secondly, Huang Shansong also singular in its unique natural style. In General, Huang Shansong conifer stubby dense, dark green leaf color, branches with curved, Crown flat, showing a simple, robust, powerful and imposing, but every pine tree, each strain pine on the looks, sapling, and spirit, all different, there is a strange beauty. People according to their different patterns and romantic charm, respectively, give them appropriate natural and elegant and interesting names, such as welcoming pine, black tiger pine, pine Pinus, Dragon claw, in Wolong research on Korean pine Pinus, unity, and so on. They are the Huangshan pine representatives.

Stone, is constituted of scenery in Huangshan mountain and a “must”. In Huangshan everywhere you can see strange and odd-shaped rock, these stones vary, some people, some like, some of it reflects some myths and legends and historical stories, vivid, lively and interesting. Stone at 121, the popularity of higher “flying stone”, “fairy play”, “magpie”, “sea monkey view”, “immortal Sun boots”, “three Penglai island” and “Rooster call gate”.

These rocks have a behemoth, some of Kit Kat exquisite; separate scenes, sometimes combining several ingeniously combined with pine or King. Some formations for viewing location and angle had changed, also changed, became a stone of the second King, such as the “golden rooster called heaven” also called the “five old God”, “magpie” also known as “fairy Guide” is a moving account of the change of scenery. Also had some strange plants, under different conditions, not Lenovo, therefore has a different name, such as “sea monkey view” also known as “monkey Wang Taiping” is.

Clouds again. Although clouds can also see other mountains in China, but none can match the spectacular Huangshan clouds and is constantly changing. About this, there is another name of Huangshan, known as “yellow”. It's not in vain, there is historical evidence. Famous Shi Zhixue called Pan Zhiheng of the Ming dynasty, lived in Huangshan mountain for decades, wrote a voluminous book of 60 volumes--Huangshan mountain records, titles of the Yellow Sea.

Huangshan scenic spots, hotels and many other landscape named with this special “sea” Association, some landscape ornamental in the clouds, to be even more true, charm was also more. These have proved that the “Yellow Sea” that is worthy of the name.

Finally, tell us about the hot springs. We often say, and before the tour of hot springs is the Huangshan Mountain Hotel Spa, in ancient times called tangquan, from purple Pinnacle emission. Named with its hot spring scenic spot, is the first to arrive after entering the southern gate of Huangshan scenic spot. Hot spring water is sufficient, water temperatures remained at about 42 degrees year-round, water well, and contains useful minerals for the human body, there are some medical value, skin diseases, rheumatism and diseases of the digestive system, does have a certain effect. But only bath, you cannot drink; said it is drinkable, is not science.

Known unknown is a fifth of Huangshan must, it's winter and snow, snowflakes swirl of light, clamp with mist, accompanied by the mountain breeze didn't love chasing the mountain, fly in a ravine. Huangshan suddenly changed his appearance, land of pale green is gone, Park trees everywhere blurred, everything is shining brilliantly. The ancients described: “one night, chilling trees YINHUA opened. ”Yellow mountain like a silver world as a whole, as if being in a Crystal Palace.

In addition to “land with five unique features”, the waterfall of the yellow mountain, Sunrise and sunset, are spectacular and strange.




朋友们,你们不远千,甚至万里到这里,就要亲眼看一看黄山的美吗?不就是要感受一次人生快乐吗?是的,黄山是绝美绝美的,可说天第奇山,能够登临它,亲眼看看它,确实是人生的一大乐事。在很久很久前,在漫 长地质历史代,大自然的无穷力,塑造了黄山那绝美的风采和种种奇特的景观,令人倾倒,令人心醉。










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