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2020-08-26CNN News: 朝鲜政权

Can a nation make a major political change without the world knowing for sure what happened?... [查看全文]

2020-08-25CNN News: 新加坡超级树

10 Second Trivia. Which of these countries is located closest to the equator? Singapore, Sri... [查看全文]

2020-08-24CNN News:加州火灾蔓延 数千人被迫逃离家园

Welcome to CNN 10. We are kicking off the second week of coverage of our fall season. We ... [查看全文]

2020-08-23CNN News: 特殊一年 线上党代会居多

Welcome everyone around the world to CNN 10. We are a 10 minute, down the middle explanatio... [查看全文]

2020-08-21CNN News: 拜登正式接受美国总统候选人提名

Fridays are awesome. And if you're new to our show, you'll probably hear me say that... [查看全文]

2020-08-10CNN News: 向太空旅行又迈进一步

10 Second Trivia. What is the oldest state capital in the United States? Richmond, Virginia,... [查看全文]

2020-08-10BBC News: 白俄罗斯大选抗议声中落幕

BBC news with Debbie Russ.黛比·罗斯为您播报BBC新闻。Leaders from around the world will hold tal... [查看全文]

2020-08-07CNN News: 西伯利亚虎

10 Second Trivia. The Siberian Tiger is the national animal of what country? South Korea, Ba... [查看全文]

2020-08-06CNN News: “宇宙飞船二号”在美国完成首次试飞

What is the oldest state capital in the United States? Richmond, Virginia, Boston, Massachuset... [查看全文]

2020-08-05CNN News: 梅西百货

10 Second Trivia.Which of these U.S. department stores was founded first? Macy's, Sears, J... [查看全文]