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2012-06-30BBC news:沙特国王任命萨尔曼亲王为王位新继承人

BBC News with Zoe DiamondPresident Obama says he and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin have ... [查看全文]

2012-06-30BBC news:国际自然保护联盟发布濒危物种红皮书

BBC News with Zoe DiamondEcuador says the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has requested... [查看全文]

2012-06-27BBC news:欧洲足球锦标赛协办国波兰淘汰出局

BBC News with Zoe DiamondEgypt's biggest political movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, has de... [查看全文]

2012-06-27BBC news:法国社会党在议会赢得绝对胜利

BBC News with Jim LeeThe leader of the centre-right New Democracy party in Greece, Antonis S... [查看全文]

2012-06-24BBC news: 俄交警驾飞机夜游失踪

BBC News with Marion MarshallDemonstrators have been making their way to Tahrir Square in Cai... [查看全文]

2012-06-23BBC news:英格兰教堂反对同性婚姻合法化

BBC News with Jonathan WheatleyCrowds have gathered in central Moscow for the first big rally... [查看全文]

2012-06-22BBC news:诺贝尔基金会将削减向诺贝尔奖金

BBC News with Kathy ClugstonAs fighting rages in many parts of Syria between the army and r... [查看全文]

2012-06-21BBC news:F1车手刘易斯·汉密尔顿赢得加拿大大奖赛

BBC News with Julie CandlerThe Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says Europe has acted to... [查看全文]

2012-06-20BBC news:伊丽莎白女王丈夫爱丁堡亲王出院

BBC News with Julie CandlerThe International Criminal Court says four members of its staff ha... [查看全文]

2012-06-19BBC news:欧洲足球锦标赛在波兰首都华沙揭幕

BBC News with Julie CandlerUnited Nations monitors have finally been able to enter the Syrian... [查看全文]