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2017-06-30CNN News: 新型病毒来袭 这样保护你的电脑

Getting started with the virus that's already affected more than 200,000 victims worldwide.... [查看全文]

2017-06-29CNN News: 华盛顿核废料存储场隧道坍塌 未造成人员伤亡

Earlier this week, there was a cave-in at a tunnel in Washington state. No one was hurt bu... [查看全文]

2017-06-28CNN News: 美国或将再次提高债务上限

I would like us to raise the debt ceiling sooner rather than later.我希望尽早提高债务上限。That... [查看全文]

2017-06-27CNN News: 韩国新任总统文在寅或改变对朝策略

Next up, a new world leader has been chosen in South Korea, and changes could be ahead for... [查看全文]

2017-06-26CNN News: 中美分歧那么多 还能好好做朋友吗

One challenge ahead of President Trump and Xi is their disagreement over how to pressure Nor... [查看全文]

2017-06-23CNN News: 德国惊现二战炸弹 数万居民被疏散

A World War II bombing caused the evacuation of 50,000 people. It doesn't sound like muc... [查看全文]

2017-06-22CNN News: 南美国家委内瑞拉动荡不安 经济崩溃

In the troubled South American nation of Venezuela, a tale of two marches, one by women dre... [查看全文]

2017-06-21CNN News: 尼日利亚恐怖组织释放部分被其绑架的女学生

Eighty-two school girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria just over three years ago arrived in t... [查看全文]

2017-06-20CNN News: 回顾马克龙当选 成法国历史上最年轻总统

Election results from France. The European country went to the polls yesterday and its govern... [查看全文]

2017-06-19CNN News: 英国皇室召开紧急会议

For decades, Philip, duke of Edinburgh, has shared the public life of Britain's Queen Eli... [查看全文]