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2014-06-10CNN News:通用汽车耗时11年未解决开关故障,为此开除15名员工

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]通用汽车耗时11年未解决开关故障,为此开除15名员工Fridays are awesome. You made it. This is our last... [查看全文]

2014-06-10CNN News:卡尔斯巴德淡水厂将帮助加利福尼亚淡化海水,从而为其提供淡水资源

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Carlsbad Desalination Plant Will Help Provide California with Water卡尔斯巴德淡水厂将帮助加利福尼亚... [查看全文]

2014-06-10CNN News:美国年轻人对美国梦持悲观态度

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Young Americans Pessimistic about American Dream美国年轻人对美国梦持悲观态度It`s great to have you... [查看全文]

2014-06-04CNN News:西班牙国王卡洛斯宣布退位

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Spanish King Juan Carlos Abdicating西班牙国王卡洛斯宣布退位Time for the "Shout out". Which of th... [查看全文]

2014-06-04CNN News:奥巴马推气候新政 十六年内欲减排30%

After being held captive for five years, U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is headed home. But the story is far... [查看全文]