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2016-12-04CNN News: 对朝鲜新一轮制裁

Recently, we`ve told you about protests against South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who`s be... [查看全文]

2016-12-03CNN News:魔术师在15000英尺高空跳伞中完成11项魔术

People who love skydiving say it`s pure magic. For the 2017 Guinness World Records day, a m... [查看全文]

2016-11-29CNN News: 新型轮胎

In technological news, this isn`t the first time someone`s tried to reinvent the wheel. It`s... [查看全文]

2016-11-29BBC News: 巴西腐败引发政治问题

Marion Marshall为您报道BBC新闻。President Hollande says France’s Intelligence Service has suc... [查看全文]

2016-11-29BBC News: 巴萨传奇因逃税恐入狱10年半

BBC News with Marion Marshall.Marion Marshall为您播报BBC新闻。Iraqi sources say about 80 people ... [查看全文]

2016-11-25CNN News: 敢于怀疑一切事物

Made up false stories are polluting people`s Facebook timelines and Twitter streams.捏造的假消息... [查看全文]

2016-11-24CNN News: 死海面积减少系人为原因

Staying in the Middle East. The Dead Sea is shrinking. Located between Israel and Jordan, it... [查看全文]

2016-11-23CNN News: 远离标题党

Hey. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN STUDENT NEWS.大家好,我是卡尔·阿祖兹,为您播报CNN学生新闻。We`re starti... [查看全文]

2016-11-21CNN News: 安倍抢头槽第一个见到特朗普 却被“放了鸽子”

Taking you to Capitol Hill today, where things are starting to take shape after the November... [查看全文]

2016-11-18CNN News: 超过15%的世界人口患有高血压

Scientists said Imperial College London recently studied world blood pressure statistics between... [查看全文]