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2018-04-30CNN News: Sprint和T-Mobile接近达成协议

What modern telecommunications company traces its roots back to the Brown Telephone Company?以... [查看全文]

2018-04-29CNN News: 自1953年 朝鲜领导人第一次进入韩国领土

Last Friday, we said it was scheduled to happen and it happened. But even some Koreans say... [查看全文]

2018-04-28CNN News: 沙奎姆•格里芬

Which of these events occurred on February 8, 1936?以下哪个事件发生在1936年2月8日?Gone with the ... [查看全文]

2018-04-27CNN News: 韩朝两国领导人见面了

Today’s show starts with three subjects that could change the world. One, getting rid o... [查看全文]

2018-04-26CNN News: 大肠杆菌危险的一面

E. coli is a type of bacteria. It lives in your intestines and it leaves in the intestin... [查看全文]

2018-04-25CNN News: 美爆发大肠杆菌疫情 疾控中心调查与莴苣食用有关

Celtuce, oak leaf and Swiss chard are all types of what?莴笋、橡树叶、唐莴苣都属于哪种蔬菜?Ivy, ... [查看全文]

2018-04-24CNN News: 亚美尼亚总理宣布辞职

Armenia is a small landlocked nation between Turkey and Azerbaijan. Its government is official... [查看全文]

2018-04-23CNN News: 抗议社保变革 尼加拉瓜发生暴力事件

First place we’re going to is Central America. There have been some violent protests ov... [查看全文]

2018-04-22CNN News: 脑损伤后患老年痴呆症的风险加大

What is the fattiest organ in the human body?人体内含脂量最高的器官是?Is it the skin, the brai... [查看全文]

2018-04-21CNN News: 告别60年卡斯楚兄弟时代 古巴将迎来新总统

First story we’re explaining today takes us to an island nation famously said to be 90... [查看全文]