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2017-07-31BBC News: 美国食药管理局将调控香烟中尼古丁的含量

BBC News.The United States and South Korea say North Korea has test-fired an intercontinental... [查看全文]

2017-07-29BBC News: 亚马逊创始人杰夫·贝佐斯成为世界首富

BBC News with Julie Candler.Amid U.N. warnings of the extraordinary gravity of the humanitaria... [查看全文]

2017-07-28BBC News: 美国摇滚乐团林肯公园主唱自杀身亡

BBC News with Charles Carol.U.S. and European justice officials say they've shutdown two l... [查看全文]

2017-07-27BBC News: 白宫新闻秘书宣布辞职

BBC News with Jonathon Izard.The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned after P... [查看全文]

2017-07-26BBC News: 美国一卡车涉嫌贩卖人口 致8人死亡2人为儿童

BBC News with Eileen MeCue.There has been an attack on the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian... [查看全文]

2017-07-25BBC News: 沙特警方因女子穿短裙将其逮捕

BBC News with Ellie Mecue.The latest attempt by Republicans in the US Congress to fulfill a... [查看全文]

2017-07-22BBC News: 法国法院裁定谷歌无需支付12亿美元欠税

BBC News with Marion Marshall.The former Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula daSilv, has bee... [查看全文]

2017-07-21BBC News: 美俄高级官员将于近期在华盛顿举行会谈

BBC News with Julie Candler.Senior Russian and American officials are due to hold talks in W... [查看全文]

2017-07-19BBC News: BBC长篇科幻系列片《神秘博士》新任主角确定人选

BBC news with Julie Candler.Large numbers of Venezuelans around the world are voting in an u... [查看全文]

2017-07-18BBC News: 耶路撒冷遇袭 以色列警方击毙暴徒

BBC News with Jerry Smit.A US judge has ordered that grandparents from 6 mainly Muslim count... [查看全文]