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2012-07-28CNN news:政客麦凯恩呼吁以对叙利亚发动空袭

CNN radio, I'm Michell Right.Our top story, Arizona Republican John McCain took the senate... [查看全文]

2012-07-26CNN news:美国一慈善组织陷入募捐丑闻

Hey I’m Anderson Cooper. Welcome to the podcast. We confront a woman who runs a charit... [查看全文]

2012-07-25CNN news:国际社会努力寻找新方法结束利比亚冲突

After three weeks'fighting between people who support and oppose Libyan leader Muammar Gadd... [查看全文]

2012-07-24CNN news:本拉登 基地组织 反恐任重道远

I'm here today again with apologize, for the personal mistake that I have made and the ... [查看全文]

2012-07-23CNN news:SpaceX猎鹰9号火箭发射成功 宇宙探索开始新纪元

We appreciate the students at Ridgeview Junior High for getting us started today.Hi, I'm ... [查看全文]

2012-07-20CNN news:利比亚问题需要长期可持续的解决方案

oday,the house will vote on the largest non-defence spending card on the national history , ... [查看全文]

2012-07-19CNN news:澳大利亚知名特技人为梦想挑战高空一跳

Who waits to open his or her parachute , terminal velocity is around 150 miles per hour. F... [查看全文]

2012-07-18CNN news:叙利亚暴力流血事件持续上演 旧金山庆祝金门大桥75周年

Some members of the UN Security Council have spoken out repeatedly against the violence we... [查看全文]

2012-07-17CNN news:玫瑰农场帮助自闭症患者重获新生

A massive earthquake followed by the threat of tsunamis, for people in Indonesia, that combin... [查看全文]

2012-07-16CNN news:工作更长时间以谋求安稳的退休生活

CNN News:工作更长时间以谋求安稳的退休生活It's a dream. A lot of Americans retire at 65, sta... [查看全文]