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2018-10-08CNN News: 强台风飞燕登陆日本

First we're taking you to the Eastern Asian country of Japan which has just weathered it... [查看全文]

2018-09-27CNN News: 中美新一轮互征关税生效

Hi, I’m Carl Azuz. Explaining events taking place around the world and beyond as you&rs... [查看全文]

2018-09-25CNN News: 研究显示空气污染可能会损害思考能力

And today begins with an international study that suggests air pollution may be damaging the... [查看全文]

2018-09-24CNN News: 金特会后美朝关系依然紧张

History was made over the summer when the sitting leaders of the United States and North Ko... [查看全文]

2018-09-23CNN News: 委内瑞拉深陷经济危机

Our coverage starts in the South American country of Venezuela. It's economy is crumbling... [查看全文]

2018-09-22CNN News:巴西国家博物馆突发大火 200年历史付之一炬

In the South American nation of Brazil, history has been lost. A fire started Sunday evening... [查看全文]

2018-09-20CNN News: 美最高法院大法官提名听证会火药味十足

There are currently 8 sitting justices at the U.S. Supreme Court. One retired this summer an... [查看全文]

2018-09-19CNN News: 脸谱网和推特高管出席美国会听证会

You probably used Google, Facebook and/or Twitter in the last 24 hours. These companies execu... [查看全文]

2018-09-18CNN News:朝鲜举行阅兵庆祝建国70周年

Sunday's date September 9th marked exactly 70 years from the day when North Korea was fo... [查看全文]

2018-09-17CNN News: 美国中期选举即将拉开帷幕

Today, Monday, September 17, is exactly 50 days away from the 2018 U.S. midterm elections. A... [查看全文]