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2020-04-05CNN News: 纽约继续成为疫情中心

Here's what's going on in the Empire State. It's the epicenter of the COVID-19 ou... [查看全文]

2020-04-04CNN News: 新冠病毒疫情致全球股市震荡

It's been a roller-coaster ride for international stocks this week. The Dow Jones Industri... [查看全文]

2020-04-04CNN News: 美国失业人数

We are living in historic times. The events that we see worldwide today are the kind that ... [查看全文]

2020-03-31CNN News: 美国延长防疫准则至4月底

We're starting in the U.S. and then moving to Japan to fill you in on the latest conce... [查看全文]

2020-03-30CNN News: 疫情下的美国经济

Hi everyone. Always good to have you watching CNN 10. I'm Carl Azuz. I am not at the ... [查看全文]

2020-03-29CNN News: 美国2万亿美元经济刺激计划

District of Columbia. The U.S. Congress and the White House have joined the Federal Reserve,... [查看全文]

2020-03-28CNN News: 美国上周初请失业金人数增至328万人

Jobless claims will never be as awesome as Fridays unless they get to zero but it's bec... [查看全文]

2020-03-26CNN News: 纽约疫情很严峻

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz and I want to set the record straight. Fridays are still awesome just... [查看全文]

2020-03-15CNN News: 病毒如何传播

How does a virus spread? There are plenty of ways. It could be - - a sneeze, a handshake,... [查看全文]

2020-03-13CNN News: 假日之家

10 Second Trivia.The Columbus Panhandles, Muncie Flyers and Rochester Jeffersons were all teams... [查看全文]