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2019-04-28CNN News: 破纪录!2000年曾宣布麻疹绝迹,美国今年爆发麻疹病例!

I’m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. We’re grateful to have you wrapping up the week with ... [查看全文]

2019-04-27CNN News: 英国脱欧问题

Hi, I’m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. In just two days the United Kingdom is scheduled to le... [查看全文]

2019-04-26CNN News: 波音737 Max

I’m Carl Azuz. Welcome to the show. U.S. economy is strong. Unemployment is near a rec... [查看全文]

2019-04-25CNN News: 特朗普将于6月对英国进行国事访问

10 Second Trivia. Name the longest reigning monarch in British history. Queen Elizabeth II, Q... [查看全文]

2019-04-23CNN News: 穆勒报告

Some leaning (ph) U.S. law makers spend Monday reviewing the Mueller report we mentioned last... [查看全文]

2019-04-22CNN News: 这批“人道主义援助”和你想的不一样

Welcome to a new edition of CNN 10. I’m Carl Azuz. Happy to see you this Thursday. T... [查看全文]

2019-04-21CNN News: ​巴黎圣母院对法国的意义

With the fire out in Notre Dame, French officials and historians are combing through the cat... [查看全文]

2019-04-16CNN News: 美国——世界上天气最恶劣的国家

A new week of CNN 10 starts right now. I`m Carl Azuz, explaining events from around the wo... [查看全文]

2019-04-14CNN News: 特朗普罢免美国联邦特勤局局长

I’m Carl Azuz. Welcome to CNN 10. A shakeup in the U.S. government leads off today&rsq... [查看全文]

2019-04-03CNN News: 特朗普签署法令承认以色列拥有戈兰高地

Last week U.S. President Donald Trump said he’d sign a proclamation recognizing a territ... [查看全文]