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2017-11-30CNN News: 阿贡火山喷发 警戒级别最高巴厘岛国际机场关闭

An erupting volcano in Indonesia has already forced the evacuation of 30,000 people. Authoriti... [查看全文]

2017-11-29CNN News: “9·11”后最惨恐袭事件 埃及血腥恐袭令世界反思

The president of Egypt is promising to respond to a recent terrorist attack with, quote, "br... [查看全文]

2017-11-28CNN News: 罗马教皇首访缅甸时机微妙

We have a lot to tell you about in the next 10 minutes, starting with the papal visit to... [查看全文]

2017-11-27CNN News: 津巴布韦军事政变

There`s been a major change in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe. Its former president,... [查看全文]

2017-11-23CNN News: 世界上拍卖价格最高的画作

New record has been set for the most expensive painting ever sold at an auction. First, the... [查看全文]

2017-11-22CNN News: 阿根廷一艘潜艇已失踪48小时

First story is about an international rescue effort at sea. The ARA San Juan is an Argentin... [查看全文]

2017-11-21CNN News: 美国宣布将朝鲜重新列入“支恐国家”名单

美国宣布将朝鲜重新列入支恐国家名单First story we`re explaining today, North Korea has been added ... [查看全文]

2017-11-17CNN News: 关于地震你应该知道的5点

Five things you should know about earthquakes.关于地震你应该知道的5点Number one, an earthquake oc... [查看全文]

2017-11-16CNN News: 世界奴隶问题

Slavery is officially illegal in every nation on earth. But that hasn`t stopped it from happ... [查看全文]

2017-11-15CNN News: 伊朗伊拉克边境发生强地震 灾情严重

That`s our first story today on CNN 10. Thank you for watching.头条新闻。欢迎收看CNN学生新闻。Th... [查看全文]