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2014年04月CNN新闻听力 教程汇总和更新

2014-05-04 CNN News:美国遭龙卷风袭击 已经造成中南部16人死亡

Yesterday on CNN STUDENT NEWS we talked about how conditions and geography factor in to the U.S. tornado season.... [查看全文]

2014-04-29CNN News:罗马教皇同时追封两任前教皇为圣徒 创教廷先例

For the first time in history, two popes, leaders of the Catholic Church are being canonized at the same time.... [查看全文]

2014-04-28CNN News:美华盛顿州泥石流遇难者增至41人 搜救工作面临困难

Also in the news today, it's been just over a monthsince a tremendous landslide swept over part of acommunit... [查看全文]

2014-04-28CNN News:乔治亚州长签法案 史无前例扩持枪范围

Fridays are awesome. This is CNN STUDENT NEWS.We are starting off today with a few stories thathave a lot of p... [查看全文]

2014-04-25CNN News:美最高院提审网络电视侵权案

A Supreme Court decision concerning race and college admissions. It's our first story today on CNNSTUDENT NEWS... [查看全文]

2014-04-24CNN News:波士顿马拉松赛平安落幕 为无法忘却的纪念而奔跑

Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. I'm Carl Azuz. Today is Earth Day and we'll tell you what that means in a... [查看全文]

2014-04-23CNN News:珠穆朗玛峰发生雪崩 多人遇难

Welcome back to CNN STUDENT NEWS. Thank you for starting off your week with us. International news take center ... [查看全文]

2014-04-22CNN News:美国德克萨斯州化肥厂爆炸一周年 重建工作有条不紊展开

It's April, 18, Good Friday for millions of people worldwide. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS.Ten minutes of comm... [查看全文]

2014-04-18CNN News:韩国客轮沉没遇难人数不断增加 搜救难度大

This is CNN STUDENT NEWS. My name is Carl Azuz. It's good to see you this Thursday. First up, people aroun... [查看全文]

2014-04-18CNN News:埃博拉出血热在几内亚继续蔓延

FAFSA sounds kind of like a soft drink, but it's more relevant to financial literacy and it's coming up... [查看全文]