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2015-11-30CNN News:巴黎气候变化大会

An international conference on climate change known as COP21 gets started today in the French... [查看全文]

2015-11-27BBC News:阿黛尔新专辑《25》有望打破美国专辑销售记录

Hello, I'm Jerry Smit with BBC News.大家好,我是杰里·斯密特为您播报BBC新闻。The Belgium Prime... [查看全文]

2015-11-27CNN News:追寻自由的火鸡

Today, many families get together, give thanks, enjoy a day off work and gobble up some tur... [查看全文]

2015-11-26CNN News:利比里亚再现3名埃博拉确诊病例

Our first story concerns last year`s outbreak of a deadly Ebola virus in West Africa. It wa... [查看全文]

2015-11-25CNN News:冰雨和雨夹雪的形成

Of course, weather plays a part too in Thanksgiving travel. And except for the Pacific North... [查看全文]

2015-11-24CNN News: 无人驾驶车辆 罚单给谁呢?

Before we go, a driverless car gets busted -- but not for speeding. A Google autonomous veh... [查看全文]

2015-11-23CNN News: 美众议院反对奥巴马叙难民政策

The U.S. Congress is debating whether more Syrian and Iraqi refugees should be allowed into ... [查看全文]

2015-11-20CNN News:法俄联手打击IS

In addition to last week`s terrorist attacks in Paris, France, which killed at least 129 peo... [查看全文]

2015-11-19CNN News:黎巴嫩爆炸40人多人死亡

Violence in another part of the Middle East. Dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds we... [查看全文]

2015-11-18CNN News:波兰发现纳粹黄金火车

A mystery is rising over the Great Pyramid of Giza. The architectural phenomenon dating back... [查看全文]