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2016-05-01CNN News::叙利亚内战终成多方势力代理人战争

Hi. I`m Carl Azuz. And welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS.大家好。我是卡尔·阿祖兹。欢迎收看CNN学生新闻。... [查看全文]

2016-04-29CNN News:千禧一代成美国比例比较大人群

Next up, the millennial generation. It is now the largest generation in America. That`s accor... [查看全文]

2016-04-28BBC News:三菱汽车油耗数据作弊长达25年

Welcome to ten minutes of international current events. I`m Carl Azuz, broadcasting from the ... [查看全文]

2016-04-27CNN News:美国向叙利亚增派250名士兵打击IS

An increase of U.S. troops. President Obama made the announcement yesterday. There are 50 U.S... [查看全文]

2016-04-26CNN News:朝鲜再射潜射导弹

As we return from the weekend, tensions are high once again on the Korean Peninsula.周末已经... [查看全文]

2016-04-25CNN News:伊斯兰国转战利比亚“招兵买马”

I`m Carl Azuz, bringing you ten minutes of current events from around the world. Thanks for... [查看全文]

2016-04-22CNN News:美国大选初选走进纽约州

Your daily ten minutes of current events starts right now. My name is Carl Azuz. It`s great... [查看全文]

2016-04-21CNN News:冲动消费研究

Buying what we don`t need. A survey found that 75 percent of Americans had ma... [查看全文]

2016-04-20CNN News:厄瓜多尔地震多方支援

Will the president of Brazil be impeached? That question and the story surrounding it are fi... [查看全文]

2016-04-19CNN News: 厄瓜多尔发生7.8级地震 日本发生7.0级地震

Happy Monday, April 18th, to you. I`m Carl Azuz with your daily delivery of international cu... [查看全文]