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2012-12-31BBC News :英国伊丽莎白女王发表2012圣诞致辞

BBC news with Neil NunesEgypt’s Supreme Election Commission says the new constitution has been approved by a... [查看全文]

2012-12-30BBC News :中国近90名被贩卖儿童获救

BBC News with Mike Cooper.Two firemen have been killed and another two wounded in a shooting as they attended a... [查看全文]

2012-12-29BBC News :南极西部冰原变暖速度是预计的两倍

BBC News with Sue MontgomeryOpposition activists in Syria say 90 people have been killed by a government air str... [查看全文]

2012-12-28BBC News :班尼迪克教皇宽恕泄露文档的前管家

BBC news with Marion MarshallPolls have closed in Egypt in the second and final stage of a referendum on a new... [查看全文]

2012-12-25BBC News :米兰斯卡拉歌剧院演员威胁罢工影响演出

BBC news with Marion MarshallPresident Obama has asked his Vice President Joe Biden to come up with concrete pro... [查看全文]

2012-12-24BBC News :标准普尔上调希腊主权信用评级

BBC News with Marion MarshallThe White House has said that President Obama will support the legislation to reinst... [查看全文]

2012-12-22BBC News :伦敦将选出本年度BBC体育风云人物

BBC news with Gaenor Howells.President Obama, here shortly due in the small Connecticut community of Newtown, the... [查看全文]

2012-12-21BBC News :美国枪击案再引枪支管控呼声

BBC News with Iain Purdon.Police in the U.S. state of Connecticut have been speaking about the ongoing investigat... [查看全文]

2012-12-20BBC News :美国小学校园枪击案令举国悲痛

BBC News with Iian Purdon.In one of the worst mass killings in recent US history, a gunman has shot dead 20 c... [查看全文]

2012-12-19BBC News :欧元集团批准向希腊发放新一笔贷款

BBC News with Johnathan Izard.The British government has agreed to pay more than $3 million to a Libyan dissiden... [查看全文]